Stop Following TRENDS! 5 TIMELESS Men’s Fashion Pieces To ALWAYS Stay Stylish

Stop Following TRENDS! 5 TIMELESS Men’s Fashion Pieces To ALWAYS Stay Stylish

5 Items That Will Never Go Out Of Style
[0:00:00] All right, gents, in today’s video, five
items that will never go out of style. [Music]
Number one on my list, gentlemen, the classic dark-colored suit. The suit is the apex of men’s clothing because
what this does is it builds up your chest, it actually slims your waistline, it makes
you look taller, it builds up your shoulders, it builds up your hands. A suit makes you look stronger, more masculine,
and more manly. All of these for any guy out there, it doesn’t
matter how big you are, how short you are, how tall you are, how skinny you are, a suit
is going to work for you. Now, let’s talk about the specific details
you want to look for in a suit that is never going to go out of style. First thing, nail the fit and this starts
when you buy a suit, you want to make sure it fits you as well as it can off the rack. So, you’re going to pay attention to the
shoulders and the chest area. If it doesn’t fit you very well here, do
not buy the suit. These are the hardest areas to adjust. The waist area about two inches is the most
that you want to adjust either way although when you’re letting something out, you’ve
got to make sure there’s enough material in the back to let it out. The length of suit, you want pay attention
make sure it just covers the back curvature of your buttocks and when you put your hands
down, it should go to about your knuckles. If it’s a little bit too long, we can bring
it up about an inch, inch-and-a-half. If it’s a little bit too short, that’s
okay if you are a shorter individual or you’re under 5’9”. If you’re taller than 6”, you want to
go for a different suit. Usually, you are not going to be able to lengthen
the length and a too short of a suit is just not going to look great on a tall man. Next up, pay attention to that jacket sleeve
length, you don’t want it too short or too long. I like to show about a quarter to one inch
of the shirt. Usually more of the shirt if you are a taller
larger individual, if you’re a smaller guy, about a quarter to a half an inch is perfectly
fine. Now, this is something that’s very easy
to adjust on most off the rack suits. And don’t forget, get those trousers adjusted
to fit you properly. Pay attention to the hemming. If you’re under 5’7”, maybe go for a
no-break or a quarter break. If you’re above 6”, then maybe you want
to go for a half break or a full break on the hemming of the trousers. And if you’ve got excess material in and
around the buttock area, go ahead and get that brought in, a very easy fix. Now, let’s talk about suit fabrics. So, you always want to go with a hundred percent
worsted wool if you can afford it. Wool is a luxury material, it’s always going
to cost a bit more, but the drape the look everything is what you want to be searching
for. Now, when it comes to the color, I like navy
blue if you’re an older guy because it’s going to keep color in your skin. I think it makes you look a little bit younger. If you’re 18 and you look like you’re
15, then definitely go for charcoal gray. That’s going to be the best color for you. It’s just going to make you look stronger
and make you look a little bit more mature. When it comes to black, I try to avoid it. I think it’s more it should be reserved
for black tie. Item number two that’s never going to go
out of style, gentlemen, a great looking watch. And I know a lot of you guys are saying, Antonio,
come on, watches are outdated. I’ve got my cell phone, it tells me the
time. That may be true although I find watches are
much more convenient very easy to tell the time, but watches are so much more than the
telling of time. It’s about your relationship with time. Depending on the watch that you choose, guys,
it’s something that can really start a lot of compliments. I was just at Menfluential and my conference
I’m looking around, so many people were wearing Vincero watches and they love them. I got to meet up with Jared and Anthony of
Vincero. Guys, this company is the real deal and they
are the paid sponsor of today’s video. Guys, go look at their Bellwether Collection. Isn’t this beautiful? Some of them – these watches are amazing. What I love about Vincero watches is that
these things look ten times more expensive than what they are. These are affordable watches that any man
can get and you can wear them with style and get compliments. Now, my other favorite collection besides
the Bellwether is the Chrono Collection. Go over there check out those watches. Look at all the different dials, look at all
the different colors they’ve got there, different combinations. What I love is you can actually change the
straps in and out. They are made from quality Italian leathers. Guys, these watches from Vincero are an amazing
deal. I’m linking to them down in the description. Go check them out. 24-month warranty. Free worldwide shipping anywhere, guys. So, if you want to grab a watch at a great
price, go use that link. I’m also putting a discount code down there. Use it or lose it, guys. Great company, proud to support them. Item number three that’s never going to
go out of style, colorful neckwear. And you may be saying, Antonio, but neckwear
and tie-wearing, it’s actually on the decline. That’s true, but you’re looking at history
from a very narrow view point. Let’s go back thousands of years, let’s
look at the terracotta soldiers over in China. What do we see? They are wearing scarves. Let’s go back just a few hundred years,
the Napoleonic war. What did we see actually the Croats wearing? Bright colored neckerchiefs and basically
scarves that symbolize what military units they were a part of. We see it in nature where animals actually
have colors in and around their neck area to draw attention to themselves. And that’s why quality colored neckwear
will always be something that men are going to find a way to use. [0:04:57]
So, the necktie this color right here symbolizes the color of royalty – purple. I could bring in a red necktie, guess what
this does? This symbolizes that you are in charge and
people are more likely to believe you when you wear the color red. This necktie right here, it’s got a regimental
stripe. I designed this using classic US Navy colors. Little things like this allow you to symbolize
your relationship with certain clubs, with certain military organizations, with what
colleges and universities you went with. And this has been used in many different countries. Now, silk scarves, this can immediately bring
color to a drab outfit and allow you to draw attention to your chest and your facial area. Now, a lot of other scarves out there are
simply going to be functional and, again, this is why neckwear is going to stick around
because it does in many cases protect the neck. This one right here, wool is going to protect
me from the cold that silk scarf used to be used by pirates to protect them from the high
winds. Item number four that’s never going out
of style, you having a signature fragrance. Most of us actually use deodorant, right? We don’t want to smell bad. Well, if you understand the power of smelling
good, you realize that you can use this to your advantage. Animals use fragrance and smell to identify
each other. You can create a lasting signature scent that
actually people will remember you for and so when they smell it, they’ll think of
you. Item number five that’s never going to go
out of style, headwear. And I know it seems like what? Guys aren’t really wearing hats like this
nowadays. That’s true. Guys are wearing baseball hats and so many
men are still putting something on their head. And the excuse that they use, oh, I didn’t
want to brush my hair, I wanted to cover up my bald spot. I get that, but those are all functional purposes. And for that reason, headwear is always going
to be with us. Try to start wearing headwear, find a functional
way to wear it. Let’s say it’s hot outside and you want
something simply that’s going to protect you from the sun maybe something with a little
bit wider of a brim than this, but when it’s cold, I’ve got this hat very stylish, just
a flat cap and I can go over like this. It actually does some protection for my ears
right there, so look at that. Guys, headwear is not going to anywhere because
it does and it serves the purpose the functional purpose of protecting our heads. And you can always find a way to wear it stylishly. All right, gents, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. What did I miss? I know I didn’t talk about shoes. I thought about including it, but I wanted
to keep the list to five and I wanted to bring in some items that maybe you weren’t thinking
about that maybe you wouldn’t even agree with me on. So, let me know down in the comments what
you think. And, go check out Vincero, guys. I’m linking to them down in the description. I love what they’re doing over there that’s
why I support them. I’m also putting that discount code down
there. Use it or lose it, guys. The discount is not going to be around forever. And look at all the different straps they’ve
got. I really like this racing strap and this is
going to be over in that Bellwether Collection. This one right here out of the Chrono Collection
has the actually very nice green leather. I’ve got a blue leather one on out of the
Bellwether Collection. They’re just beautiful watches, guys at
a fair affordable price. Go check them out, guys. Start getting compliments today. And, that’s it, guys. Take care. I appreciate you. I appreciate everything we’ve done here
at Real Men Real Style. And if you like this video, give it a, you
know, give it a like. If you want to and you found this useful,
you disagree, maybe share it pass it around on social media. That’s it, guys. Take care. See you in the next video. [0:08:08] End of Audio

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