We Try Styling School Uniforms As Clothes

We Try Styling School Uniforms As Clothes

I have been putting off this night look for a very long time I wish I was more creative I feel like I just look like a rebel cater waiter hello I’m Nina hi I’m Lindsay I I’m Jasmine so we’re gonna be given three school uniform items to mix-and-match with our regular clothes to make one day look and one night look hopefully we’re not gonna be looking like we’re going to school I know that I’m at least getting a skirt what I don’t know is the other two mystery items a few years ago jazz and I were tasked for wearing school uniforms for an entire week and drama ensued and it wasn’t just drama for the internet like our friendship has never been the same after this yes I was wearing my school uniform but I was wearing it how I wanted to sissy and Lindsay of course had to be like follow the rules all the time Lindsay and sissy just had to be like little narcs so you guys can break one rule but I can’t break anyways I’m excited for this video because this is essentially what I wanted to do all these items you’re supposed to wear together she’ll clearly just tear it apart and make something incredible me on the other hand I really like following the rules I’m scared I’m gonna see this uniform and I’m gonna be like yes they all go together rather than try to make up something different one thing I did notice when Jaz and Lindsay did it was when they cheated they added a lot of elements to make them cuter so I feel like I have some ideas of what to do maybe I’ve never worn a school uniform I went to public school in my whole life where they didn’t require uniforms when I pictured the the elements of a school uniform I feel like none of those things will look good on me so I’m a little bit nervous last video I was like I want to do whatever I want to do and now I get to do whatever I want to do and I’m like what if I suck okay show me the clothes oh wait I can totally make this work wow this is cute this is fine it’s a little bit longer and I think what I would normally wear it’s definitely not something that I would like to go out and buy for myself we got a little skirt oh this is cute and it’s black this could have been plaid oh no it’s the middle of summer this is gonna have to fit into my night look somehow it’s like a little bit cheer and I definitely need to wear a bra under this oh the lovely collared shirt I don’t want to look like I’m catering okay this is better than a tie I think I can do this okay it’s a kind of tie with like a little button I’m actually kind of into this I was worried that I was gonna get like an actual time okay awesome I’m like 28 with knee-high socks is that a thing I think this might be harder than I don’t watch yeah I’m like excited now and then I’m get into my closet be like let’s get it started whoo I thought this was gonna be very easy but it’s been a little bit more difficult than I expected why am I having such a hard time picking out what to put with this black skirt the shirt fits like okay it doesn’t give me any kind of boot gap which is nice it is just a little bit big this is kind of the look I think the skirt is a little bit big so I had to put a belt with it ruch gonna sure I wish I was more creative here’s one option it’s not really working for me I still feel like I’m in a uniform fun fact there’s a little shorts under here and I just have like this mesh and some chains to make it a little bit more spicy I’ve put some jewelry wets I did some like I makeup so I tried tying up the shirt and I feel like I just look like a rebel cater waiter I tried putting the socks with them have a little peep in that sock which i think is fine I want this like oh I think the length of it is what’s nice my I have a look I do feel a little bit like I’m French caricature or something but the beret makes it feel less school I feel like I didn’t do anything super unique put this outfit so I keep second-guessing it this is just what you would normally do with a skirt like this alright I’ve changed I know me and Lindsay are wearing the same outfit I love when we match but also I wanted to show a different way of wearing it so I’m put it with this Nike body so I just got Starbucks and Starbucks lady said she liked my skirt you look like um Laura Jean again I look so damn preppy and I don’t hate it I still feel like I look like young I really feel young too goth school girl yeah you can’t get away with this without still looking like a schoolgirl do you see I put the socks on but barely yeah it’s not cheating okay well they were a little bit higher but they fell so high I think you look good you made it look sporty yeah that’s what I want to went on a walk and I realized that I don’t normally tuck long shirts into skirts I mostly wear like crop tops and this part of me is so sweaty what would you say if I told you that the skirt is from a school uniform website I actually wouldn’t doubt that because I used to wear a school uniform I would never have guessed a little boy uniform you would get in trouble holy mascara the school that I went to really because it was like you can’t be higher than a G oh my god the bottom says study and the top says party maybe not like peroration when Ashley mary-kate go to Paris like you’d be in that movie and you’d be like the cool girl that like everyone’s scared to talk to everything is working and you look like a sassy French schoolgirl or something like well this shirt is like meant for school uniform dress code but make it fashion I think so do you think I’ve succeeded you know what you and Gossip Girl it’s typically meant for school uniforms see that’s why I was getting school vibes I like felt like we were in class together I’m like really liking this outfit it is so comfortable I don’t wear skirts nearly as often as I should definitely a vibe your skirt is beautiful pelleve style day but what do you think it is an apron it’s a school uniform skirt you think I like that you come getting into an apron that’s accurate I like that for one fling you two are like the dark people and I know I got ready today and I was legit like Mina’s gonna show up in a very similar outfit and here you are being all bright and yeah I’ve put on the shirt I look like you know like that lay or something most of the bottoms that I have are like black pants I have been putting off this night look for a very long time and you know why I cannot figure out for the life of me how to style this blazer I have the skirt on I have rolled it I don’t know if I should have saved this for a night look I don’t know if I can make it work it’s just so blah I was freaking out about what to do but then I googled and saw that people were matching like white button-down shirts with suits reasons why it displays your sucks to stop hey it’s navy blue it’s hard to style navy blue for a night look everything I have is like black centered you know b2 it is fitted like a very fitted so I couldn’t even wear it as like a dress yeah I’m not sure that this is the look these boots feel very nighttime to me but I think paired with the skirt thing again take me into like schoolgirl territory this night look is going to be worn out on a date I mean they like me in anything but still I want to look cute here’s one option I just have some like hands that are like navy ish it honestly just looks like a suit though and I would not wear a suit now so I matched it with these shorts you saw a little bit more like tailored and structured shorts and then I was like I’ll take the socks I’ll roll them down oops I forgot that I had a second element to add to the night like I forgot but I have to wear the little necktie could do something with this I don’t know I this is Curtis and ugly I can’t get over it this is some pants that I have that are like the same color as these golde things even though this is silver so I thought maybe it would match I don’t hate it no I hate it what do I wear when I have to look a little bit more professional but I still want to look fashionable at the same time and I think this outfit is perfect I think I’ve kind of settled on what it’s gonna be sort of we’re just gonna go full con that’s the only context in which this fits I decided to put the necktie on my leg is it stupid yes do I care no that’s the point we rap tonight because it’s taking me so long to get ready this is maybe the most comfortable so far I don’t totally love it but at least I don’t feel like I’m clashing I put some heels on what saving this is the dress the dress is very cute so I did a little glittery eye fun put in a little couple little gold hair clip guys [Music] I tried something I’m like I don’t know I think that the cows got really well to go go with the gold yeah I did get the cold I was like if there’s gold a myzel gold yeah yeah I mean it definitely doesn’t looks cool and that yeah I mean it looks more business than school how do you think I look I think you look very sharp a little bit edgy kind of dangerous a little bit with this thigh piece you’ve got going on here yes am i cute you look like you just invented a new magazine and nobody’s ready for it I thought about putting a beret on but I think that’d be too much you know I love you Sam I know I hate this dress I don’t know how to tell you this you look like the principal’s mistress yeah how do you feel like my outfit compares to other people here I’d say were on par with them glass I think some people went outlandish black-and-gray gonna be kind of hard to stand out crazy patterns in sequence I like it button all the way up with the Nexus oh that’s like friend but then like a little street I feel like ever wear this I like the Placer and I put it on we don’t really good yes get 2020 but for me also make sure registered Co all right we’re taking her out on the town [Music] wearing this shirt and the socks were the part that I was probably most afraid of but it turned out I loved this outfit the most it is such a hard time with the Blazer did I like the outfit I put together no was it good content maybe I liked having to incorporate some school uniform pieces because I never had to do that as a youth I never had to wear a uniform and I definitely get the struggle of trying to make them fashionable it is hard yes if you wear uniforms you might not want to put on the shirt that you have to wear five days a week but if you do there are different ways you can wear it [Music]

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