Wear A T-Shirt And Look AWESOME | 5 Secrets To Look Stylish In A Tee | Perfect Fitting T Shirt

Wear A T-Shirt And Look AWESOME | 5 Secrets To Look Stylish In A Tee | Perfect Fitting T Shirt

Gentlemen, Antonio here. Today, we�re going to talk about t-shirts. In particular, I�m going to give you five
tips so that you can look great every time you wear a t-shirt. People have asked me about t-shirts and write
it to put a video out about this for a long time and I resisted because I have � in
the first two tips you�ll understand why because I do have an older video out there
in which I talked about t-shirts and why they�re not right for a number of men. And, me, personally, I feel it�s a trend that�s a bit overplayed.
A lot of guys when you look at their wardrobe, it�s nothing but t-shirts, so I resisted
putting out that information because I felt polos, button-downs, sports jackets, there
are so many other things you can use to cover your upper torso and look great. However,
I know a lot of you guys especially in the hot weather especially in parts of the world
where t-shirts are everywhere that you want to wear them. So, for you, I�ve put out
this video so that you can look great when you�re actually wearing a t-shirt.
So, tip number one for looking great in a t-shirt is to wear it when it�s appropriate.
A t-shirt is always casual, it doesn�t matter if you spent $100 on that t-shirt maybe the
nicest t-shirt in the world and it may look great you, but you know what? If you wear
it to the wrong occasion to an event in which they actually had a dress code, let�s say
a wedding and they said, you know, we�d like for you to share this day with us, everyone
is going to be wearing suits they�re going to be wearing sports jackets, you show up
in that great looking t-shirt, guess what guys? You look like a fool because you�re
not showing respect to the bride and groom and you�re not dressing appropriately.
So, that is the key, guys. If you�re out in Vegas and you want to go to the clubs at
night, you�re going to probably want to not wear a t-shirt out there. A lot of these
clubs, they got a little bit higher of a dress code and they will reject. Now, many times
you can wear a t-shirt. Just look around casually around town, if you�re going out you�re
going to be seen maybe the sights in Washington, D.C. outside in the summer, yes, perhaps a
t-shirt is going to be great. But, guys, pay attention make sure that it is appropriate
to actually wear it. Tip number two. Make sure you�ve got the
body for it. Guys, understand a t-shirt is not going to do you any favors. If you�ve
got extra weight around the mid section, if you have really thin arms, a t-shirt is not
going to hide that, it�s not going to make your arms look any bigger. So, understand
that there are certain body types that are not going to look great in t-shirt.
Now, if you take care of yourself, you go to the gym, you are young, you�re in excellent
shape, you have a chest that is larger than your mid section, then you can probably pull
off a t-shirt. Me, I�m 5�9� I�ve got a relatively thin build. I�m 170 lbs and
I go to the gym and I run. So, I can wear a t-shirt. I�m still a pretty thin guy.
I don�t think it looks as great on me as button-up a shirt or a sports jacket and I
don�t feel this really sends the signal I want to for my business, but I can still
pull it off. And, if you want to improve your body, I�m
going to link to down the description below; Ryan Masters, Tom Venuto, Abel James. These
guys are amazing, they put out good information. They are all personal friends of mine and
these guys focus on nutrition which is key if you want to actually get your body look
great and actually weight resistance and types of training like that. So, guys go check them
out. So, tip number three. Nail the fit. All right,
guys, you don�t want to do alterations on a t-shirt. Make sure when you buy, it actually
fits you. These are the key areas that you want to look at. Number one, look at the shoulders,
make sure the shoulder point is actually at your shoulder point. If it starts to go down
the arm, then realize you�re wearing a t-shirt that is too big. Look in the chest area, you
should have about anywhere from half an inch to up to two inches. Now, up to two inches,
you�re going to be a pretty big guy and you may be want an extra bit of wiggle room
and you like a little bit loose, but beyond that if you are a relatively small guy, you�re
5�6� maybe 120 lbs, you don�t want two inches, you want half an inch there because
you want this to actually fit your body and look great.
Now, one of the issues with t-shirts is actually the drop. Many of them it�s a straight drop,
but for many of us who look great in a t-shirt, you want to make sure that the chest is actually
going to be a little bit bigger than the waist, so it�s got that V tape right there.
Now, there�s a company right here, Muscle Fit Basics. Guys, they�re not a sponsor
of this, I�ve just known them for a long time. RMRS20 if you decide to go grab a shirt
so that they know you came over from me. But, I love what these guys have done with basically
their t-shirts, they are made to fit men who are thin who have a muscular build who basically
want something that�s got a bit of a drop. And, I think that that�s one of the key
points to looking great in a t-shirt to not have six inches of excess fabric in and around
the waist area. So, maybe half, you know, inch and a half, two inches around the waist
area, depends on how you like it. But, that right there is going to give off a natural
V shape which is going to look great. Moving on, let�s talk about the sleeve length.
So, you�re going to want to make sure that you got the rule of thirds here. So, I like
it when you got about one-third right there and then two-thirds all the way to the elbow.
If it all of a sudden it goes to the halfway point, that�s okay if it goes beyond the
halfway point closer to the elbow. You want to be careful, that�s something I�ve seen
on a few shirts, I don�t think it looks really that great on most men.
[0:05:03] Next, let�s talk about the length of the
shirt. Now, I�m just going to show you, guys. So, step up right here. Okay, I raise
my arms up above my head and you see how high it goes, it doesn�t show my abdomen, it
doesn�t show my belly button or anything like that. This fits pretty well. Now, you
also don�t want the shirt to go down below your crotch area ever. So, this right here
to me is about a great length of a t-shirt. I also like to have a little bit of extra
constriction stretch around here so it sits there.
Finally, guys, let�s talk about the neck. So, on a crew neck shirt which is this style
right here, you want to make sure that it fits closely to the neck and it�s got some
elastic right here, so it always comes back to its original shape. V-necks in general,
I love them, I think especially if a man takes care of his upper body and he�s got a nice
build, a V-neck is going to give it a nice masculine shape. Just avoid those really deep
neck V-necks, that�s something that isn�t going to look great on any man.
Tip number four. Make sure you get the right fabric. So, guys, understand the history of
t-shirts. They come out of undershirts. Undershirts are typically lightweight and see through.
You want to make sure your t-shirt is not see-through. That�s not a t-shirt, that�s
an undershirt and don�t try to wear that as on outer garment, that is underwear. So,
hold up get that t-shirt hold it up to the light, can you see through it. On a darker
colored t-shirt, you shouldn�t be able to see through it you shouldn�t be able to
see the light in the background. White shirts, you want to really make sure that it�s a
bit heavier weight. Cotton is a great fabric. You�ll find jersey weaves, weaves that actually
bounce back, but are still tight enough that they�re not going to allow just, you know,
light to right through easily. So, I talk about the different fabrics up
there. Cotton is going to be great, various weaves of that. Make sure though if you go
with the synthetic or performance fabric, it doesn�t look too casual. A lot of those
are of sport shirt designs, they are made to be worn in the gym not necessarily with
a pair of jeans or chinos and it may just look too casual combination.
So, let�s wrap up fabric by talking about colors. White, classic although it�s going
to be in my opinion one of the more casual ones out there. I like darker colored tees,
I find that I can actually � they�re more forgiving if you got a little bit of weight
around the mid section, it creates a monochromatic look so you can go with the gray which is
non-color and it�s going to match pretty much any pair of trousers, chinos anything
like that, jeans. Or, you can go maybe with a dark blue and navy, that�s going to look
great. But, you know, some of you guys for the summer
maybe you�re a younger man you want to bring out something that is brighter color you�ve
got darker tones. Ah, let�s look at � we have maroons, dark green, there are a lot
of options, but I do like staying solid staying away from graphic tees. I like to go with
something that simply looks great and can be dress up dress down.
And that takes me to my final point number five, surround the shirt with style. What
do I mean by this? I mean look at everything that you�re going to be wearing in this
outfit and make sure that those items are a step up.
So, let�s start with your shoes. I talked about this the other day, JL Rocha. Beautiful
pair of dress boots, come from the combat design. They�ve got a nice rubber sole here,
got a lot of traction. This is going to look great as your foundation.
Then we move up, you bring in maybe a dark pair of denim. You upgrade, now, that light
stonewashed stuff you�ve been wearing since 1990�s not go with something that fits your
great and actually is a darker color. Or, maybe you like the lighter color, then look
at this canvas � canvas pair of chinos right here. Right there in khaki color. Or, you
want to go with brick. The ones I�m wearing from Woody�s, I�ll link them down the
comments to get a cool kick starter going on. But, I find that this color works great,
I can wear it actually and I am actually wearing it with a pair of JL Rocha boots.
So bring that combination together. So, you got the shirt here, bring in a nice pair of
sunglasses. Look at that, Club Masters here. Look great. What do you guys think? Nice watch,
maybe a bracelet. Make sure your hair is looking good. Take care of your grooming. Guys, it
all goes into the outfit. And, that is how you look great in a t-shirt.
Now, there are other things I didn�t mention in this video. Go check out the article. I
go into more detail there. I may be talk a little bit about posture and how standing
correctly can actually make you look better in a t-shirt. And, all the shirts I talked
about, again, guys, link over the Muscle Fit Basics. Why don�t you go check them out,
good company. Use the code RMRS20, get you 20% off and they�re actually very affordable,
they fit great. I�m going to give you some alternatives to t-shirts. And the reason I
do this is I feel t-shirts are overplayed as a fashion item and I think that guys can
really look better in a number of different items.
So, really quick, definitely check out the polos. This one is from Ministry of Supply,
great company. It�s made from performance fabric with the color, it looks great and
it is actually just as comfortable, if not more comfortable than a t-shirt. Another shirt
from Ministry of Supply. What I like about this one is it actually has these little holes
here in the armpit area, allow venting. It�s made from a stretch material.
[0:10:02] My favorite, travel shirt. And, guys, when
I wear this I mean I just roll up the sleeves maybe it�s a little bit hot in the airplane,
I think it�s more versatile and I think it looks great. This shirt right here from
Suitsupply, made from a very lightweight fabric is actually going to be more breathable than
the t-shirt I�m actually wearing. I wear it with a lightweight performance undershirt
and 95 degree weather, I can wear this I can look great, I�ll just roll the sleeves up.
Guys, it comes down to confidence. When you are confident in how you�re dressing whether
it�d be a t-shirt, whether it�d be a button-down whether it�d be a polo. Guys, find what
works for you, practice wearing it, and move forward with confidence.
That�s it, guys. Let me know what you think in the comments and I�ll see you in the
next video.

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