What started as a mural project turned into so much more at the Eastside Skate Park

What started as a mural project turned into so much more at the Eastside Skate Park

this project came about because I got
connected with RA Leo Melendez I did a shirt designed for him and when he was
picking up the design for my studio I asked him if he knew anybody in
Riverside and he said it turns out that his dad is the councilman and then from
there this all came about we’ve met up with the community and it was to come up
with the idea for the actual visual part of it but when we showed it to the
meeting they were already sketching out what they wanted the layout of the park
to be and they wanted to include a bowl which is something that I wasn’t even
thinking of we had several kids say we want a bowl and bowls are expensive and
we didn’t know how we were gonna do it and one of our pastors he’s a
professional BMX rider who’s here today went to Japan to judge a competition and
he said when I get back from Japan I’ll talk to you and when he was there he sat
next to a in the skate world a world-famous bull builder named Dave
Duncan they judged this competition together and he goes do you still build
skate bowls like out of wood he goes yeah and he goes might have a project
for you they were telling us some of the city
workers but when they were here every time they were gonna take it down
because of all the graffiti and vandalism so at first we kind of would
later believe that they were gonna put in a bowl put yeah and we went to the
meetups and me and him were like the first ones on it we were drawing on the
board you know telling them like really trying to show that we care about our
community and like I kept saying the ball in there like knowledge kid like
sorry we can’t make it happy you know we can’t dig into the ground but it
happened dreams come true you know the kids were so excited we knew we
didn’t have the money for it how are we gonna do this but sandals at that time
started talking about well maybe we can do fundraising so it’s been funded by
members community members sandals church and also our Riverside Park and Rec what
started as a cool project with the mural really revamped into a total
rejuvenation of the park I think that it did turn out as well as we expected it
to and I think it even more so because of the how vibrant the colors are a lot
of times what I do is the entire surface and me doing it only on the asphalt made
it so that it pops really hard against this dull surface it’s about 85 feet
tall and about 70 feet wide is tomates around 25 gallons of paint we’re
standing used to be tennis courts that we’re rarely ever used
we had a small basketball court which we still kept but we converted a old tennis
court to accommodate for that what we’re seeing is that with the growth of
Riverside they’re requiring a greater diversion of entertainment there’s a lot
of the kids in this neighborhood don’t have memes or abilities after school to
make it clear across town and now they have something that is not only unique
to their park but that was built by somebody that people would drool over
trying to get him to come out build a project for them they’re stoked on it
they’ve been foaming at the mouth to get into the park I’m excited that they’re
here and just I’m so blessed by the opportunity oh my kids cool I know as
long as nobody destroys it we all come together and keep it nice we’re gonna
get a lot of new people here because yeah you see the excitement from the
community when they’re excited we’re excited and we want to keep doing that
here in the city of Riverside

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