Hi guys, welcome back, thank you so much for joining me today. We’re going to be talking all about layering 101 I’m gonna be sharing with you guys some tips and hacks on how you can layer up like a pro Stay nice and cozy and warm throughout the winter season But also look stylish while doing it if you’re new here and welcome and make two to three fashion videos every single week I would love it. If you would consider hitting the red subscribe button below. I have a lot of fashion content coming to my channel Especially with Black Friday Cyber Monday and all of the great sales that were going to be seeing over the holiday season So make sure you hit the subscribe button below and let’s get started So my first tip when it comes to layering is choosing the right pieces to layer with Ideally you want to look for pieces that are form-fitted to your body and are not overly bulky in material the reason why you want to choose pieces that are form fitted and kind of fit tightly and snug to your body is you want To prevent kind of the wind or the cold elements coming up underneath your top if you’re wearing a flowy crop top for example Then you know what I’m talking about if the wind kind of catches your body It does get quite cold and it goes right up underneath your clothing so you want to make sure that your layers fit nice and snug to your body and even if they have a little bit of Excess material they’re a little bit longer in length. That’s perfect Because then you can tuck them in so that you won’t have any Skin exposed and don’t have to run the risk of getting cold that way the reason why you want to look for items that are a little bit thinner in material and not overly bulky is we want to Create the illusion that we aren’t wearing anything underneath our outfits we want our outfits to do all the talking to speak for themselves and No one’s going to know that we have any layering pieces underneath them a really important tip I wanted to mention is that if you’re going to be wearing any sweaters Which of course you are we’re going into the winter season You always want to be layering underneath them and at the minimum you want to be putting at least a t-shirt style top If not a long sleeve top I don’t recommend wearing a simple tank top or camisole underneath your knitwear because ideally you want your Underarms to be covered if your underarms are coming into contact with your sweater You’re unfortunately gonna have to wash your sweaters more than you would like and trust me The more you wash your sweaters the worse they are going to look they just do not fare very well And if you wash it’s just the blend of the materials you can get the highest quality fabrics whether it’s cashmere Merino wool and eventually over time the fibers are going to break down. It’s not going to hold its shape It’s gonna pill up and it’s not gonna look as nice so that sounds kind of gross but you definitely don’t to wash your sweaters if you don’t have to you want to make sure that Your layering pieces are kind of taking the brunt of your sweat and your body scent and if those pieces are going into the wash So since it’s not absolute freezing outside just yet at least where I live I live in Vancouver Canada and the temperatures been sitting between kind of 8 and 10 degrees Celsius I’ve been opting for a piece like this this top is from Uniqlo it’s they’re heat tech technology and this is perfect is a t-shirt style top so my underarms are being covered this tops going to take kind of the brunt of any of my scent or body odor or Sweat that’s going to kind of like transfer on to the top and what I love so much about these pieces Is it really kind of feels like you have nothing on because they are such a lightweight material they are Elasticated they’re meant to retain your heat, but also to absorb any sweat any body odor. These are very reasonably priced So this one is under 20 Canadian dollars. I’ve picked this one up in an extra small now The one thing I wanted to mention is their heat tech layering pieces come in a package and these packages are non-refundable They do have samples for you to try on so I’d recommend either trying on your samples for reference I wear it size extra small in these layering pieces I’m 5 3 and 110 pounds if that helps you guys in any way know if you don’t have a Uniqlo near you and you’re looking for something that Has the same kind of similar material then chances. Are you have something like this already in your closet So this is one of my workout tops And what’s great about these is they’re meant for absorbing your sweat your body odor But also for regulating your temperature, you’re not going to overheat and you’re not gonna get too cold They’re stretchy and they fit exceptionally well underneath your clothing. I wear this underneath my dress for work My dress is composed of wool. And I definitely have a wool sensitivity. So I find that this is great So the wool is not coming into contact with my body layering is also a great option for underneath your wool sweaters Especially if you have a sensitivity or an allergy that way the wool fibers aren’t going to be coming into contact with your skin But you can still get the benefit of wearing your cute wool sweaters and also staying warm same time now moving into some long sleeve tops I have a couple of different options here for you So these two tops are actually from Walmart and they are so affordable. This one here was 4.92 and this one here was 6.92 Walmart has some really really good basics. They come in a variety of different necklines So this one’s kind of more of a boatneck This one is more of a v-neck And I’m actually wearing a crewneck From Walmart underneath my sweater today and you can’t see it at all which is exactly what we’re going for They come in. I think I mentioned a variety of different colors as well And you ideally want to choose a necklines that are gonna be invisible. So ones that are gonna be hidden underneath your network So I picked these ones off in a size small I mean you can pick up four for virtually under $20 in different colors and neckline combinations I’m you’re gonna have some really good layering pieces. Alright, so I’m moving down it to the bottom half of our body Yes, there are hacks and ways we can stay extra warm down there as well So I really like to wear denim in the fall, but not so much in the winter season I find that jeans when it gets cold The material is just a little bit kind of scratchy and uncomfortable for your body Now you can opt tights But I personally find tights a little bit uncomfortable underneath my jeans but it also is a good hack to know because we all probably have a pair of tights and jeans in our wardrobe now you Uniqlo also has a solution for this and this video is not sponsored by Uniqlo in any way. I just love Uniqlo so these are a pair of Leggings and they are essentially the exact same material of the top that I showed you guys earlier these leggings also come in Different thickness and they are in that package So these ones are also going to be non-refundable just to let you guys know So for underneath my jeans I opted for this really thin pair They’re almost as thin as a pair of tights But they definitely have more of a spandex and kind of comfortable cotton feel to them now in store I tried them on because I do have some sample size and my skinny jeans fit. Absolutely perfectly under these you can also layer these underneath of your leggings or any trousers that you want to be wearing and With the thicker ones, I think those on those will be really great If you’re going to be doing any outdoor activities or outdoor sports in the winter season I personally snowboard so the thicker ones are definitely a really good option for that as well Another really useful hack is actually rather than putting your pants your leggings or your jeans Over top of your socks is putting your sock over top of your pants This not only helps to keep in all of your heat I know. I personally don’t love it when my ankles are exposed in the winter season But also it helps your foot slide really nicely into your boots, whether it’s a knee-high boot or an over the knee boots So you can pull your socks up Right up to the top of your knee or even over the knee and this is going to keep your legs nice and warm It’s gonna add and even extra layer of Warmth because you’re gonna have the legging and then your jeans and then the sock over top and then your over the knee boot And it’s gonna actually help to keep your over the knee boots up as well So this is really kind of like a two hack in one Another great hack for keeping your legs warm during the winter season are leg warmers. I picked up these last winter These are so cute. I love the camel and kind of the shearling Sherpa at the top So what I do is I tuck this part of the leg warmer into my boot over top of my jeans or my leggings and then I have this cute little sterling part poking out. You can also opt for a full length leg warmer These are basically a sweater for your legs. I’ve had this for absolutely years. I love the tie and the pom-pom detail I think it’s the pom-poms and then the neutral gray color that just keeps them really kind of up-to-date and in style These are an extra layer of warmth. So essentially you can have four layers on your leg You can opt for your leggings from Uniqlo your jeans your knee-high socks And then put these over top and your legs are gonna be so so warm throughout the winter months Now what about dresses and skirts in the winter months, of course us ladies want to be able to wear those items as well especially with all of the festive parties and occasions that are gonna be taking place throughout the holiday season and I have some tips and some hacks for those as well because I Personally love to wear skirts and dresses during the holiday season now us ladies are in luck this season because midi-length Skirts and dresses are a huge style trend that we are seeing at this year, which I am all about I have quite a feminine and girly style. So that makes me really really happy I picked up this mini length skirt from Zara and not only is the color absolutely stunning, but it’s a knitwear piece so this is essentially a Sweater for your legs and like who doesn’t want to wear a sweater on their legs now as if this style of skirt wasn’t already Warm enough for the winter months a really great tip and hack is to add a pair of leggings Underneath of your mini style skirts and pair it with a pair of knee-high boots This is going to add a complete extra layer of warmth underneath your skirts And if you offer something like the ones from beautiful that are really kind of thin material They’re still gonna retain the heat keep your legs nice and warm You can throw a sock over top of them and then at your knee-high boots now for a skirt like this I would recommend more of a knee-high boot rather than an over the new boot You don’t want any excess kind of bulk around your thigh area. Wearing kind of a slouchy gathered pair of knee-high boots is very on-trend and in style So they look really beautiful with a MIDI style skirt like this then on top You’re going to have your longest sleeve top underneath throw over your sweater You can even add a scarf a jacket a handbag and a cute little headband on top and you have your outfit sorted So you’re going to look super chic But you’re also be very warm and snuggly at the same time now surprisingly You can actually apply the same concept to a beautiful dress like this. This one is from Zara It’s in this absolutely stunning chiffon material and it is just so festive and absolutely perfect for the holiday season Now it does have sheer sleeves and is a little bit low-cut on the neckline It does have a tied detail, but for this dress in particular, it’s gonna be a little bit difficult to find a layering piece That’s going to work perfectly for the top part of our body, but for the bottom half we can definitely still wear the leggings it’s a midi length dress so it comes kind of mid thigh on me and then you can pair it with a pair of Knee-high boots again. This is kind of the same trend as we’re seeing with the midi style skirt You can apply this to your beautiful dresses as well Throw a cozy jacket on top like a beautiful faux fur coat It really kind of jazz’s it up and makes it look a little bit more elegant and chic and very festive That’s one thing. I love about faux fur pieces is they actually keep you really nice and warm But you just look so chic and stylish at the same time moving into mini style skirts Now this is where it gets a little bit tricky If you don’t want to opt for tights tights is automatic a given you can wear your tights Put a pair of over the knee socks over top of your tights and then a pair of over the knee boots and paired that with the mini style skirt but if you don’t want to have tights on you don’t have to I have a good hack for that as well biker shorts this Is going to be the answer to your problems so biker shirts come in a variety of different lengths so these are kind of more of like a mid style biker short you can get the longer version or Kind of a mini styled biker short depending on the length of your dress or your skirt This one is kind of the mid road I find the ones that are a longer biker shirt that come down a little bit longer if they don’t work as well or where I like to wear my mini style skirts however You can easily pair those underneath a longer skirt Like a MIDI style skirt or dress if you don’t want to have the leggings that’s a really good option as well These are from Walmart. They’re under 15 Canadian dollars So they’re very very affordable and you can use these to work out in but you can also we use them in the winter to keep your bum and kind of midsection a lot warmer than just having a skirt on this is one of my absolute favorite skirts that I’ve been wearing all throughout the Fall season and I’m just not yet ready to put it away for the winter months I actually styled this one up with a pair of tights in my winter transitional outfit video I’ll link that in the I cards above for you guys if you’re interested in watching that I do feature a lot of looks that Are quite layered up but what I discovered is biker shorts actually fit perfectly underneath of this skirt so I can wear these underneath and Nobody’s gonna know I have them on and I don’t have to worry about the wind Coming up underneath my skirt and kind of getting my bum and my midsection all cold and I can still have my legs out Now if you’re going to be wearing a miniskirt I definitely recommend that you opt for a pair of Over the knee boots and you want to make sure that you’re pairing your over-the-knee boots with over-the-knee socks This is not only gonna add an extra layer of warmth This is also a really good hack for helping to keep your over-the-knee boots I know a lot of us kind of struggle with that But the sock the material on the sock actually gives your over than you do is something to hold on to your legs can be A little bit three, especially if they’re dry. If you apply it maybe a ton of like really smooth moisturizer and you’re over the knee boots won’t really have anything to grab on to but the socks gives it a little bit of grit a little bit of texture So they’re gonna stay up a lot better and your legs going to be nice and warm as well And then you apply the same concept to the top part of your body So you’re going to be wearing a long sleeve top off the sweater a jacket You can throw a scarf overtop and I assure you that you’ll honestly forget that you have your legs out a little bit that part of your skin is touching the cold and the wind but you’re totally gonna forget all about it because the rest of your body is Nice and toasty and warm with the holidays just around the corner I know a lot of us are starting to think about our festive holiday wardrobe and those party dresses and skirts It’s definitely their moment if there’s ever a time to wear sequins and beautiful kind of velvet dresses now is the time But you know what? It can actually be quite cold in the winter time running around in those little tiny dresses So I also have a hack for that as well biker shorts actually fit really nicely Underneath of your mini style dresses because they are quite form fitted to your body they have an elasticated material so they kind of move with your body and I don’t think that you can even tell that you’re wearing these underneath Picked up this absolutely stunning dress from Zara They have some really beautiful party wear an occasion wear out for the holiday season for me It’s the color if you’ve been on my channel for a while, you know, I’m absolutely obsessed with this color this year I think it’s gorgeous and what I love so much about this piece is it’s a sequin and a velvet combination which is what I am all about now because this one is a Spaghetti style strap dress another really great option and I’m pretty sure I donated this piece I’m gonna have to go and repurchase it is opting for a strapless bodysuit that’s gonna hold you in really really well as well and you won’t have to worry about having any straps expose you really just want your velvet straps to be on display but a strapless style bodysuits gonna hold you in and just add an extra layer of Warmth and then you could even actually throw on at the biker shorts over top and now you’re gonna be nice and warm your legs are going to catch cold if you are running around and heels Is really kind of no way around it But pair it with a nice faux fur coat on top that’s gonna help Keep you nice and warm You can also opt for a long-sleeve holiday dress and then layer a long sleeve style top over top of that one as well So get creative this holiday season, you can definitely still wear your absolute beautiful dresses and skirts But you don’t have to compromise on absolutely freezing to death at the same time But everything I’ve to share with you guys on how to layer like a pro for the winter season I hope you guys enjoyed the video and got some ideas and some Inspiration on how you can layer out particularly during it the holiday season I think those are my favorite hacks is how to stay warm in your mini style dresses and the skirts I’d love to know what your favorite hack was from the video Make sure you leave me a comment down below or share with me any other hacks that you might have I will have a full on cold weather hack video coming to my channel in the next couple of weeks So if you liked the video make sure give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already subscribed I really hope you’ll consider subscribing to my channel and joining me on my channel for more videos like this Thank you so much for watching you guys I really hope you enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to see you all again here in my next video. Bye!

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  • Hello Lauren !!!!!! chandail avec motif l'orignal super beautiful love color 6min 16 I often see girls prefer this frozen and be fashionable, your suggestion is super good, the equivalent of us guys when you put a combination(combinaison) under the pants 13min24 👀♥  another great conseil a girl for one who's being sexy just an example keep her legs lime and in cold weather do not always be forgotten to put those boots up love today video souhait que tu passe une belle journée xx

  • Love it! Thank you! Also, you can layer a couple of sheer pairs of pantyhose under short dresses and skirts if you are going for the bare leg look. Not too warm still, but warmer.

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