everybody what's up how's it goin thanks for watching thanks for being here welcome this is Sean I do sneakers I do travel and everything in between yes let's get right to it white sneakers under three thousand pesos if you're on the hunt for white sneakers and you're on a budget this episode is perfect for you even if you're not on a budget or even if you don't need white sneakers or even if you hate white sneakers like myself stay on you'll get a thing or two from this episode because more than budget white sneakers these are budget sneakers because some of the white sneakers here come in different colorways as well so yeah let's go Oh before we get to the actual sneakers I'd like you to know that I went to sporting goods stores right third-party retailers it's not I didn't go to an actual Adidas store and Nike store no I went to stores such as Olympic Village Royal sporting house there's other stores like Toby's you know and I mean right these these sporting goods stores typically carry the budget line of the big brands and you you'll find great discounts and great bargains and even if the sneaker is not on sale because they're on the lower end they're cheap yeah go to a sporting goods store that way you don't have to make a trip to Santa ho San Laguna if you're out looking for a bargain and the outlet stores you don't have to make a trip way out in the south or wherever the outlets are yeah sporting goods stores check them out the first sneaker here we have an Umbro look at that snakeskin finish over here 1,800 pesos that's absolutely ridiculously cheap we have another Umbro here it's a slip on 1,400 pesos we have the Umbro branding at the top over here it's very clean very light very affordable we have another Umbro here two thousand seven to six pesos so cheap it's a badminton sneaker but of course you can use this casually white with hits of yellow and navy this is a Reebok sneaker mostly mesh upper 2636 pesos super lightweight perfect for walking still with Reebok 2316 pesos all leather upper looks like a tennis sneaker perfect for walking too here's another version of that classic looking tennis sneaker still with Reebok with the gum bottoms 1600 pesos and this to me might be the best deal in this episode this one here is a Fela it's white with red and blue accents it looks like a low profile disrupter 2499 oh it's a Vance checkerboard slip-on I know it's three thousand two hundred ninety-eight or three hundred pesos over the limit but hey events checkerboard if you have three thousand to spare you might have an extra three hundred so why not go for it this right here is a world balanced Minnie Mouse obviously world balance is venturing into the chunky sneaker genre why not give them a chance 2199 we now move on to Royal sporting house what we have here is an and one its 1996 not bad for a basketball sneakers very versatile use it for playing use it for the office or a school or wherever this is a Reebok classic look at the stitching they're done in gold or bronze or whatever three thousand pesos great looking sneaker when you talk about white sneakers you'll always have the chucks in the conversation we have a chucks Lowe here for two thousand seven hundred ninety pesos we now move to capital capital is not a sporting goods store they're more of the lifestyle and athleisure retailer okay so the first nigra have for you here in capital would be the Vans old school all canvas upper three thousand two hundred ninety eight pesos and over at one corner here in capital we we spotted three absolutely beautiful van sneakers that are on sale they're white with hits of gum all right so the first sneaker I'm showing you on that sale corner is the Vans old-school 2938 pesos this is the Vans authentic 2448 pesos look at this it's beautiful and the last sneaker on that sale section of the last sneaker in capital the last sneaker in this episode actually is this vans slip-on it's white with a hits of gum 2448 pesos and there you have it friends white sneakers for 3,000 pesos or less you'll need white sneakers for one reason or another as much as I hate white sneakers I need them okay before we go we don't want to end the episode with all that white nothingness so we're ending with a splash of color see what I did to my vans escapement pros I obviously switched up the laces they're hot pink now and I'll love him hey your value as a person is not measured by what's on your feet be kind that's more important than sneakers I'll see you next time

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