Under Armour UA Speedform Slingshot 2 SKU: 8966813

Under Armour UA Speedform Slingshot 2 SKU: 8966813

What’s going on everyone? My name is Jeff from zappos.com and this is the UA Speedform Slingshot 2 from Under Armour Now this minimalist style running shoe from Under Armour is for the neutral to underpronator The shoe is very lightweight and flexible The upper is made from a Threadborne™ knit material which is extremely breathable It’s also very stretchy, so instead of just resting on top of your foot This is really just going to form to your foot and it also feels like a sock So it’s gonna give you that freedom of movement inside the shoes Now the tongue here is unique because it is a burrito wrap tongue and it literally wraps around your foot to give you a better fit You do have laces if you need to adjust the fit of this, so you can get a really custom feel The interior is nice and soft so when you have these on, it’s gonna be a no problem running in these for even for long distances It’ll be comfortable, a dual layered midsole for great shock-absorption And this all sits on top of this translucent outsole that has this high abrasion rubber placed under the heel It’s going to increase traction for you Now if you’re looking for a new running shoe, you should definitely try this one out, it’s from Under Armour

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