Let’s start with the Copa Mundial, this shoe you can get for about 75€ or international 80$ An alternative would be the 11pro Adipure which is built similar, but is more for small and normal feet The Copa Mundial more for wide feet. Both shoes with it’s excellent leather upper give you a perfect feel for the ball, and for me are allrounder to play every position. Cheap football shoes don’t have to be bad automatically, that shows us the Mercurial Veloce 2 This shoe costs around 100€ on ebay below 80 and gives you almost the same performance like the Nike Mercurial 9 and 10 and convinces with super soft material and minimum weight. who is looking for a light shoe and is low on money, I recommend the Veloce 2 The next cheaper model is the Adidas F50 there are a lot of different versions the first to recommend is from 2013 After that the shoe has been improved until 2014 the there will be haters version was released I wasn’t that satisfied with this version but that depends on the foot! I can recommend both version without trouble, the shoe is extremly light, gives a good performance, and a very good comfort! Whom of you got 50 € left can watch out on ebay because the shoe brings a lot of performance for less money! It’s getting interesting, on spot 2 we got the Vapor 10. This shoe was one of the best shoes 2015! and my favorite shoe when it comes to light speed boots! After the launch of the Vapor 11 the old model can be bought for 100€ on ebay Who can’t get one, I recommend the Vapor 9. The predecessor gives you almost the same performance a thin and soft upper material and is the perfect cleat for offensive midfielders and strikers. You can get the Vapor 9 for about 60€ on ebay, when you see it in your size, you should get it! It took me long time thinking which model would be on top spot because the shoe should have beneath a good fitting, a soft material, convince in it’s durability! No use for shoes that won’t last two months! That’s why I choosed the Adidas Predator There are also a lot of different versions I would recommend to watch out for the Predetaor LZ or LZ 2 Those are the cheapest models but they aren’t still available in every size Have a look at ebay. The Top model – the Adidas Predator Instinct which was launched in 2014 is in my opinion the best one and this should be available in your size! Just have a look on ebay or in your shop, you should be lucky enough to find a pair! The LZ is already available for 60€ and the Predator Instinct between 80-100€ The advantage of this shoe, it is made for every position as well as keeper, defender, midfielders and striker It convinces with the best durability, top comfort and gives a high class performance for the money you spend! If you’re lucky enough to fit in – get it! Which one is your top shoe for under 100€? Write down in the comments below You can leave your favorite maybe I missed one out! Thanks for watching, stay sporty and see you next time!

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