Trinidad & Tobago: East Indian Trinidadian Racial Rant Towards Afro-Trinidadians Pt.1

Trinidad & Tobago: East Indian Trinidadian Racial Rant Towards Afro-Trinidadians Pt.1

thank you for calling amplify services
Karen speaking amasses yeah hello hi let me tell you something right alright I
pin my birth and I still watch is DTV
I am here to watch most clicking nigga okay why is on the cuff of the Indian
John and I put on the super local shows in the Indian GTB GTB is a freaking
international shoe that when I took my packages don’t be mobile an electron
today as Peter was my Indian so a little bit of what I was thinking orient you
thinking that campion of people okay white as I have to cut it cook up but
online local sensitive LED TVs act like an international show station why I
didn’t want to if I wanted to have Roli at his station mega people put it in
local shows white is at that is what I think I think I thought this why I take
this video Christmas was DTP to what my Indian show not on nigga I’m rolling in
makeup people why does not have two presidential I put
on them super local thankful doctor I will be cussed must be inferred I can
always you didn’t have to put into motion Indians are not I was rolling
instinctive people Gemma alright so let’s start over
what is your contact number that you used to sign a facility six four seven
one two zero for the linear a my 22-hour my truth baby okay when I sign a free
service I don’t sign up to was no second nigga okay in CTV the cathode is a
pathologist at all the initiative initiative without a stinking role it’s
hot business is thinking lowly and you think antenna people alright you don’t
understand okay so let’s ease up on me I don’t really I have my opinion you have
your opinion that is all well and fine but if you want me to assist you
I’m not going but I don’t have what you got stay listening to this I don’t care
I don’t care because I didn’t have people maybe just a reunion should be
enough stupidest because I weakened in how listening I’m sorry anyway you could
tell me why all right thanks a : enjoy mate thank you for calling my services Karen
speaking of messes discussed much well with regards to the racial slurs like I
said I have mouthing is open to me okay okay I don’t see what happened they
explained to me whitest white is your copy is the Indian child to put on them
local people okay now we could go somewhere
what is your contact number that you use the assignment the home number just last night I’m always standing we
watching we shop or the couple DT I not be in the why nothing iPad 4 7 12 or whatever your name is you tell me what
about Karen ke what I was when I signed up for this reason why tfbtv is our
Indian program that’s correct right so I do understand whitest you’ll have to cut
the Indian program I put local local people here when I have local channels
without like I mean over China’s having normal programming so on ZT no is
showing what a local programming from Rolly and he falters and up all right
hold for me one second just yes al agreement yeah all right I’m so
holy alright so unfortunately we do not have
the control over the right in the program in its operatives well why did
you all have to take over from yesterday we never had a problem before yesterday
nobody same freaking plastic yes but what are you seeing on beach I don’t
know get dumb or something I know to let you have local if they don’t have this
obviously program didn’t understand why was Melanie Melanie call my name in your
mouth Melanie coffee in their Channel yes Melanie I am trying my utmost best
sister in the best way that I can and I am doing everything in my power to give
you the information that you require in order to for you to understand that what is
happening right now I understand you’re upset because of the programming but it
is not in our power with regards to what is the rights to article 30 is the
colonel patiently from the moment your people but if I’m only supposed to know
what’s going on deeper Tom or something to just a more bite
regardez service because you’ve been if you go hello and you’re talking to the
same channel you’re still going to see the same program it know what aiming up
yes you are no let me tell you something I can want to hear something
Monticello Bahamas alia government fuck you think nigga

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  • East Indians and Africans are no different, because they are still human beings just like everyone and they come in all skin tones. Ethiopians migrated to Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Babylon, and India from the Bible, so why East Indians hate Ethiopians or Blacks.

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