Triathlon Running Shoes: Skechers GoMeb Speed 4 vs GoMeb Razor vs GoRun5

Triathlon Running Shoes: Skechers GoMeb Speed 4 vs GoMeb Razor vs GoRun5

– Hop on the bike. I’ll give you the quick breakdown. This is gonna look like super pro. (mouth noises) Good morning triathletes, I’m
not gonna tell you a whole lot about this bike, I’m
gonna let you know what I did, but I wanna save time so
that I can get to the office. I wanna go and tell you all
the differences between, hang on, these shoes, I’ll
hop on the bike, show you the workout, off to the office,
I’ll see you when I’m there. (upbeat music) Alright, this is the collection
of Skechers runners that I got a couple of weeks ago
that I’ve been trying out for the past two weeks, I have
three runs in on these shoes, three runs in on these shoes
and two runs in on these shoes, third one happening tonight. And I wanna give you a bit
of a breakdown on what they are all individually for,
and I’ll do it that way, because that goes from most
aggressive to least aggressive and most built up. This here is the Skechers
Gomeb Speed 4, these are the Skechers Gomeb Razors
and these are the Skechers GOrun 5. These are so new that I
don’t even think that they’re on Skechers’ website,
and they certainly aren’t in the pamphlet they sent me. These shoes are seven and
a half ounces, $100 with a 4 millimeter heel drop, these
Gomeb Razors have the same 4 millimeter heel drop,
they are 7.7 ounces, $110. These Skechers Gomeb speed 4s
are $130, they have the same 4 millimeter heel drop
and they are 6.6 ounces. So they’re all really, really
light shoes, this is really good for super fast like
racing flat aggressive type running, this I find is good
for the mid distance running, I would probably put this
in like 10K to half marathon running or just a general
trainer, I would probably put the GoRun 5s in the same
camp as these Gomeb Razors, there’s not a whole lot
different, there’s a little bit more built up on this, and
the footbed is the same, they’ve got the same kind of
feeling, there isn’t a ton different between these two. Let me tuck this in, what I’ll
say about all of them though is that I like them all,
I really, really like very light runners, I like runners
that have a little bit of spring but aren’t squishy. I like runners that promote
a mid or forefoot strike where you’re coming off the
front of your foot and don’t have a really built up heel,
I like runners that have a little bit of room in the
toebox, so I feel locked in at the heel and not really
constricted up at the front because then my toes rub
against each other and I get blisters, all of these fit
very similarly and they’ve got the same kind of ride,
big fan of it so far. They’ve all got the same
kind of grip with the same mid sole that is really
light, and they’ve got all the rubber in the areas that’d you
normally hit on the outside of the heel on the front of
the foot, apparently these don’t last a really, really
long time like we’re not talking about 3, 4, 500 mile
shoes, but the offset of that is that they’re quite a bit
less expensive than some of those like $150, $175 or $190 shoes. As far as dollar per mileage,
I’d probably put these the same as most other trainers out there. Compared to say the Newtons
which I talk about a lot. They’ve got a very similar ride
but they were all broken in immediately whereas the
Newtons probably needed about three or four runs to really
feel like they were responsive and not harsh, all of
these first run, good. I’ve only run barefoot
in the Gomeb Speed 4s, and it was for the most
part fine towards the end of the run, I got a little
bit of a hotspot on the top of the foot, but it’s a seamless interior. I wanna go over here and we’ll
go to the fancy product shot table, I’ll give you a
closeup all of all these, and I’m gonna show you
one really fancy shot. So that is the Skechers GoMeb
Speed 4, like I say, this is the lightest shoe of all
of them, couple of the nice features are, one, a
really, really thin tongue, we’re talking like basically
just a tiny little strip of leather, not a whole lot
to them, I will say that right out of the box when
you take these for a walk, the heel and the forefoot is
gonna feel a little bit stiff, but as soon as you get running
up to speed, it’s gonna be really nice, I’m a big fan of these. As far as racing goes, talking
5K, 10K races, triathlons, up to sprinter and olympic
distance, these are gonna be really good. Now these, the GoMeb Razors
are a little bit more built up, I have a very nice sock inside there. Tongue is just a little bit
more built up than the racing flats, the sole was nice and
responsive, I didn’t have that initial period where
it felt stiff, I’m a big fan of the colors, Mel seems to
think they’re SeaHawk shoes, go Bombers, same sole, just
a light strip of rubber, but you do have a fair
bit of cushion with just a 4 millimeter heel to toe drop. It does feel like a much more
structured shoe than a lot of the other racing flats out there. Once you put it on, you get
running and you’re up to speed, it’s a really good ride as
far as fast running goes, even though these are more
built up than the racing flats, you could use these for
racing easily because these are nice and fast too. The GoRun 5s have a little
bit more built up in the sole, and they do have this nice
little loop at the heel that you can use to pull it
on and transition, so that would be very good for
triathlon, same sort of material on the top, seamless on the
inside, so it’s nice and smooth. And the same tongue on this
that we had on the GoMeb Razors, identical footbed, still
feels the same as the other racing flats, and this is
just as light, so these shoes would actually be really,
really good for a full marathon or an iron man where you
need a fair bit of buildup to take the load that’s pounding
on your body, but you also want that nice quick transition,
the one thing that I will say that I’m finding with all
the shoes is that they aren’t crazy breathable, they do
have a fair bit of material on the inside, especially for
a light shoe, but I’ve never found that my feet got sweaty
in them, so, I wanna do one really fancy shot to show
you what our social media ad agency does, because it’s
gonna look like super pro. (upbeat music) Eh, eh? Not too shabby, eh? I’ll see you later for a
threshold run on the treadmill that I’m gonna use these for. The threshold run right now,
and somebody’s on my treadmill again, these people don’t
know that it’s my treadmill, workouts the last few days
haven’t been going so super hot, but I’ve been jacked up
about running lately, so, I like going fast and I’m
feeling fast today, so I think that this run will snap me out
of a little bit of a workout funk that I’ve been in the last few days. I’ve gotta go mess that guy up. (upbeat music) Holy shirt, that was tough,
I think I say that about every workout but I
actually meant it this time. I got through that whole
thing, no cheating, ended the threshold at 9
and a half miles an hour. That was serious, serious,
glad I did it, my body might not be, and anyone who’s
between the ages of 27 and 40 and isn’t listening to the
Spotify Old School Hiphop House Party Mix, what are
you doing with your life? Look at this, they’ve got Coolio
here, Gangster’s Paradise. For life, alright see you
tomorrow, have a good day.

9 thoughts on “Triathlon Running Shoes: Skechers GoMeb Speed 4 vs GoMeb Razor vs GoRun5”

  • I have like one ankle that's a bit weak so i train on shoes that support it really well now but when i run with other shoes that not support my ankle enough my knee and ankle start to ache
    so my question is if is should run my races on the shoe thats supports my ankle or on the lighter more agressive shoe that hurts me a bit

  • Been catching up on your vids, production quality is really getting up there! Looks like these are all on the website. Did you buy them or did sketchers give them to you? One of them is $140 usd, so not super cheap. What makes them good tri shoes BTW? (specifically for tri)

  • How stiff is the razor. I run in the Mazzu no riders because it really stiff but it's a freaking heavy shoe. I have still ran good times off the bike 1:26hour for 21.1 km just feel like I be racing in a lighter shoe. but I need something really stiff.

  • Thank you for the great video! I bought a pair of The gomeb speed 4's. And I ran 3.20 miles @ A 7:50 min/mile my very best PR!! I would LOVE to see you post a Review of The Nike fly zoom 4% VS Skechers Gomeb speed 4" Or Gomed speed 3! Thank you! : )
    PS. I bought the Nike zoom fly 4% ran A 7:24 min/mile on a Treadmill and a 6:44 min/mile on a treadmill with the Nike zoom fly 4%. BUT took them back to the store to buy the Skechers Gomeb speed 4"s. And i am very HAPPY I did. Thanks again for such great videos. : )

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