Why the LOWEST WIN RATE Jungler is Actually OP! | League of Legends Guides

Why the LOWEST WIN RATE Jungler is Actually OP! | League of Legends Guides

Hey everyone and welcome. Today, we have something really special for
you. You’ll be learning how to play the literal
lowest win rate jungler in the game: Qiyana. Okay, no, we haven’t lost our mind, there’s
a reason for this. Qiyana is unique in that despite her having
the atrocious average win rate of 41%, she has one of the highest win rates when it comes
to players that main her: at 57%. That is a 16% win rate differential between
the average player and those that master her. It’s not just about win rates though. Qiyana is well known as a popular pick in
challenger solo queue and is a staple amongst professional junglers like Tarzan, Clid, and
Jankos. And here’s the thing, learning how to play
Qiyana jungle is a great way to teach yourself how to approach learning as a whole. She forces you to master certain elements
of her, like her opening route and her combos, in order to even play the game. Compare this to a simpler champion like Warwick,
who’s very forgiving, you could play thousands of games of Warwick and never really feel
the need to optimize his spell rotations or your routes. Essentially, by learning Qiyana, you’ll begin
to understand what true champion mastery looks like. Alright, enough hype, let’s jump into Skill-Capped’s
guide to Qiyana jungle. So to start, you first need to be aware of
what Qiyana’s ability do. If you already know, feel free to skip this
section, but we’ll be trying to cover it as fast as possible. So Qiyana is all about Elements. She can select between 3, Brush, River, and
Terrain, which each impact her abilities in unique ways. Her W ability, Terrashape, is how she selects
an Element to hold, dashing towards towards the target location. While holding an Element, she’ll gain bonus
attack speed, 25 range, and damage. On top of this she’ll gain out of combat movement
speed while near the Element currently being held. This has a unique interaction with her passive,
Royal Privilege, which causes her next basic attack or damaging ability to deal bonus damage
to all enemies hit. This bonus damage has an on-target cooldown
of 25 seconds, but the cooldown is reset on all targets when you gather an Element. This interaction icreates one of her staple
combos. With an element held, you can auto-attack
an enemy, then use W, swapping to a new Element, resetting your passive, and auto-attacking
again, applying your passive’s bonus damage a second time. Now, Qiyana’s Q ability, Edge of Ixtal, will
slash forward in a line dealing damage. It will consume the current element you’re
holding, applying a bonus effect based on the consumed Element. For Brush, a grass trail will appear, granting
Qiyana invisibility and a movement speed boost until she attacks or exits. For River, it Roots the enemy and then slows
them. And for Terrain, enemies below 50% of their
maximum health are dealt bonus damage. Now, her Q ability will have a cooldown of
7 seconds, but similar to her passive, this is reset upon gathering a new Element. And suddenly we can see that staple combo
become a bit stronger. We can Q, which applies the bonus damage from
our passive, then use W to grab a new Element, this resets both our Q and passive cooldown,
to then cast another Q, applying our passive damage again. All you need to know, is that grabbing a new
Element will reset the cooldown of both your passive and Q ability. Now for her E ability, Audacity. Qiyana will dash a fixed distance towards
a target unit, dealing damage. This is your main form of gapclose and it
also has the most important interaction in her whole kit. If there’s any combo to master, it’s this
one. You see, if you cast your Q ability during
Audacity, it will automatically aim it at the dash target. Yes, you heard me right, it’s essentially
an aimbot. Watch this, I cast my E ability to dash towards
the target and during this animation I cast my Q. Now, despite my mouse aimed nowhere near them,
it automatically aims it at the opponent. This makes it impossible for the enemy to
Flash or escape this combo, since your Q ability will automatically follow them, we’ll be getting
into this more later. And finally we have her ultimate, Supreme
Display of Talent. Qiyana sends a windblast in the target direction
that knocks back enemies, and stops upon hitting terrain. It then creates a shockwave around it, stunning
enemies and dealing damage. This is self explanatory, shove enemies into
a wall for big CC and damage. If it doesn’t hit a wall then it will still
knock the enemy back, but won’t do any damage. However, a lot of players don’t know that
this interacts differently through Brushes and River. It will also create a shockwave in these circumstances,
allowing you to stun and do damage without having to push the enemy into a wall. Alright, now that you understand the basics
of how her abilities work let’s jump into her opening route. Trust me, you’ll want to pay close attention,
as jumping into a game thinking you can just clear camps will not go well for you. So the first thing you need to do is buy a
Hunter’s Talisman, this will give you a ton of healing, which you definitely need, as
you’re about to see. So as Qiyana, you always have to start at
your Red buff. This is because you’re relying on the interaction
between Hunter’s Talisman healing effect and the AOE of your Q ability, to clear the Krugs
and Raptors. If you start at your Blue, you’ll find yourself
taking too much damage, not healing enough, and having to recall after you kill the Gromp
and then heading to your Red, not exactly the greatest start. You’ll want to start with your W ability,
as this gives you bonus attack speed, damage, and range. As you auto-attack the Red, use your W to
swap to a new element, this will reset your passive’s bonus damage on the camp, allowing
you to clear faster. Next, you move to your Krugs, which you’ll
use your smite on, and it’s here you’ll first have to master a few tricks. So you want to Q the camp, then swap to a
new element to reset your passive and Q cooldown. However, one trick is to swap to the Grass
element, since it makes you invisible, you can hide inside it, using your Hunter’s Talisman
to heal off the camp. Just make sure you don’t reset the camp by
watching their patience timer above their healthbar. The next trick, is to position yourself so
that the Medium Krug is behind the Ancient Krug. You can then kite back and forth, preventing
the Medium krug from ever damaging you. Clear the rest of the camp and head towards
your Raptors. Again, we want to swap to the Grass element. Since we’ve AOE’d this entire camp, our Hunter’s
Talisman is stealing 30 health from each of them, for a total of 180 health while we stay
hidden. This is how you stay healthy in your initial
clear. Then, I want you to take note of how we swap
to the Terrain element. Remember, this will give us bonus damage to
targets below 50% health. You always want to swap to the Terrain element
when your camps are below 50% health since you’ll do bonus damage and clear it faster. Alright, now that you’ve cleared your Red
side jungle you’re level 3 and have access to your E, your main gap close ability. This makes available one of the strongest,
most effective ganks in the game and that’s Qiyana’s level 3 transition gank mid. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this
has over a 50% success rate in your games, just check out all these clips we have of
this working out. Alright, so for those uninitiated, a transition
gank is a type of gank you use on mid lane. It allows you to go from one side of the map
to the other, while applying a gank in the process. For Qiyana, the transition gank mid is so
effective at level 3 due to a combo we actually covered earlier. Remember, when you cast your Q while in the
animation of your E, it will automatically aim it for you. It essentially locks on the opponent, meaning
even if they flash it wll still hit them. This transition gank mid will net you first
blood in so many games, but even more important, is that you help your mid push out the wave
to soak minion experience after. This is because Qiyana doesn’t have the greatest
early clear speed. Soaking the minion wave after you gank will
make it so that you don’t have to farm as many camps, and can spend more time trying
to make early ganks work. It also has a great follow up. After transition ganking mid, you can then
look for an immediate gank on the side lane. The reason this is so effective, is that you
can take the path behind the enemy’s red buff, avoiding the enemy’s wards, and getting behind
them. By the time you finish this second gank, the
nearby Scuttle will have spawned, and you can move to take it. However, this is great if the enemy mid is
pushed up or in a neutral position, but what if he’s at the safety of his tower, denying
us the ability to gank him? In this case, you have two options. First, is to actually look for a side lane
gank on the same side of the map you started on. In this clip, Qiyana takes her Red, Krugs,
and Raptors. She looks for the standard transition gank
mid, but the enemy Zed is playing safe, holding his shadow to escape and hugging the bottom
side of the map. When we check top, we can see Ornn has taken
some damage and the wave is pushing towards our Jax. So we head top, picking up a free kill with
our level 3 power spike. We then take the nearby Scuttle since its
spawned. Most importantly though, is that you check
the enemy’s Blue Buff after this. This is because when you show ganking the
top side of the map, a common response by the enemy jungler will to be steal your blue
side jungle. So you check if the enemy’s blue buff is still
alive, if it is, then it means they’re stealing your blue buff, so you want to steal their
camps. If it isn’t, then you’d want to head towards
your blue side jungle as normal. In this case, it’s alive so we steal it, into
then spotting another gank top side, making sure to soak minion experience after the successful
kill. Okay, but what if after taking your Red, Krugs,
and Raptors, neither the transition gank mid or the gank on the nearby side lane is available? Well, then you move forward by taking your
Blue as normal. After which, you either take the nearby Scuttle,
or if you feel you can’t fight for it, then full clear your blue side jungle and head
towards the Scuttle on the other side of the map. Great, so you should now have a clear gameplan
for your opening route, but what about afterwards? How should you balance ganking and farming
with Qiyana? Well, I don’t want to give you the wrong idea,
into thinking you should just be ganking like crazy. Qiyana has great opening attacks, but don’t
be afraid to farm afterwards if no ganks are available because Qiyana actually has great
scaling. For example, in this game, Qiyana opens with
the standard Red, Krugs, Raptors, into a transition gank mid. After this, she takes the nearby top Scuttle,
into her Blue, and then has to recall due to being low on health. Great, so we’re past the opening phase, so
what do we do next? Well, we have all of our camps up, so Qiyana
heads to her Krugs, during this time she’ll be looking bot for a gank, but since none
are available due to the enemy bot not being in lane, she heads to her raptors. Again, now that she’s cleareing her raptors,
she’ll be looking for a gank mid, but none are available there either since Vayne is
playing so safe. So she then moves to her Wolves, but spots
Rek’Sai gank bottom lane. And one thing we’ve taught you many times,
is how when you spot the enemy jungler on the opposite side of the map, you want to
look for advantages on the side of the map that you’re on. So Qiyana invades, stealing the enemy’s Raptors,
then taking the nearby Scuttle that’s spawned, into a gank on the enemy top, and stealing
the enemy’s Krugs after. My point is, despite us having a very aggressive
gank orientated opening route, don’t just spam ganks afterwards, you need to fall back
on a solid balance of ganking and farming. Alright, so we’ve covered a lot so far, but
some of you are probably wondering how you’re supposed to skirmish and team fight as Qiyana? We’ll be covering this shortly, but before
we can teach you how to team fight, you first need to learn Qiyana’s ability combos. So first you have her basic skirmish combo
and that’s to Auto-attack, then Q, use your W to grab a new element, resetting your passive
and Q cooldown, then auto-attack and Q. This is your basic spell rotation for damage
and the one you’ll be using at the end of your combos. Now, as we covered earlier, your main gank
combo will be to select the River element so your Q roots, then press E, and cast Q
during the animation to lock onto the enemy. You then use your W to swap to a new element,
landing an auto-attack, into your second Q. However, this changes once you’re level 6
and have access to your ultimate. This is one of your most important combos
so listen up. You want to use your E+Q combo that we taught
you before, rooting the enemy with the River element. However, while they’re rooted, you then cast
your ultimate, knocking them into a nearby wall. After this, you can then swap to a Terrain
element, to get the extra damage to targets below 50% health, and auto-attack into Q. So when you put this all together, it will
be E+Q, into Ultimate, then W+Auto-attack+Q. And these make up the basic combos that you
will need to master. Auto-attack+Q, W to reset cooldowns, then
Autoattack+Q While holding River element, E, then Q during
the animation to root. While holding River element, E, then Q during
the animation to root. Then follow it up with a W into Auto-attack+Q. While holding the River element, E, then Q
during the animation to root, into your Ultimate. And finally, while holding the River element,
E, then Q during the animation to root, into your ultimate, then W into Auto-attack+Q. Now, these are the basics, and it’s mandatory
that you master them, so head into practice mode and get to work. That being said, you can actually take these
a step further, using a mechanic called input buffering. So what’s input buffering? Well, it’s best explained using an example. Let’s say you wanted to use your E+Q combo
to root someone, but they were out of range.l Well, then you would cast Flash, then the
E+Q combo. However, this is actually wrong, and instead,
you want to input buffer your E ability. This is done by casting your E ability, and
THEN flashing, what you’ll find, is that your E ability will cast immediately once you’re
in range, significantly faster than what’s humanly possible. This same idea of input buffering can be applied
to other ability too. For example, let’s say you want to land your
Q on an opponent, but they were just out of range. Again, most players would flash and then Q,
which gives the opponent more time to react. But what you want to do is input buffer it
by casting Q, and then immediately flashing. This way, the enemy will have less time to
react to it. The reason why knowing this input buffering
mechanic is so important on Taliyah, is that you can use it to set up huge engages on the
enemy. You cast your E ability, input buffering it,
then Flash within range, and immediately cast your Q, then follow that up with the rest
of your combo, casting ultimate, into W, Auto-attack, Q. Another high level trick you can do with this
is redirect your ultimate. For example, let’s say you didn’t have the
proper angle to use your ultimate to knock the opponent into a wall. Usually, players would Flash, and then ult,
giving the opponent time to react. Instead, you can ult, input buffering it,
then immediately flash, this will still redirect your ult while giving the opponent much less
time to react to it. Alright, now that we’ve covered the combos
you need to master, let’s get into how to actually team fight with Qiyana. You have one clear goal when it comes to team
fighting. You begin by holding the River element so
your Q will root. Then you look for flanks from the side or
behind, and E+Q combo onto the enemy’s backline, rooting them in place. You then follow this up, ulting them, into
using W, grabbing the Terrain element for bonus damage, into Q. This can be easier said than done though,
and that’s why having your Flash available makes this so much easier. You can come in from the side, input buffer
your E, and then Flash into Q, then Ult, into W+Autoatack+Q. I know, you may have thought there would be
more, but in reality this is what you’re looking to accomplish in every team fight, landing
that big ult on the enemy backline. Now, what if our ultimate is on cooldown,
then what are we supposed to do? For example, in this clip, Qiyana doesn’t
have her ultimate up. What you want to do, is stay on the outskirts
of the fight, using your mobility to keep yourself safe and focus low health targets
that are isolated. In this case, we focus Singed, but the enemy
backline gets in range to focus us, so we kite back and focus the enemy Zac. After this, you can use the long range on
your Q to land poke as you retreat. Again, move to the outskirts, then look to
move back in on isolated targets. Remember you’re an assassin, not a tank or
bruiser, without your ultimate you don’t have the CC to protect yourself on an engage so
you have to be a lot more careful. Now, for the million dollar question of what
element should you be grabbing? Well, as we taught you earlier, your standard
engage will have you holding onto the River element, rooting the opponent, then swapping
to the Terrain element for bonus damage. You’ll be using elements in this way the majority
of the time. That being said, there’s a great element combo
you can use when you’re in trouble and that’s double grass. In this clip, Qiyana ganks bot, ulting Morgana
and getting a kill on her. But then Nocturne shows up, and E’s Qiyana
into flashing on her. With Nocturne chasing her down, she opts into
the double Grass combo. This keeps you super safe and can grant you
up to 7 seconds of invisibility. So if you find yourself in danger, the double
grass combo should be your go to move. Alright, so you should now have everything
you need to start stomping with Qiyana. That is, everything except runes and an item
build, so let’s fix that. For primary runes you want to go Electrocute,
Sudden Impact, Zombie Ward, and Ravenous Hunter. Electrocute is for more damage, but can be
replaced with Dark Harvest if you find yourself consistently snowballing hard. Sudden Impact will give you lethality, which
synergizes with the lethality build you’ll be using. Zombie Ward is really overpowered at the moment
when combined with the new lethality item Umbrail Glaive. Seriously, using Zombie Ward with Umbrail
Glaive will give you the highest vision score in the game, it’s completely busted, so abuse
it before it gets nerfed. If you don’t want to use this combo then Eyeball
collection will be your second best option for more damage. And lastly, Ravenous Hunter is taken as it
will give us more healing during our clear. Qiyana can struggle with staying healthy when
farming, so this helps alleviate that, while also giving us better dueling potential. For secondary runes, you want to head into
Inspiration, taking Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight. Magical Footwear is simply too good to pass
up, as it’s essentially giving you a free 350 gold. Cosmic Insight is taken as there simply aren’t
any other viable options to take as a jungler, and the extra cooldown reduction is always
nice. For stats you want to take Attack Speed, Adaptive
Force, and Armor. Attack speed is taken as when tested it actually
increases your clear speed more than if you take Adaptive force in that slot. Adaptive force is then taken for more damage. And you take Armor since camps do physical
damage and this will help you be healthier at the end of your clear. For your items, you want to start Hunter’s
Talisman, turning it into the Chilling Smite upgrade, and then the Warrior Enchantment. You then want to rush boots of mobility as
soon as your free boots kick in. Trust me, these will make ganking and engaging
so much easier for you. Next, you get an Umbral Glaive. This is the cheapest lethality item at the
moment and has that great synergy with the Zombie Ward rune to give you complete vision
control across the map. Next, you want to get Duskblade, into Edge
of Night Duskblade will give you the raw damage to
one shot people, while Edge of Night will protect you so you don’t get bursted down
every time you try to engage. At this point, you’ll only have 1 item slot
left, and what item you choose to go is situational. If the enemy is stacking Armor, then you want
to get Lord Dominik’s Regards. If they have a ton of healing, then get a
Mortal Reminder instead. If you still find yourself being focused and
bursted down, then opt into a Guardian Angel. And finally, if none of those options are
applicable, you can’t go wrong with a Ghostblade, giving you more damage, and movement speed
to help set up engages. So that’s going to do it for Skill-Capped’s
Qiyana jungle guide. If you have any questions, feel free to leave
a comment below, as we do our best to answer any and all questions we get. And as always, good luck, and have fun, on
summoner’s rift.

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  • Yes, we are aware of the nerf to Qiyana's W attack speed in patch 10.2. Don't worry! Everything in this guide still applies and nothing has changed, you'll just be clearing a tad bit slower, but it still completely works!

  • Is there any other clear paths? I am somewhat tired of doing red krugg raptors, could red raptor from work? Also ia it possible to hit level 3 from red raptor blue? If so can that work as well

  • kinda shook he didn't mention the QWEQ combo which is literally what you mostly use to gank because Q has longer range than your E. you don't need to flash bc that should land most of the time from pretty good distant. he also didn't mention QWREQ combo either. it also becomes better if you use tiamat after the EQ or QWR variation ; tiamat combo gives an additional 300-400 dmg very easily. All her combo's input buffer each other so it comes off very very fast. as general tip. qiyana just strives in river because all her sources of stunning is there. water/grass/earth. all of em if R'd through will stun n apply dmg just like the wall. also at the 13:32 marker. Please don't flash like that. they were already zoned out from their escape. severely over extended.

    Q+W+R(Flash)- (insec) – u can change the direction of the R

    Q+W+E+Q +auto + tiamat+ auto -> Clip of example: -> https://www.twitch.tv/momxcristine/clip/PlainCulturedAyeayeJKanStyle?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time
    Q+W+R+E+Auto + tiamat + auto + Q -> Clip of example: https://www.twitch.tv/momxcristine/clip/ZanyAmazingPeafowlDatBoi?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time

  • 13:02 I don't get how you're changing directions. I assume you are ulting behind you then clipping it with a flash in front of you. The first part I get. The changing direction for the flash to almost 180 so quickly, I don't get.

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