We love to wear slippers! | Malaysian Stereotypes

We love to wear slippers! | Malaysian Stereotypes

Hello Everybody, welcome back to my channel and this week we have my brother, Manston he is the ‘pro’ of stereotyping every single thing on earth so today we are going to be talking about Malaysian Stereotypes may be true…. or not So one of the most common thing that everybody knows about Malaysia our driving is really bad really really bad It is terrific for me When my cousins from Australia came to visit, they scream and shout at my driving Malaysian driving is not as dangerous as China where they go against the traffic or India but let’s say we cause a lot of jams cause we like to cut lanes we don’t learn how to use the round-a-bout before we go for the exam True So I don’t know how to…. I don’t know how to I had to learn how to use the round-a-bout by myself Besides that Malaysians are eating non-stop throughout the day but i don’t think we are fat I will get to the fat part later We eat almost 6 meals a day Breakfast Brunch Lunch Tea time Dinner Supper So it is 6 altogether Yea, even in National Service, they do have 6 meals a day we well… So it’s a lot But those are stories, I did not go to NS (National Service) He didn’t go to NS either Because of the multi-racial state of this country, Malaysia We have almost unlimited choices of cuisines and types of food we can choose from that’s why Malaysians have such a hard time picking what to eat for their next meal Coming from that, because we eat so much food Everybody thinking we are very very skinny because we eat so much and we are still skinny but actual fact! we are the fattest country in South-East Asia It’s so sad Why are we clapping? I don’t know but then I don’t know if that is true or not I don’t know the statistics but I actually don’t believe that we are one of the fattest counties in South-East Asia I don’t know… maybe the fat people stay at home? -.- *want to strangle brother* Go out and work out! A big portion of the country citizens can speak more than 2 languages Like for myself, I can speak Mandarin, Malay, English not Tamil though, I wish I can speak tamil and 2 more dialects, which is Cantonese and Hokkien (a bit) SAME? but he picks up languages much faster than me But then even for other races, you can kinda pick up abit of every language because there is something called Manglish? I will link all the videos about Manglish that I can find in the description below If you want to see them… Because I think that’s a whole other topic So for those of you who may have heard of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia Well, we are right there check the map right here We are slap right in between Singapore and Thailand No lah, I think a lot of people know about Malaysia I still think a lot of people know about Malaysia I think people know about Malaysia because of the…… tragedy? I…I think that and because of the internet! Everybody thinks we live on trees? But I think that’s an older stereotype A lot of my foreign friends at least know somewhat something about Malaysia They do still ask us if we have a lot of trees here I say yes, we do have a lot of trees Look… Look behind me. Wow. Yay. Nice. Beautiful Park Next, for those of you who has visited this beautiful country this beautiful, tropical, rain forest country You will notice that there is plenty or if not all Malaysians wear slippers out to the malls, anywhere! to the Market LOOK! to the cinema to the park He is also wearing slippers, by the way Even to play football Oh and basketball! Or barefoot! They might want to play it barefoot sometimes Everybody thinks that Malaysia is one race but it’s not It has a gabillion… ok not a gabillion but we have so many races here So the 3 main ones are the Malay, Chinese and Indians I don’t know, somehow people just don’t get it when i went to Uni, it took them a year to get the idea that I am not a Malay They would be like… Hey are you a Malaysian? Yes, I am a Malaysian Hello…Hello… and then they will be like… OH… So you are a Malay? then I would say.. No, I am Chinese Oh! You are from China! No, I am from Malaysia! Oh, so you are Malay Imagine that going on for the next one year That’s the end for this video! I post new videos every week! Please subscribe, comment, share anything down below If there is more stereotypes.. Please tell us if the stereotype is not true Please let us knowwwwww Byeeeeeeeee This is our actual height ok She made me squat! hahaha… I made him squat for the video

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  • This was awesome, I've realised I know so little about Malaysia and I've learned a lot just from your discussions in this video!

  • Re driving go to Philippines, in heavy traffic.

    YES how do you stay thin when you eat so much? You look lovely 🙂

    I have been to Singapore, to meet up with two of my Internet friends in Jan 2007. I took a 4 month journey round the world meeting over 30 Interent friends. I love meeting people in different countries

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