Woman accused of laundering money through Horseshoe Casino

Woman accused of laundering money through Horseshoe Casino

LAUNDERING THREE MILLION DOLLARS IN D RUG MONEY THROUGH A SOUTHERN INDIANA CASINO. NOW, A LOUISVILLE WOMAN IS FACING CHARGES. W-L-K-Y’S MARK VANDERHOFF IS IN HARRISON COUNTY WITH HOW PROSECUTORS SAY SHE DID IT. Mark Vanderhoff: According to this affidavit, 25-year-old Lisa Fulcher worked with two men to launder money through the Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana. Otto Schalk: She was taking small amounts of money, which would have been derived from drug sales, and exchanging them for larger denominations at the casino. HARRISON COUNTY PROSECUTOR OTTO SCHALK SAYS LISA FULCHER WORKED WITH HER BOYFRIEND, 23- YEAR-OLD AUSTIN GAMEZ, AND 26-YEAR-OLD RASHAWN THORN IN THIS SCHEME. GAMEZ AND THORN WERE ARRESTED LAST MONTH. INVESTIGATORS SAY THE TRIO VISITED HORSESHOE CASINO REGULARLY FOR ABOUT EIGHT MONTHS. Otto Schalk: They would put in several small denominations into a slot machine. They would obviously get a voucher ticket and then they could get money back in a different denomination or a larger currency. COURT DOCUMENTS LINK ALL THREE OF THEM TO PHONG NGUYEN OF LOUISVILLE. POLICE BELIEVE HE IS THE RING LEADER OF A MAJOR DRUG RING IN HARDIN COUNTY.. HE WAS BUSTED IN JULY. POLICE SAY THEY FOUND HIM WITH 650 GRAMS OF HEROIN AND MORE THAN ONE THOUSAND GRAMS OF CRYSTAL METH. Otto Schalk: Any time you have a criminal case you have to, you’re putting a puzzle together. And it took us, we had to get some additional paperwork together and follow a few additional leads and those leads are what lead us to the filing just this past week on Ms. Fulcher. SCHALK SAYS OTHERS MIGHT FIT INTO THE PUZZLE, TOO. Otto Schalk: I would say that there’s certainly a possibility — if not a strong possibility — that additional charges could certainly come out of this. Mark Vanderhoff: Austin Gamez never did show up for his first court appearance, so he’s now considered a fugitive. In Harrison County, Mark Vanderhoff, WLKY News. LISA FULCHER WAS PICKED UP IN LOUISVILLE. SHE IS BEING HELD AT METRO CORRECTIONS ON A TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR BOND. FULCHER WILL BE IN COURT NEXT WEEK. IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT AUSTIN GAMEZ’S WHEREABOUTS, YOU ARE ASKED TO CALL INDIANA STATE POLICE AT 1- 800-872-6743.

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