(Top 4) Dr. Martens 1460 Boots – [LEATHER REVIEW] – “doc marten”

(Top 4) Dr. Martens 1460 Boots – [LEATHER REVIEW] – “doc marten”

I ordered four pairs of Doc Martin boots
and four different leathers that they carry their boots in to give a review or
really just for me to check out which which leather is the best quality all
the different leathers they carry because I was I was wanting to buy some
Doc Martin boots for the shop because they’re supposed to be really
comfortable but I’ve never really liked the quality of their boots anytime I
went to the mall or whatever I tried some on their leather felt really cheap
and so I bought four different four different pairs of their boots in the
four different leathers to check them out for myself and see which boot I
liked the most in which the leather is the best in my opinion because every
time that I would try to look up a review on any types of these boots
online they were all coming from people who have no idea what they’re talking
about with leather and so they were just like this leather is the best leather in
the world and I’m like “WHAT” you don’t know not basing it on anything
and so yeah I thought I would buy some and actually give an informed review on
the leather quality ok box number one oooh comes with a nice giant bag for some
reason these are definitely the made in England boots because I noticed the
difference in color on the inside of the leather so first impressions yeah they
smell they don’t smell great the leather it’s definitely a really really finished
leather there’s not a whole lot of natural characteristics but I don’t know
seems nice it’s open the next one then we’ll do a
more in-depth review of each one my guess is just they’re the regular smooth
boots smell test doesn’t just smells like rubber because this is the leather
I don’t like where it doesn’t even feel like leather you don’t it’s like got
such a hard plastic Ecover it’s such a corrected grain leather that
I hate it so definitely my uh the bane of my existence cheap
leather giant box that has two pairs of boots in them I think I hope let’s do
the hard life ones first okay I actually like these a lot a lot
more than the other two this is their hard life leather which is a lot more of
a natural leather you can see some of the natural flaws and stuff in it and
either that or somebody wore these before okay on to
the ones I am the most excited about now yeah this is nice definitely Dublin and
yeah now let’s do a more in-depth side-by-side comparison we’re gonna look
at the leather quality the construction techniques and quality and just overall look and feel the boots I guess so let’s
just go through what they are first 1460 smooth 1460 hard life made in England
and Horween so the first ones are the cheapest option these retail for 140 dollars
these don’t have a Goodyear welt I’ll try to add a little image of what a good
year welt is these are basically just have the sole glued to them there’s no
stitching that’s holding the sole to the boot that’s part of the reason I’ve
stayed away from Doc Martens I felt like they were overpriced for what they were
they use cheap leather they don’t even use a Goodyear welt and I’m pretty sure
they don’t have a shank in the sole the leather quality on this one it’s just
that like I said earlier it’s a plasticy ultra
refinish leather where they put like almost like a plastic coating on top if
you scratch this leather it’s not gonna be able to heal as well because it’s
gonna flake up that plasticy coating the stitching looks kind of rough this
leather just doesn’t stitch very well it starts to fold and crinkle if you want
Doc Martens and you’re on a budget and you have to go with these like go with
them I guess but realize you’re not getting a very good constructed boot
boot with very good leather next we’ve got the hard lifes these usually retail
for a hundred and sixty but they’re on sale for ninety let’s see 96 dollars
this leather is they advertise it as really hard leather but it’s actually
softer than the smooth it’s it’s definitely not as corrected grain you
can see a lot of the flaws in the leather you can see a lot of like though
the scuffs and the natural grain of the level you can see the pores and where
the leathers been folded which I prefer I don’t want a fake looking leather I
want a leather that looks like leather they say this is a Goodyear welt but I
don’t I don’t know if it is because these two the made in England boots you
can see where the machine has sent that stitching through the sole there’s a
little bit of a groove but on this one it looks identical to the smooth and so
I guess if they say it’s a Goodyear welt it’s a Goodyear welt but it doesn’t feel
like one it doesn’t look like one that’s my that’s my biggest concern with this
one if I was positive that this was a Goodyear welt I would say 99 percent of the
time percent of the time just forgo these spend 20 bucks extra and get the
hard life you’ll get some decent leather with a with your boot and a Goodyear
welt if it actually is a Goodyear welt worth the 20 bucks extra so this right
now is like the best bargain like this is an awesome pair of boots for ninety
six dollars you get the look of Doc Martens without having to pay the
premium price for a sub premium product I like these boots okay next is the made
in England boots retail for $220 this leather is a corrected grain leather and
that’s why you get that really really even
finish it’s not quite as plasticky as the smooths you can still see some of the
grain and stuff but it’s it’s not as obviously real leather as like these
hard lives and then obviously the inside is that natural color and I a lot of
people might not like that but I think it’s kind of a cool little feature of
these boots so judging off that this is probably a it’s not a drum dyed leather
it’s probably hand dyed afterward or spray dyed afterwards so you might not
have as deep of a lasting finish as some of these other boots because like this
these boots are dyed all the way through so if you get a scuff your leathers
gonna look a little flaky and gross but it’s not gonna the black it’s not gonna
go away with these if you scuff these the black finish has the potential of
disappearing because it’s only on the very v ery top surface of the leather so if
you do need if you do buy these boots your you just have to plan for the fact
that you’re gonna have to add some shoe polish some black shoe polish on it to
re-dye that leather anytime you get a good scuff okay so another thing that’s
interesting is these souls are different you know made in England ones are a
little bit thicker they look like they’re made out of a different type of
rubber or plastic or whatever soul stuff you can tell these have a goodyear welt construction because you can see where the needle has gone into the
actual cap of the sole you can see those little tread marks these are a good good
boot they have a little bit of a plasticky feel to them they might that
might change when you start wearing them more you know the leather might break in
and not go wrinkly like a really really refinished leather so if you’re actually
going to use the boots for what boots are made for these might be the way to
go over these ones these might be 30% more but you’ll probably get more than
30% extra life out of them so if you have the money
these ones are better in my opinion okay and then on to the ones I was most
excited about the Horween leather boots this is their Dublin 260 for the
Dublin this is an interesting leather because we struggle with it a little bit
because it’s such a natural leather and it has so much natural character in it
that a lot of people they think leather is like these smooths where it’s a
really really even finish and they like almost forget that it it’s from a cow
skin so Dublin is a really really character heavy leather it’s drum dyed
which is a benefit in a perk that’s maybe better than the vintage because on
these ones you get that black dye all the way through the the leather this is
a good year welt this is also made in England the stitching looks really
really good on this this leather stitches really well because it’s it’s a
top grain leather and you don’t get those those wrinkles you get from a
corrected grain leather if you don’t know about
Horween leather it’s an American tan leather Horween is one of the most
famous tanneries in the world they make amazing stuff and they’re as old school
as it gets they’re one of the oldest tanneries if not the oldest tannery in
America and we went out there this spring to hand choose our leather for
the harnesses and it is a really really cool operation so I was really really
excited to get these boots I would say that this leather the the Dublin leather
from Horween is similar more similar to the hard life leather and then the
vintage leather is more similar to the smooth leather so it kind of breaks down
into categories if you like the really really corrected grain leather has that
plasticky feel and you’re on a budget you might go for the smooths if you like
a really natural feeling leather that’s actually feels like leather and you’re
on a budget these are your boots to go with if you are looking for a really
good boot and you want that shiny Doc Marten look where it’s a corrective
grain leather these vintage ones are nice but if you’re a leather aficionado
you probably already know what Dublin is and these are the boots if you actually
care about leather and you like leather and that wraps up the boot review I hope
you enjoyed having an actual leather workers opinion of leather I had tons of
fun doing this so if there’s another type of leather product that you would
like to have reviewed from a leather working standpoint let me know because
this was really really fun another thing is I can’t always justify doing all
these videos because of their kind of a kind of an expensive process they take a
lot of time to film and edit so if you if you like this channel if you
want me to keep doing some stuff like this do me a favor like and subscribe
and all that other stuff that everyone asks for it helps promote the channel
helps grow the channel and it helps me justify doing this cut this type of
stuff because I would love to do stuff like this more often

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  • PART 2 is UP!!! I CUT A BOOT IN HALF to see what's really going on with the construction. https://youtu.be/DOVPuA4qZ68

  • Man i soo agree with you i do like the 3rd one and the last one the most for durability point the last one is the best and looks like it has a nicer finish! I also like the 3rd one but that one would got scratched up and would look bad after a while!!

    Nive review!!

  • Dc.martens dont last more than 3 months at 8-10 miles x 20 days per month ! Why? Even fake dc martens last about the same but the inside falls apart! I dont like Red Wings much…

  • I stumbled across a video of yours about boots; interesting, so I subscribed. I don't see any videos of Danner Boots! Why not? In my opinion, they are the best boots short of custom made and they are made in America! I would like to see you review them; I own several styles of them. In all my many years I've only worn out one pair and that was because of well over 100 miles of backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail. I think Danner makes Timberline look like junk.

  • Enjoying your channel, would like to know if what Panama jacks claims on Napa leather is true or just marketing gimmick. thnx

  • my question is.. where does everyone get this information.. I believe doc martens always have said they are Goodyear welted tho

  • Docs arent suppose to look feel like natural leather, its suppose to be shiny and rubbery looking. That's what Doc fans like. I have a pair of 1460 bouncy sole natural brown leather boots and the leather is fantastic and ages well. The black leather Docs are for skinheads and lesbians, not for everyone. Black Docs are more of a lifestyle type of thing, it has a history. For 150$ you arent going to be A+ quality boots in the first place.

  • i’ve watched this twice and still don’t know why i shouldn’t have the boots i have other than he doesn’t like the look of them..

  • I like the type they call "greasy" finish. I hate the plasticky leather. Greasy aren't actually greasy but they are a softer, real leather feel.

  • Like the timberlands i wear them for 2 to 3 years to go out and then i finished them off at work for 6 to 8 months. Didnt know they were fancy or something like that

  • Hey there, cool review. What do you think of chromexcel leather? Would love to know your opinion on this and perhaps a review would be great because I couldn’t find a lot about it on YouTube. Thanks.

  • Personally, I think the best way to get your money’s worth is to just buy old ones second hand. Can get them for like half price, but the quality of the older boots will still be there

  • Although I like your review, I don’t think leather is the main aspect in dr martens, it’s durability and Comfort and non slip soles also make it a great shoe, they also have nappa leather which is my favourite, I have a pair that’s 6 years old now, feels better than ever.

  • If you don’t really think much of DM, what boot would you recommend? I’m looking for a boot that I can wear casually-dressed, not for hard-core construction work.

  • Please review the Alden 405! (A cross-section style if possible). I’ve worn a pair near-daily for 7 years and they’ve barely aged at all. I’m curious as to what manner of witchcraft was employed!

  • Look, I love Dr. Martens and they are the only boot I wear, I have a million pairs. But even I won't say they are the best quality boot. And even I will admit the quality has gone downhill. In saying that, my second pair of 1460's I purchased in 2016 have only just started to crack/wear out the sole. 3 years of wearing them essentially every day to work/uni/shopping/literally anywhere and everywhere… Well I'm happy with that.
    Just purchased a pair of vintage MIE to replace them though, can't wait to see if they actually hold up better!

  • Just picked up a pair of horween dublin. I called every dr marten store in los angeles and only one location had them in my size. I like how the boot looks, the toe isn't bulky like on other boots, I like the grain and how it smells. If it wasnt for this video I would have probably gone for the MIE boots but I'm very happy with the horween. Now I'm hunting for the chromexcel burgundy.

  • Seriostly I LOVE THESE BOOTS I have had many of them in my life they are amazing!!! This guy though why would you inspect the shoes and smell them you are not going to walk around with your foot to your face smelling them!!!! Just saying…. Its kinda stupid 😑 😂 and I know he is giving a review done take this comment in a bad way 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣❤️❤️❤️

  • I own a Martens for about 20 yrs now, it was made in England. After seeing this vid I went to a Martens store to check out the lineup. The store looked cool, but as soon as I took the first 1460 in my hands I almost dropped it and broke out in tears. I was holding a cheap, plastic-like chinese (no capital for reason) garbage product. The chinese thing costs now as much or more than my original boot from decades ago. No leather, sloppy seams, uncomfortable like the cheapest far-east rubber shoes. Dr. Martens lost all quality for the colourful garbage that 20 yrs old girls wear. They could've kept the quality as well. This company is dead for me.

  • I was lucky enough to get a pair of 1460 For Life boots 2 years back. I've had a few pairs of the regular 1460's before and they never last more than 1 year. No idea how I see people saying "i've had this pair for 20 years", mine always fell apart by year 2. But the For Life's are a totally different boot. Leather is way different, the sole is way different, and they last forever! I just sent my first pair back for repair/replacement after 2 years only because I thought I should, it's free and they were a bit beat. But the girl at the store said the closest thing to For Life is probably the Hard Life.

  • I love the different perspective here (an expert in leather reviewing leather, you could run with this idea on other boot lines fyi!) its not just a kid in his basement saying "its good/its bad". Im honestly surprised the leather quality varies that much between Docs.
    Apart from leather quality though, its worth noting the soles are really different too. Not just the goodyear welt aspect but the quality of rubber. My sister had a pair of the cheaper 1460s where the soles totally split in half horizontally along the whole sole in less than a year of sporadic wear. Ive looked into it and the sole splitting issue is common amongst the China made ones. That is dreadful and a much worse problem than surface appearance of leather IMO.

  • But these are only black options. I never really liked black Doc's. I prefer brown ones, it's just a more rugged work boot aesthetic. If you could review a few of those that'd be great. Thanks!

  • Looks like Docs has now scrapped the Hard Life collection as well, slashed the price from $160 to $96 and only available in Men's sz 14. In recent months they've been putting out colored "leather" 1460s (I hesitate to even call them a 1460, I guess they resemble what that boot used to be anyway) that I think are meant to appeal to people who want the look of the unique colored Docs that were iconic in the 80s (blues, reds, greens, yellows etc.) but these things can barely be called leather, it's like some sort of press-board composite garbage they're selling for $150.

  • Leather expert don't know the first bag you took out of the box is to protect and cover the leather on the boots when not used for long time

  • Great video. Really great. Finally. DMs-BS spree from any fool around, debunked. Happy New Year to you. Keep on pouring good stuff, because personally I’ve had enough of all this BS I get from shoe shop salesmen whenever I’m about to get me a new pair of boots. And a layperson I may be alright, but there are quite a few aspects and features and characteristics even a layperson can spot and observe; and eventually make one’s purchase a successful one. Cheers. 👋🏻✌🏻🙂George from Hellas.

  • The made in Vietnam Doc Martens are great, they are very easily readily usable because the leather is not that hard and they are quite strong too

  • Horween has been around since 1905, Whereas Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania has been open since 1867 and also makes some excellent quality leathers. They supply Filson with most of their leathers, with the exception of their suedes, which funny enough, are sourced from Horween

  • You know which ones are so nice but soo uncomfortable? The antique temperley versions they are the pair i wear the least.

  • Thanks for your video. I'm a new subscriber. I wore Doc's back in the '80's and then sometime in the late '90's the fit became like a bag, they collected moisture like a bucket and never dried out, and also the build was slipshod compared to the old models. I gave up on them. I never buy any boot with "moisture wicking" fabric, and they are nearly impossible to find. I will happily pay $300 or more for a Red Wing or Doc boot that is made with quality leather and is built well.

  • Really informative, thank you.
    I've been wearing the plasticky red ones for over a decade and now I know my next purchase will be a black with not corrected grain leather just to see how they age differently, thank you very much

  • I REALLY want want the horween Dublin ones but there sold out does anyone know if they regularly restock those or if they were a one time thing ?????????????????????????

  • I’ve had mine since 1988… wear them at least once per week. They are fantastic. As good as if not better then my RM’s…

    Did you know RM Williams used to wear DM’s??? 😁🥂

  • Im a Paramedic and I and wondering what boot you think is best for me, I need a flexible boot with a spike proof sole do to the environment I am often in. Any boots out there that have flexible ankles and though soles.

  • My Docs include cheaper 1461’s Vintage made in Asia and feel like it! I have gone through a couple pair in as many years. I have one pair MIE fish scale leather wing tips. Very comfortable good looking shoes that will last a very long time. Horween and Doc Martens sounds like a great combination.

  • I’ve been wearing the 1460 smooth for the past 5 years in commercial HVAC, retired my 2nd pair today cause I’m trying out the combs tech by dr marten. I’d have to disagree on the cheaper leather, I’ve probably waxed both of mine twice out of the year and they are not flaking or torn. Both boots can still be worn only thing is the center of the sole worn down. For what I do for a living I don’t expect any boot soles to not wear down. They have been drenched in water, have refrigerant oil splashed on them, degreaser all sorts of crap and there still fine. New inserts and some dr marten wax boots are great!

  • The biggest trouble I have had is the sole cracking apart on the weld not the leather, nowhere near as good quality as in the past and yes that does include the English made version. They must have changed the compound in the manufacture of the sole? Its such a shame but they are still my favourite boot.

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