UGG Dakota Sparkle Slipper SKU: 9076466

UGG Dakota Sparkle Slipper SKU: 9076466

Hey everyone, Autumn from Zappos here and this is the Dakota Sparkle Slipper from UGG These fun loafer-style slippers have tons of glitter or so sparkly You’ve got this cute bow here at the vamp. Easy to slip on It is adorned on the inside with that UGGpure™ wool, so it’s gonna be super cozy and comfortable It’s going to mold to the feet overtime too, which I really like about the UGGpure™ wool lining It’s nice and flexible. It’s lightweight too It’s all going to be on top of a rubber outsole It’s great for indoor or outdoor use Now you can sparkle even in your dreams with these slippers from UGG

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