Talking Dragon Age Hawke’s Transcendence

Talking Dragon Age Hawke’s Transcendence

Welcome back to Talking Dragon Age, the show
where I talk about Dragon. I got a fun one for you today. So, in Here Lies The Abyss, we choose someone
to distract the Nightmare and they probably die. Theories have been put forth saying that whoever
was sent may not be dead. I think, if the Warden was sent, that’s it. But if Hawke was sent… something else happens. Some say Hawke might still be rescued. Because the laws of time in the Fade are different,
Hawke might fall out of the Fade sometime in the future. Like Ant-Man in the quantum realm. That’s a cool idea as it is, and totally fitting
with Hawke’s story, but I have an even better idea. If you’re familiar with DC Comics, you may
be familiar with an entity called The Spectre. SPOILER ALERT for Crisis on Infinite Earths
on the CW. After Oliver dies, he becomes the new Spectre,
receiving a sleu of new abilities. He’s essentially transcended a physical form
and become someone else. He’s become something else. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway, He’s still Oliver Queen, but he’s
also so much more. He’s almost godlike at this point. What if, if Hawke was left in the Fade, something
similar happened to him? How freaking awesome would that be? How amazing would it be to see our Hawke come
back as an antity like the Spectre. Think kinda like Red Skull in Marvel, except
with all his memories, not evil, and doing more than just guiding people to the Soul
Stone. It could be like Divine Justinia in the Fade,
but she wasn’t in the Fade when she died. Whether this is a spirit taking on her form,
her memories, a Fade ghost, whatever – it’s different than what Hawke would be. I mean, they could say a spirit took on Hawke’s
form with all their memories too, I guess. But I personally would rather see Hawke be
this trans-dimensional entity. Now do I have any evidence to support this
theory? No. So I’m not sure I would even call it a theory. More of an idea. But tell me Hawke becoming the Dragon Age
version of the Spectre wouldn’t be badass. Now, I said this would only happen to Hawke
and not the Warden. Why? Well, we could say it had to do with the Blight,
or it may have to do with Hawke having been affected by all the crazy things that had
happened. Red lyrium, regular lyrium, rituals of all
sorts, living in Kirkwall where the Veil was weak for so long… maybe all that magical
energy affected him more than anyone realized. We could also say it had to do with Flemeth. Hawke had a destiny, and so she may have influenced
this a little, or just knew it would happen. Again, I have no evidence to support this, but I loved this idea too much to not make a video about it. Now let me make something clear. I am not saying I want Dragon Age to steal
the idea from Crisis. All I mean is that Hawke may have become something
more than human if he or she was left in the Fade. And the Spectre is just the closest analogue
I could use to describe such an entity. And I do think it would be perfectly fitting
for Hawke’s character. And, we have never known of someone who died
while PHYSICALLY in the Fade. Some have been killed while their spirits
were there. The sidereal magisters were tainted and went
back into the physical world. In the times before the Veil, people died
while technically in BOTH worlds. We have never known someone to die while physically
and completely in the Fade. The effects of this kind of death has the
potential to open up new avenues for the story. Especially if I’m right in my theory that
the Maker IS the Fade. I talk about that in a video I just did with
Jackdaw and Saria, so check that out if you want to hear more about that theory. Now, I should say, if this ends up being true,
I really want it to affect the story in a major way. So players who left Hawke get a significantly
different part of the story than players who left the Warden. I think having either character take on that
form would cheapen the choice. If this does happen, let it just be Hawke, and let having left the Warden have a consequence of its own. So that’s it for now, guys. Thank you all so much for watching! Don’t forget to comment and like, and remember:
tela nadas.

14 thoughts on “Talking Dragon Age Hawke’s Transcendence”

  • I feel like it's been forever since "Talking Dragon Age".

    I loved the new Tinfoil Tea Party, btw. However, I would enjoy making it more Player Choice – Hawke always survives, Stroud never survives, Alistair can only survive if you hardened him and Loghain always survives. It would just make it feel like my choices did something, ya know? Nevertheless if this theory is true(I hope it is) then it would seem my Hawke's coming back as a damn god-like being!

    Nice little chat about Crisis btw. Awesome video. Always love hearing your theories on Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

  • "We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment… and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly." – Flemeth

    This at least says that Hawke survived, or it should. The "inevitable plummet into the abyss" obviously relates to the quest in question, but whatever Hawke flying means is yet to be seen. I do think that they'll come out of the Fade different in some way, perhaps touched by a spirit or part abomination (similar to Anders?). If they come out all godlike that would be AWESOME

  • Nicely stated.. and an interesting take on what could happen.. It plays nicely too of Varric being the "every man" character who's a witness to great events, a chronicler..

    It'd be interesting if Varric were destined for something special.. the cinematic footage where he walks among the gathered dead, stops and places his hand on one shrouded body's head.. he show's true compassion, empathy. grief at the toll…

    after all he's seen.. had to deal with. done, it's a wonder he's not pulling away, withdrawing from it all.. He might be a dwarf, but he was always the most "human" character in the game,.. to me anyway.. So, like Frodo joining the Elves and sailing West to finally find peace,.. I'd like to see Varric be granted a reprieve form all he's had to carry inside..
    Trust me.. somethings you just can't forget, they haunt you forever in your dreams..

  • Me and my bf always talk about this. "We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment… and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly."
    We think this is an omen for Hawke becoming a literal hawke-like powerful spirit after being left out in the fade… Wouldn't it be super cool though?

  • Oh Hawke, that luck unlucky son/daughter of a mage. This would be really cool! And there is totally precedent for it. Hawke is my favorite PC, hands down.

  • Alas, I had walked away from the computer and didn't make it back in time after I heard the crisis spoiler warning >.<
    Regarding the theory:
    Since Cole, a compassion spirit, can become a physical being without possesion and even become human like it makes sense the process might go the other way with a human being able to become spirit like.

    We even have a form of precedent with the Baroness in Awakening. After she returns everyone back from the fade the villagers die because their bodies wasted and decayed long ago but she lives even though hers would have too because, according to Justice, she has become Pride.

    Who knows what Hawke can become while walking the fade physically instead of in dream.

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