Wide Calf Gladiator Sandals TRY ON!

Wide Calf Gladiator Sandals TRY ON!

hey guys welcome back to my channel so
hard my appearance I don’t feel like getting ready because
i’m gonna head out to the pool soon so i would say if you have an issue with it you’re probably in the wrong Channel but
if you are fine with no makeup then let’s hang out today so recently I
have gotten some requests as to why i didn’t try on some gladiator sandals
that I hope toward about three months ago and I just helped them up and kind
of give my opinion of them in that video I didn’t really think anybody would be
interested in me trying them on but I have got a few requests as to why
i haven’t shown them I’m so I typically wear them with short
occasionally all throw the models like a skater skirt or like some sort of like
mini dress or whatnot I couldn’t find the dress that I
typically wear with them because i am in the middle of moving still like well
mostly unpacking but i haven’t unpacked my dresses and stuff yet so I just figured i’d throw them on some
shorts that kind of same effect you see how I wear them and with these specific
gladiators I dress them up or dress down typically i like to look really casual
with them for the moment i can t like a t-shirt or tank top so I threw on a basic shirt with them
then I kind of threw a home like a ship on type shirt – kind of new medium dress it up and I threw on a
little bit more dressy shirt so you can kind of see how it works I don’t really accessorize with jewelry
so you won’t really see any of that on my channel and the only thing obviously
in the clips that I would change would be my hair and makeup I would do my hair
and makeup however I felt I wanted to do with that date so um yeah pretty basic so I’m going to
throw on some books here of what i look like trying them on so you guys and dry yeah yeah but that is typically how I wear them
just with some jean shorts and a top of my choosing like I said my hair and makeup will
change but really nothing else i will say that the shoes are very
uncomfortable for over a seventy dollar pair of shoes I would expect the quality
to be a little bit better but toward is pretty hit-and-miss with the quality of
the leather almost specific gladiators i was very hard and the edges are very
blunt they have actually like rub my leg aww I’ve gotten a cut from them before so i
would technically recommend those specific gladiators but I haven’t seen them on board
regardless but they’re definitely not comfortable they’re not gladiators that
i can wear for any extended period of time really if I’m walking a lot there an
absolutely no my legs tend to swell up really bad because the leather ish
whatever the heck it is the fabric on them actually digs into my leg which is
kind of weird because I do have some room left in them so it’s not like
they’re super tight when I mention that since my leg is super swollen from when I
fell and hurt it one of the gladiator sandals in the back
where the zipper is you’ll see that the zipper is offset that is not a flaw in
the handle itself that is just because my leg is extremely swollen and I have
big calves required regardless so if anybody is wondering if that’s how they
were made that is not they’re not made with the floor anything like that although there are comfortable they do
have this straight up and down zipper is just my big chunky leg that makes it
kind of year to the side so other than that I hope that this video is
satisfactory to be a couple people that wanted to see it I haven’t seen the gladiators on sale
nor would i recommend them but i have seen some really cute black heaters on
ashley stewart calm and then what is it sixth Avenue I think it’s over the
Avenue shit i don’t remember but i have seen them typically I just going to
google and type in wide the gladiators and places will pop up
where you can purchase them i have purchased another pair because I don’t
really know if I want to spend another fifty sixty seventy dollars on a pair of
gladiators when this one was such a letdown for as
much as I spent on them so regardless i wear them from here you know after dinner off to hang out or
whatever but not to like walk long distances or anything so thanks for hanging out with me guys
and we will see you guys next time

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