Timberland Basic Vs Premium  Work boots (8 inch) which is better?

Timberland Basic Vs Premium Work boots (8 inch) which is better?

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Channel hi there and welcome to the video today
we are going to do a basic comparison between two timberlands the image
Timberland basics which we have here see the basics just straight up eight inch
basic these are brand new the difference is the basic and we also have the 8 inch
premium big difference you can already see the difference right off the bat you
get the collar here you’ve got the double two ply sole which is really
really much more common in higher quality than the basic one house shape so these are the two iconic Timberland
boot print that we go just there and so basically right off the bat you can tell
it the basic is well just that basic it says on the website that has a 400 grams
of a poly so laid in there so it is somewhat insulated 400 grams there you
go of Primaloft which is their version of insulation so you can see the inside
it’s got that Timberland material but still the weather’s nice you can see the
stitching as nice these both pairs came from Timberland comm so we know they’re
not fake so first off they notice the bottom there’s basic basic soles on the
bottom compared to the premium much better soul so you can see the big
big difference so that’s one of the big differences there is the basics have
kind of a poor quality so compared to the premiums okay so also they have
eyelets just i’m just regular through the holes whereas these have three and
then his rings on the top here so the premium brand which these go for about
200 or 100 90 this is the image not the six and these go for about 160 you can
definitely find them for cheaper they run that 35% sale every year that’s
where we got the e so we’ve got a better deal on them so um right off the bat
this is a heavier boot and you tell the leathers a little thicker up in here you
get this nice pad and inside you got this genuine this little higher quality
interior leather this also has four hundred grams of premium box
so they’re both insulated to the same degree the stitching I think on the
premiums are a little better just slightly by hair but again if you don’t
have the money knees run for about 200 bucks we got these on sale like at
Christmas for like 130 for these so that’s very good price if you can get
them for that that’s great these we got for 83 they ran a big big sale but you
can see there’s some glue mark on the edge here so these are not as well made
as these so but they again they are timberlands and these are both the 8
inch version and we live in New England so I’m wearing these because I gotta go
in the snow not necessarily for fashion um I would probably buy a pair of the
six inch for that so that’s pretty much the two versions these are less
expensive you don’t get the padding you know get the double sole and I actually
have a pair of vintage Timberland basics just so you can compare a pair that I’ve
been around the block for a while so these probably 70 years old and maybe
aged very well they need to be cleaned but you can see the bottoms they start
to get a little worn at the back there but they’re still serviceable rubbers a
little more malleable but these are still good so we’re gonna clean these up
and use them for kick around yard work etc but again just suppose to show you
that even the basics if you take care of them they’ll last a long time so what I
recommend if you’re gonna buy some Timberland boots no matter what you buy get the
waterproof spray and get the cleaning kit the waterproof spray another is one
crepe are there’s a couple of different kinds well make sure it’s you get one
that doesn’t damage the new buck or wheat leather so you’re like on the back
here the stitching on the basics a little off a little awkward compared to
the higher quality premium so I would say if you got the money go for the
higher grade ones and again these are both 8 inch the 6 inch premiums run for
about 190 little cheaper they’re more fashionable cuz they’re a little bit
lower and you can wear you know wear them and tie with your jeans these are 8
inch so again that’s the video we just wanted to quickly show you the
difference these are a lot lighter the difference between the two iconic
timberland boots thank you so much for watching I appreciate if you have any
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thank again for watching appreciate it

12 thoughts on “Timberland Basic Vs Premium Work boots (8 inch) which is better?”

  • I went to Famous Footwear today and took a look at the Men’s 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boots but the inside of the shoe is not made out of leather like the one you showed.
    I’m very confused.

  • I have a question that I was hoping you could answer. I usually get the Chukkas in basic, and they've served me well over the years through a lot of hiking and overall wear around town (The differences within the Chukka line are less than the ones featured here). The funny thing is, I recently ordered and received a pair that didn't include the Timberland leather hanging tag, which surprised me when I first opened them up. My older pair has the tag, as does a pair I ordered this past winter, but the pair I received this month doesn't have them. Am I missing something here, shouldn't my boots have come with the typical leather tag chained to the shoelace eyelet? They were ordered from an authentic source, but I'm sort of puzzled by this as I've never had a pair come without it. Thanks for your help.

  • To be honest I like both boots I don't wear my boots everyday I switch up that is why when I buy boots they still look almost like new..plus I clean my boots constantly. But yes premium are more durable. Nice video man. 👍

  • The premium it’s a good looking boots but they are way heavier than the basic so if you walking a lot go with basic

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