STOP Wearing UGLY Holiday Sweaters |  10 Holiday Clothing Ideas That’s Actually Stylish | RMRS

STOP Wearing UGLY Holiday Sweaters | 10 Holiday Clothing Ideas That’s Actually Stylish | RMRS

10 GREAT Ways To Style Up Christmas | STOP
Wearing Ugly Holiday Sweaters [0:00:00]
Here’s the deal, guys, if I catch you this holiday season wearing an ugly sweater, wearing
a novelty necktie, wearing weird belts, guys, I’m going to ban you from my channel. No, I’m not going to do that. Well, maybe I might, but I think you guys
get the point. I want to give you ten items that you could
wear confidently with style and be the best-dressed man this holiday season. [Music]
Now, hopefully from that intro, you don’t think I’m the Grinch. And I love a great holiday party, but I want
you to be able to walk into the room and be the best-dressed man in that room. You can do that still have that holiday spirit
with these items I’m about to get into. Item number one on the list, have a signature
seasonal jacket that you wear and whose color whose texture, the overall look of the jacket
it just sends that signal of the holiday season. Now, I could try to pull it off with this
jacket right here. You guys have seen me wear me this throughout
the year in multiple videos, but I don’t wear this jacket out very often. And, what is great for a signature jacket
is one that isn’t going to look like you’re normal dark gray, it’s not going to be your
dark blue. This is going to be something that definitely
stands out from the crowd. But, at those holiday parties, that’s what
you want to do. For me, you could even go with a dark red. Yes, I said a dark red jacket. There are blazers that are made like that,
but most likely if you wanted to have something really nice, you probably have to made it
– get it made custom, maybe even use a flannel. I have a number of dark green jackets that
you’ve seen on my videos, but you have to go to a specialty store. You may have to have something custom-made. Now, what I’m not talking about are those
novelty suits out there. You know what I’m talking about. They’ve have candy canes on them, maybe
snowflakes, they’re in that green and red color. And I applaud the guys that pull that off,
have fun at their company parties, but that’s not going to be timeless or classic. What I’m looking for you is to get a jacket
maybe a sports coat that is something that you could pull off at these company parties. But, if you so choose, you can actually wear
it to other events. Next up, I’ve got sweaters and I’m not
talking those ugly sweaters. I’m talking classic sweaters that come from
places like Ireland that come from Peru. And oftentimes, what you’re going to see
here are small repeating patterns. So, let’s take a look at the Fair Isle sweater. Pretty nice, right? And this right here you can wear into a company
party, it’s going to look great. You can find a Peruvian sweater, a lot of
the different patterns in here. They actually have a long history behind them. Another option, gentlemen, is the classic
Aran sweater especially in white or other lighter colors. This for me just symbolizes it has a feel
of the holiday season. Other times, sweater like this, notice the
knots going in and around the chest and the buttons. The buttons here are oversized. For me, all of these just gives a feel of
the holiday season. All right, gents, for this next point, let’s
interject some fun into this video. Everything I’ve talked about before classic
conservative. Now, let’s bring in some novelty underwear. Yeah, okay. So, I gave a little bit of crap to the novelty
necktie just because it’s right on your chest. This, you’ve got a little bit hidden, no
one’s going to see that. Well, no one that you don’t want to allow. But, you wear this, oh, yeah, you’ve got
the holiday spirit going. Who doesn’t look – who doesn’t love
gingerbread man? Now, guys, all the underwear I’m about to
show you brought to you by MeUndies. They’re the paid sponsor of today’s video
and they’re a great deal. I’m going to link to them down in the description. And all the underwear I’m about to show
you, I want to hear who wants it down in the comments. All you have to do is let me know what is
the particular name of the underwear and name the size. They sent me all these underwear and a lot
of it is just not my size. It is new, I promise. A lot of it still has the tags on it. So, this one right here, what do you think
of this? Pretty classic, pretty conservative, but the
pattern and the color to me says, hey, this is for the Christmas spirit. All right. This one, I really like, but they sent the
wrong size for me, so I’m going to send one to one of you guys over there. All right. What do you think? Pretty nice? Another one right here. Guys, all you have to do let me know down
in the comments the particular name and the size because who says you can’t wear pink
and penguins at the same time. I’d be putting this stuff off. So, I love MeUndies because they use Micro
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three times softer than cotton. Having worn their underwear now for about
four months, I can tell you it’s one of the best deals in underwear out there. Check out their subscription service. I think that really just makes it a no-brainer. I’m linking to them down in the description,
guys. Go check them out. Good company. Next up, gents, we’ve got bowties. And if you’ve never worn a bowtie, you don’t
know what you’re missing, guys. Bowties are one of the most fun men’s accessory
items to wear. Now, bowties are just as formal as any type
of necktie out there. In the same collar, but bowties they have
some big advantages. One is they’re incredibly uncommon, so it’s
something that you can wear and you can stand out from the crowd. Two, they actually look great with small repeating
patterns. So, if you go with a novelty bowtie with a
small maybe candy cane or something from a distance you can actually pick up what it
is, it’s a great I think accessory to pull off and it looks so much better than a long
novelty necktie. [0:04:59]
Now, another thing about the bowtie is people want to come up and talk to you because bowties
make you approachable. Bowties make it so people smile at you. Can you get mad can you start a fight with
a guy in bowtie? So, bowties guys are where it’s at and I
highly advice you try wearing one this holiday season. Items five and six are both holiday-themed
accessories. We’re talking about cufflinks and we’re
talking about tie bars. What’s nice about both of these is that
they kind of fly under the radar. A lot of times people especially when you’re
just walking by they’re not going to notice them, so you can wear something that’s maybe
a little bit outlandish. Maybe something that is a little bit more
attention grabbing something that you wouldn’t wear on a full necktie you wouldn’t wear,
you know, a bright outlandish suit. But, you would maybe want to wear something,
yeah, you want to have fun, Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Maybe you loved him as a kid where you can
wear those cuff links. You have something you really love, Santa
Claus, you still believe in the guy, so you want to wear him on your tie bar. Whatever it may be, guys, you can bring into
those accessories because they, again, fly under the radar so you can have a little bit
more fun with them. Holiday item number seven, let’s get back
to the classics. So, bring in a dark pair of brown cords. This for me it’s going to match a number
of things in your wardrobe and it just has an overall winter feel. But, let’s say you want to take it to the
next level, you want to grab a little bit more attention, why not bring in a dark burgundy
or a red. This right here when you wear this, you’re
going to draw a bit more attention to your legs, but you wear a muted jacket maybe with
a muted shirt maybe shoes that look nice, but aren’t going to grab attention and all
of a sudden becomes about your pants. And, again, reds, dark greens for me these
symbolize the holiday season. Next up, how about having a holiday-themed
pocket square? Now, pocket squares are like icebergs, 90%
of it is under the surface. What you don’t see is when you pull out
a pocket square, the complex patterns and everything else that’s within it. Now, this one is not holiday-themed, but you
could get one that could have the nativity scene, maybe it’s got a nine branched Menorah,
maybe it’s got little gingerbread men or Santa Clauses. I think you guys get the point. You can have fun with your pocket square,
so why not? Next up, we’ve got holiday-themed socks
so many options out there. If you’re more conservative, you’re just
getting into this maybe go for a dark green or dark red, but you want to have fun. And you know you’re going to take those
shoes off when you walk into your friend’s house and you want to show off some bright
holiday socks, have fun, there were so many different themes and options out there from
snowflakes to, again, Santa Clauses, gingerbread men, reindeers. Have fun. Next up, consider a holiday-themed vest. And if you’re going to go with something
novelty like I said snowflakes, maybe gingerbread men, something that has a big bright repeating
patterns, it’s a lot better to go with a vest than a suit especially if you’re going
to get a custom-made because it’s just less expensive and you’ll find more ways to wear
it because you can wear it under a classic conservative suit. You can actually bring it into the office
wear it in the office party a little bit later. It’s something that if you decide to go
with a dark red, a dark green, maybe even a tartan, you’re going to find that this
is actually, you can even wear it outside of the holiday season. So, I think a vest is something a lot of guys
don’t consider, but you could bring in and look great this holiday season. So, I had a few options here. I was thinking holiday-themed glasses and
maybe going for gold, dark red, dark blue, dark green. Maybe going for holiday-themed flannels, I
love the red with the black, but also the blue with black, the dark green with black. For me, that symbolizes the holidays. But, what I realized is a lot of these is
just my association of these items and me having conditioned myself. So, I want to hear from you guys. Down in the comments, what are the men’s
accessories the items that you wear particular pieces of clothing that you associate with
the holiday season? I want to hear from you guys. I love learning from you. Now, MeUndies, again, guys, go check them
out. I’m linking to them in the description. I’ve got all these underwear that they sent
me that is the wrong size and it’s brand new, I promise. I will be sending it out, you just got to
go check out their website and let me know the exact style. Sad – sad to lose these penguins. Actually, I like these gingerbread men as
well, but the size is not mine. Again, let me know the exact name of the underwear
down in the comments, the size that you need and I’ll be sending those out. Guys, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.
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