Snowboard Boots: Cheap Vs. Expensive

Snowboard Boots: Cheap Vs. Expensive

what's up everybody today I'm gonna test out $20 boots versus $429 boots full disclosure I got a deal on these so I didn't pay that but basically very expensive it's verse is some Craigslist find these are the progression boa they only have one ball the thing mostly in one of the recent bits instead the two dual bullets were better for tightening different sections but you know maybe they are a couple hundred dollars originally yeah he wasn't able to find him on the website so apparently they don't make these ones anymore but yeah they hardly look too used at all so for $20 in my size hell yeah let's give them a whirl and see how they compare to a more high-end one speaking of high-end once I've done this before I've even bought Burton XLS XL X's for $40 off Craigslist and they will work I used him for about two seasons and they were you know used but you know they're hell of a lot better than my previous boots and I didn't have to spend $400 so they treated me well first couple of seasons just by shopping around on Craigslist obviously you're not always gonna be able to find a pair in your size that is of decent quality at all for 20 bucks but you know if you're only getting if you're a brand new at snowboarding and don't want to spend thousands to get into it you know that the Craigslist is a very great way to probably get some boards and stuff I'm just do your research and make sure they're appropriate for you you don't want nothing too aggressive if you're a beginner but yeah for you can get some great finds for a great price through there and I've done that for a lot of my vintage for it so I'll feature those someday but uh let's talk more about boots when I first started snowboard in the late 80s I remember riding on sorrel boots and man one time I was in the Mogul field at wild mountain and I fell and my whole foot came out of the boot the boot stayed inside of the binding and my sock was just dangling out and my whole barefoot and I was right under the chairlift and everyone was laughing at me oh good it's weird because I can't even get embarrassed like that on the mountain no more I can try to get on the chairlift strapped in or tried to get on the gondola strapped in and that don't work I can be a dork and try to side slip down the whole mountain or use poles all day and I just can't capture that feeling anymore but but that's alright but after that yeah you had some air walks that were too big for me those sucked you know same fehb thing my god so much heel lift because they're just too big and then after that got some air walk obliques of the right size those were basically that was probably a 1995 boot I bet they were like a high-top the lightest boot I think on the market and they were just like a high-top shoe essentially no inside line or anything and I got really good at snowboarding on those and I bought them just because of the weight because they are so light but they are so flexi and yeah soon as uh once I started riding for Burton they gave me some and the first day riding those things I was like oh this is how it's supposed to feel there was just like the power because if you know a certain amount of structural integrity to boot to the boot of the boot to transfer it into the binding and perform a certain way so Burton's what I've been used to since then so that's why I keep getting Burton I'd love to try some other brands so we'll see about that it's just hard to you know get other brands let's go run the test on the mountain because I definitely know how Burton boots feel you know the Imperials and you know before that ions and rulers and you know I definitely know how they feels I want compare some of the lower end ones or some Craiglist ones versus a you know high end very stiff boot of the driver XL let's go to the mountain testin boots day probe random protip so there's a big ol line on the preferred chair too longer one and zero line for this little short one I'm gonna be able to take this get a full you know the half lap in and by that time the line will look kind of diminished here so sometimes it pays pays to just look around and see what lift might be best for you Wow very told you guys how much I love snowboarding this morning I was just ripping it up and I think I let out a couple of tears I was so happy oh my god the snow is so good compared to normal at this time of year there's not rocks in the runs there's a lot more than just the one run they you normally open it's a it is really good conditions out here but I still know too busy for me to be doing just selfie tape and plus it's so early in the year that you know I just want to get my groove back in but so for the boots the driver X's premium stiffness when I'm side slipping no discernible difference when I'm doing anything on the toe side and buttering type of things absolutely it's I could just feel that extra stiffness against my shin and it transfers extra power into the toe side edge especially heel side carves I'm not sure if it's too much different unless I'm doing a buttering on the nose or tail leaning forward or back a bit but on the toe side yeah it's really definitely noticeable so I think for carving these are you know really pretty good and you know right up the alley for what I do so I'm not fully used to him yet but uh but they definitely feel pretty good my only complaint would be where the speed laces go through and this has been on all the bird book boots when I really cranked the places down tight I can feel where the laces go through there's kind of like some ridges the plastic ridges that it goes through and when I crank them down I can feel that and then when I crank my bindings down super tight over them I could feel that too but I just get used to those type of pain so hey no biggie I'll do a couple of turns here and then go put on the cheaper boots oh love ride huh whenever I bring out extra gear on the mountain I use the other boots I lock it up in a dakine little lock and then I don't worry too much about it I'll put a link in the description the backpack from the US Open 1998 it was either 98 or 99 made the finals videos open qualified ahead of some of my heroes like Jerry a mom cried and yeah I went forward in the finals fail so didn't place well without these boots being old or anything they look like almost brand-new to me the structural integrity and the flex of these is so much different much more comfortable to wear the others feel more like a you know an Alpine snowboard boot which is kind of like a ski boot a hard shell you know it's very stiff in the front but for performance that's amazing this I don't think it's good perform as good I'm not gonna say these are great a but they do not offer much performance they're just you know flex every which way and you know I'm used to a certain performance of a lot of my equipment especially for the carving stuff and these ones do not deliver it for a beginner it might not be so bad they're actually more comfortable to walk around in because of how much flex they have but definitely not for me so yeah if you need a pair of boots eight-point-five beginner level boots and you're in Breckenridge let me know I will give them to you because I would rather pay twice the price for those other ones then voters do it do keep riding in these of course I could make them work but yeah they just do not deliver the same performance but uh hey this is all say thank you for watching love all you guys happy shred hopefully you guys get a good early season 2 and

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