XP Deus HOT program – XY screen Vs the Horseshoe screen

XP Deus HOT program – XY screen Vs the Horseshoe screen

what’s your favourite the XY graphic or
the horseshoe graphic let’s do some test using the hot program let’s start off by
talking about the XY screen how does that work

well you’ve got two axis
you’ve got the top to bottom and a left to right top to bottom represents coke
wet-sand and some small gold left to right represents bad ground hot rock or
ferrite and your desired targets will fall somewhere in between that range
non-ferrous will be on the right ferrous will be on the left the XY screen what
information can we see well at the top there we’ve got the battery meter and
this will change when we go over a target this will turn into an ID meter and this at the top is your ground phase
reading this is the XY screen everything to the left is ferrous everything to the
right is non-ferrous and also you you get a series of loops depending on what
sort of target is normally big iron and along the bottom there we’ve got the
standard option menu and GB features the Horseshoe graphic is very different to
the XY screen there’s a lot more information once again at the top there
you’ve got the battery indicator the program you using you’ve got a clock
and you’ve got a discrimination bar there which Gray’s out depending on how
much discrimination you’re using as you can see we’re using program number 9
HOT which doesn’t use any discrimination so the bar is completely open on the
right there is a mineralization bar or we can also call it the ground strength
meter this is your adjusted ground balance and this is the ground phase
reading in the center you’ve got your target ID
and below that is what frequency you’re using then you’ve got the horseshoe
screen to the right is non-ferrous to the left is ferrous and in the center
there that little bullseye that’s a target overload screen and underneath
you have options menu and GB just like on the XY screen so let’s assume you
like Deus fast but you prefer to use the XY screen how do you change the
Horseshoe graphic to the XY graphic firstly go to options configuration
profile and then just select the minus button or the plus button depending on
what graphic you want here it says XY that’s perfect so we click the back
button and now we’ve got Deus fast with an XY graphic there’s no need to save
anything because this gets remembered into the global memory so the next time
you turn the Deus on it will remember that Deus fast
it’s now using an XY screen let’s crack on and test some targets and let you see
both screens side by side the targets I’m using are hot rock – a nail – coke – very
thin foil – slightly bigger foil a silver hammered coin a larger silver hammered
coin a large milled silver coin a rusty bottle cap a modern bottle cap and some
miss shaped iron right let’s crack on and start off with the hot rock as you
can see that’s a left right orientation simulates ground now let’s try that now
small nail and as you can see the XY screens
showing it has been ferrous but the Horseshoe graphic is showing it as
non-ferrous and this is because I’m using the HOT program which doesn’t use
any discrimination it uses -6.4 so everything it sees will register as
non-ferrous now the way to make ferrous indicate to the left is by introducing
discrimination let me demonstrate so we’ve got no ferrous reading if we
wanted to see a ferrous reading we need to introduce some discrimination I’m
going to set it to about 5…..+5 that is OK so now we using +5
discrimination with the hot program we can now see the discrimination bar is
slightly grayed out on an iron range now let’s pass the same nail over the
coil and see how the horseshoe reacts primarily it’s going on to the ferrous
range let’s give it a little bit more discrimination……….6…… once again the nail it’s completely eliminated the sound and
it’s showing Ferrous -6.4… an open discrimination let’s compare the two programs side by
side the HOT and the Deus fast both using the horseshoe graphic and now the
coke that’s a soft signal with a top-to-bottom orientation just a quick
note about coke and hot rock
hot rock is discriminated by the ground balance
circuit coke is rejected by the discrimination circuit they’re two
totally different items hot rocks ground coke is like like coal really now for
the wafer thin piece of foil very similar to the code reading but as you
can see by the XY it’s slightly to the right now let’s try a stronger piece of
foil it’s a bit more of a positive signal moving on the small silver
hammered coin…… that’s better that’s giving a good positive signal there A nice solid XY screen and the bigger
silver hammered coin and you could hear the tone increasing the silver milled coin ……. that’s a very
strong signal with a high tone can you see the X Y is almost right round to the
flat now for the rusty bottle cap no problem there it’s definitely a ferrous
target but now listen to the more modern bottle cap because it’s not rusty and
it’s still the desirable shapes shall we say it mates this quite a difficult target
to reject at times the miss shaped iron once again it’s got a loop in it which
detectors tend to have difficulty ignoring the horseshoe graphic is
jumping around but I think the XY screens nailed it the small silver
hammered coin see what happens to the target IDs as I go further away to
simulate a deeper target here we go close to the coil….. a nice strong signal
and a good target reading as I move away and closer again when using the XY
screen you can adjust how sensitive the line is to particular targets shallow or
deep small or large and this is called the zoom feature it’s accessed by
pressing and holding the pinpoint button until the zoom feature pops up and then
you can adjust it using the plus or minus buttons the default sensitivity is
number six personally I like to set it at number 3 because I only want
confident targets to activate the line small or deep
targets I tend to trust the audio as you can see the XY screen is a lot less
cluttered it’s good for identifying big iron deep iron hot rock coke it’s a
simple to use graphic whereas the horse-shoe gives you a lot more
information I think it’s all down to personal preference on this one…… well
there we are that’s my short talk on the XP Deus XY and horseshoe screens I
hope it’s been of some interest thanks for watching if indeed you still are
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