Unboxing My Dolls Kill Haul (including YRU shoes!)

Unboxing My Dolls Kill Haul (including YRU shoes!)

Hi guys, I’m amydoesthings, and I recently
spent a lot of money, so I’m here so that you can live vicariously through my mistakes.
Cyber Monday extended sales… These look awesome.
I wanted chunky and lilac; these are so lilac they’re blending in with the background of
my room. ‘Cause I was really obsessed with all of the
YRU shoes and all of the shoes on Dollskill, but they were all pale pink, which is fine,
but not quite as spacey as I like. I wanted to preserve the sort of *clompy,
chunky, gothic look of the boots, and the really really cute look of the pink one, but
also have it spacey, and I just wanted the same shoes but in lilac. But they didn’t have
any. I got some anyway, ’cause they are amazing. These were eight pounds in the sale, and they
are chunky, and they are lilac, and I forgot how bad jelly shoes smelled when you first
got them out of the packaging… They do smell terrible
Right – now it’s finally time to open The Big One. A metric butt-tonne of stuff from
Dollskill. Mainly inspired by Pixielocks, who bought the disco queen…dancing boots?
I think that’s what they’re called? YRU dollskill…boogie boots. I think that’s was their name, actually.
The bag was the one thing I was torn on. It was available in pink and silver. Maybe I
should have gone for the silver, ’cause I have a lot of pink things already…I do have
my silver skirt, but…but I also have a pink skirt…
In a few days I’m gonna have three metallic pleated skirts…which is a good state to
be in, in life, I feel This is so….me.
So cute…uh oh. I saw this and I thought “ooh, it’s detachable, ooh, make a cool holographic
pastel harness out of it.” That’s not what it’s there for, Amy…but I want to do it
anyway Could make braces out of it. Not really, but…or
like a head…some sort of headdress. See, in my own twisted mind, this could be cool.
Especially with, like, this — okay, that’s a bit…maybe not.
Okay, so this was my first purchase that I unboxed from dollskill, and if it weren’t
for the 27 pound tax for getting it in (which is what it is in the UK. Even though postage
was free ’cause I spent so much money on cyber Monday, there was still that duty tax, import
tax, whatever it’s technically called). I’m just gonna attach it…oh my gosh, it’s so
holographic. I dunno how long I was doing that there. I
think I just entered the quantum realm. What’s next…as you can see, it’s sparkly
and it’s silver, which already means that it’s the sort of thing that I’d be likely
to buy. This one is from Ragged Priest, which is London-based,
I believe – certainly UK-based – and I first found them in the basement of Topshop in London.
Is it the Oxford street Topshop? I should know that.
I would have just got this from the UK without having to pay extra, but it had sold out on
the Ragged Priest website, and Topshop don’t stock their downstairs brands online; just
in that one store. And the reason I couldn’t resist: not because
it’s silver, because I already have a silver skirt, that’s not why I had to get it. I’m
just going to tear it open – I hope it fits… The reason I had to get it was because of
its waistband. Which is…this is totally see-through. Oh
my gosh. I am going to have to wear something under this. Look at that. If I hold it up
– that’s two layers of it that you can see right through. Can you see my face? ‘Cause
I can still see, like, my arms on the computer, even when it’s right up to my eyes. I can
still see everything. That’s thin. I was not expecting it to be so thin. But I guess it
is the sort of thing that lends itself to a petticoat? Or something.
Had a little space theme on its waistband, and I thought yeah.
I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do. Well, I was, but but then when I got it
out it had a sort of tear which I can’t even find right now – oh, it’s there. It’s from
Happy Monday, which dollskill actually started selling not long after it had already arrived
at mine from happy monday, and after my…my spree.
I’ll open the shoes last. I think I only got… Everyone’s seen it now.
It’s going to be exactly the same style as this top, but black and with a blue morbid
print. It reminds me of those edible stickers that
you used to get on cakes. I don’t know if you still do. That is adorable.
I really want to try this on now. I think I’ve got – ohhhh. I was about to say
I think apart from the shoes I only got one other thing; I forgot about – I forgot about
these! Which are from…I think it’s sosohappy? Yeah, it’s sosohappy. I think all of these
are a small. The bag’s one size. I think this top is either small or extra small. This one’s
a small…show yourself Anyway, these I got because I wanted some
sort of joggers that I could go out in, maybe…and I don’t know if these are the ones or if I’ll
just be wearing them at home…either way…it depends really…
These are really cute. They’re quite thin, sort of fleecy inside, pockets – decent sized
pockets; could fit any phone. So three pockets… This one’s pretty basic, pretty cheap in the
sale. I think – I don’t think it has a size – oh, medium. It was sold out in everything
else, but I thought it’s the sort of thing you can wear a bit oversized anyway. It’s
not incredibly soft, but…this is gonna look so nice with my hair, definitely. Oh, it’s
a different shape than I was expecting. Oh no, maybe not. I thought it was shorter because
it was folded under a little bit, and I thought it was sort of like a crop top but scaled
up, so quite a short…but no, that’s…I really for some reason – I like navy, obviously,
I like spacey things, and I like things with wolves on. I have this accidentally expensive
German gossengold sweater that I saw on lookbook…I’m conscious of how softly I’m speaking. A friend
told me the other day that I should do ASMR videos. If you don’t know what that is…look
it up. I’m so rude today. “Just google it”. That’s so cute.
I don’t think I’m gonna be returning or exchanging, but I will probably put this up on my wall.
Oh my gosh. Yes. Fantastic.
How incredible are these. My first pair of YRUs!
And yes, I couldn’t resist trying this one on too. I like it. I like it a lot. I like
both of them. I like them a lot. I like it all. Like…I like it.
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  • sorry I know this video is from like a year ago, but that black shirt, with the word document saying "open this when I die", what brand was it? I am dying to have one myself it is so gorgeous ~

  • Hello, you'm a man and the truth I confess, no buts on the tongue, your YRU Nightcall PINK, I was delighted, fascinated, so that would buy me a pair only as an object of collection, not to use them, but who knows, are very hahaha tempting to view.

    If someday you encourage you to sell and need extra money, I can buy them at the price you you decide, let me know anything, really, wish you have those Nightcall PINK since the first time I saw them on the internet, I fall in love with them.

    No matter if they are very worn, dirty or damaged, whatever their status, with or without the box, you want them to buy.

    My email is [email protected]om

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