Two Shoes - The Cat Empire

Two Shoes – The Cat Empire

last import the do you do survive said our oh my feel listen here this is what he cried my feet I wear two shoes for dancing dancing to be free while my feet they paying tribute to the ball be mildly like a singer my knees I got some cuts and bruises for my skating all my days cuz when I skating with my friends my tribal stripped away I say my legs they wearing baggy pants I like to move around cars getting down and jumping out these are some good things that I felt yeah yeah those are good night why my wife it's got a slinky but with a clip that's quick to walk by because the love is the sweetest singing up from a race that happens and my stomach's got some tasty food that's making me feel good cause sharing some meals is something I wish the girl wear majestic wears the singlet while majestic beating proud oh my Jay suggests I am a man that no institutions can knock down and around my neck is superstation hanging from a chain because I got my dogs but in the end don't shine why yeah birdshot Wow your shotgun you it's called quite big small I chose some quite big teeth friends it brings a happiness and two enemies it brings the fake and my eyes the guts ambition my eyes they live for better things the big things to see laughs where my ears away with musica total life of the songs that make me dance alone so my finger shoes for dancing dancing to be free oh my by tricking to the bar my legacy I rocky in my case Shai pianta why but shock we might gosh I got three you

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