The Circulation Enhancing Thermal Slippers

The Circulation Enhancing Thermal Slippers

Thermoskin circulation thermal slippers
provide heat therapy and increased blood flow to the feet, making them ideal for
diabetes, arthritic pain, Raynauds Syndrome, and cold or sensitive feet. Its key
features include Thermoskins exclusive Trioxon lining. Trioxon’s three-dimensional lining is clinically proven to provide warmth through insulation and
increased blood flow to promote healthier feet. It’s also moisture-wicking and soft for comfort. Flat seams to relieve pressure points and
protect sensitive feet. And breathable stretch strip to assist airflow while
retaining heat, plus a rubberized non-slip sole giving you added
protection and safety. Thermoskin’s circulation slippers are perfect for wear around the home and can be worn for extended periods and even while

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