Unboxing – Nike Air Max 1/97 x Sean Wotherspoon

Unboxing – Nike Air Max 1/97 x Sean Wotherspoon

Air Max Day has arrived and that means only 1 thing,Hypeman Ong, that we’ll take a look at the Sean Wotherspoon’s which is the ‘Vote Forward’ winner. Shall we look into it? Lets do it. Open it up. Do you know what happens when you take the 97, and the 1? I’ll show you. What happens is the most beautiful hybrid to ever set foot on Earth. It’s made by Nike and Sean Wotherspoon. This shoe was seen for the first time in 2017 in connection to Air Max Month, last year. It was about these 12 designers who were contesting for a new Air Max model for this years Air Max Day. And we saw some really crazy styles in this competition. Now, we’ve seen the 97 on the Vapormax sole which is a bit different compared to this classic 1 sole. And I have to say that the executions we’ve seen of these Vapormax/97 has been really poor. So I’m really excited that this became the model that won the competition. It is fantastic that this shoe won. It has some amazing details and its an exceptional shoe. I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a giant smiley face on the inner sole. Im sorry if its a bit blurred. It is a treat for your eyes. It has velcro in front. That are interchangeable . There are additional patches here also in velcro. It comes with a bunch of laces. The options are endless. It comes with the yellow ones, blue, purple, and nothing less but white. But, with this shoe, i mean, put them on your feet, jump on your city-bike, go get an icecream, and enjoy life in the sun for summer. Am I right? Definitely. And you’ll get extremely sweaty feet since its decked out in velour inside so its really moist. Its velour on the inside, and corduroy on the outside. The corduroy material is inspired from, or Sean Wotherspoons’ inspiration, was from vintage caps from the 80’s. Sean Wotherspoon is a fanatic Nike collector. He has so much crazy stuff. He is probably one of the biggest collectors of sneakers in the World. Perhaps we should cover how the shoe ended up looking like it does. Sean Wotherspoon, unlike many other contestors from the ‘Vote Forward’ competition, he gathered a team of sneakerheads in L.A. For instance, Ben Baller, the maker of jewelry for the big boys. Kanye, whatever. Michael Jackson, A$AP Rocky.. All the rich guys. He collected his team for a talk like okay, if we could make our own shoe, for Nike. Which doesn’t happen to a lot of guys. What will we do? They agreed upon this model, and the whole idea about putting an Air Max 1 sole on it I don’t think many others would consider that. I have to be honest and say, I was a bit afraid of a banana-shape since the 97, if we take a look. It works a 100%. You can say that the 97 looks better with AM1 sole, at least in my opinion. I haven’t heard anyone yet saying something negative about this shoe. Exceptionel. But again, its a shoe from collectors, to collectors. It is the whole community about sneakers that resulted in this shoe. It has nothing to do with celebrities like, adidas’ Kanye or Pharrell. Big Sean, Puma. Travis Scott, Nike. Its for mortal human beings, you don’t have to be a rapper, yeah, in general you don’t have to be a rapper because apparently everyone who makes shoes is a rapper. But you can also be a mortal, white guy from L.A who are allowed to make a pair, really nice, shoes in corduroy. In corduroy. The shoe releases in Europe on Saturday, the 24th of March in USA it already released back in November 2017. And, Sean Wotherspoon is from Virginia and he has a few stores that he opened in both Virginia and Los Angelos. Because of that, the shoe was released in both Virginia and Los Angelos but in really limited numbers. I believe, that in Virginia only 100-150 pairs were sold. In Los Angelos, it was at the convention called Complex Con where a few pairs were given to some celebrities and some were sold to locals as well. Not only did it release these 2 places, Wotherspoon also drove around in a mini bus that had the same design as the shoe, a real hippie-bus, He drove around in L.A and visited all of his favorite vegan restaurants and gave out shoes to people who were able to caught him on the road. He announced on Instagram: “Catch me today, and you’ll get free shoes.” And the L.A lost it, and tracked him down in his van where he was just having a good time. It also has to be mentioned, that the shoe is vegan, meaning that no animals were harmed in the making of these shoes. So don’t hesitate. We have to give it a rating. Should I go first? You’ll go first. As always. Hypeman Ong never goes first. I’ll rate this shoe 4,5 out of 5. I think its one of the best shoes this year, and probably one of this years biggest releases. The idea behind it, and the reason why this won, everything on it just works, I like the corduroy, we’ve seen it already, from Converse and others, but Sean was one of the first to use it since the 80’s, I just think that in general its a top-notch shoe, and a shoe that you need to get your hands on if you’re a true collector. So I hope you’ll be ready on Saturday 4,5 from me. What would you rate it? You already know it. Lets have it. I’ll give it a 10. Our rating system is from 1-5 it breaks the system and gets a 10. Its the release of the year. Its better than the OFF WHITE Jordan 1. I can say that with no regret. this is truly the best shoe.. .. this year. Not ever. But definitely this year. Really nice. In the next episode, he’ll probably say the same thing about a different shoe. If you want to get your hands on this treat, you should sign up for our raffle – right now! Its already open, and it closes on Thursday at midnight. You put in the size you want, and from what store you want to pick it up. Unfortunately, it won’t be for sale online only in-store. Don’t sleep, and hurry up! See you next time. Be well. Happy Air Max Day. Cya! The hype is real.

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