Wally De Doncker – Ik ben heel veel liefde voorleessessie

Wally De Doncker – Ik ben heel veel liefde voorleessessie

So I was born, because you love each other, Mom? ‘That’s right’ she answers. Are all people born out of love? ‘Not always’ mom says, pondering. ‘But usually they do.’ dad adds. You as well, mom? ‘Yes, me too.’ And if grandma hadn’t been born, then you wouldn’t be either? ‘That’s right.’ And… if grandpa hadn’t been born? ‘I wouldn’t be around. And you neither!’ mom laughs. Then dad would not have been born! ‘Oh but I do.’ dad says. But… would I still be your child, dad? ‘No. Dad would have loved someone else.’ mom smiles. ‘Probably!’ dad laughs. I don’t want that. I want you to love mom and no one else! ‘But if I haven’t had mom, I surely couldn’t be alone, could I? dad whispers. Why not? ‘People aren’t made to stay alone.’ dad answers. Could you bear the thought, mom? ‘What’? If dad loved someone else? ‘Why would I want something, when I’m not there? I surely wouldn’t want dad to stay alone. I love him too much.’ mom smiles. and she strokes dad’s cheek for a brief moment. But perhaps… ‘That’s rather hard to understand’ says mom. I would have been dad’s daughter, right? ‘No. You would have been a different child. Now, you have black hair. And grey eyes. And that’s because of me.’ says mom. Really? ‘Positive!’ Luna starts counting. Grandma, one Grandpa, two Nana, three. And poppa, four ‘Four grandparents.’ dad nods. If one of them hadn’t had lived, then I wouldn’t either. ‘True.’ And there’s a lot more after this.

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