What’s good everybody, it’s your boy DJ here. I’m on my way to meet up with AJ today We’re about to get some great b-roll footage. What does b-roll for did you ask well? I’m gonna tell you I don’t really know, but we’re gonna find out because I’m still learning So being that I’m new to YouTube I’m kind of still learning a lot of stuff But I have learned that b-roll is a very essential key major key alert to making a great video, so do we make great videos I hope anyways we try to incorporate b-roll entire films And I think biro is a great thing because it allows people to see what’s going on around you kind of take you off topic, but still stay on topic and Kind of have a filler piece throughout the film. It’s boring to hear somebody talk over. No boring Let’s run some b-roll and get this video started I am Check it out, okay, so this is the Portland Oregon sign used to say made it working they switch to the Portland, Oregon I don’t know the exact year, but this is like a famous paper to our city So this is a great place for b-roll and a great way to represent our city so we’re going to try to get closer, and hopefully we can get some better shots of it and Okay a little bit closer to the Sun We’re trying to get some good b-roll footage and a time for this shot and gonna huff, we respond so check out To this parking structure Alright, so we just got to the top of the parking structure, and it is absolutely beautiful. We just caught the sunset Hopefully we can get a little time-lapse video up here, but every time we come up here we get kicked out I’m gonna be honest. Oh no for get kicked out today. Oh, we’ll see We’ve have you got a good like 10 minutes up here, so we gonna make the most of it There’s like so many good angles so many good spot, so you see bridges the mountains construction the freeway just so much stuff So I guess let’s just get started Yeah – it’s all her babies – yeah Yeah my side girl got a father’s okay, is that what? You say So you want to lose Oh So once again as I said we probably be getting kicked out It’s all good you gotta respect the laws of the win Every time We tried to get him banger up here either, they got a short window There’s a little less than 10 minutes. We almost made it though So on to the next So I’ve been bait right now downtown Portland, and I see a lot of stuff that I like I really do I Did nothing Vinci no sir oh We chilling out here right now. It is super cold outside So we had to come up in here and warm up on the low now we killing time Hopefully we can catch a couple more Clips before the night is over, but I just want some food to be honest Hey Joe you hungry Oh, yeah gravy. Yeah, you notice you got one time are you good for all day. You know not worry about that So I gotta figure out something to eat. Let’s pop it. What you got for is what you got for us. I’m letting go so Let’s take the first Written as sauce Wow oh they got some mood bear Briggs So I keep saying I’m getting to the barrack relation, but I haven’t started my collection yet one day I will I just don’t know which one we get Hey one more time everybody say what’s up to Uncle do a Comment in the section below say uncle Dale in the comment section below, please Tommy okay down in the section below, please You know these are fine. Just clean just left on nice together super simple yin-yang The white ones aren’t enough I’ll go for a white ones you like the ones dude I think they’re fire, but they just we’re so terribly like these are already worn. They’re not worn But the black ones I think I’ll go with the black ones I like the white ones better, but the black ones are definitely is there a rocket for sure Yeah, probably he’s crazy to cut Wow How do you feel about those already not awful Hey buddies Oh, we gotta get out of here, so everybody say goodbye I could be over to one last So that pretty much wraps it up. We’re done. We’re done. We’re done. It’s been a cold day We finally in the house time to edit this video finish it up get it all produced and ready for you guys Just so we can get another one going tomorrow. I’m excited to continue to make videos continue to get better I hope you guys learned some things about b-roll I’m still learning about it too, so we’re on this journey together And that’s the best thing about this channel we continue to grow and want to get better with that We need your comments. We need your help comment below. Tell us what you think we can do better Tell us what you want to see you know just let us know leave everything in the comment section We take constructive criticism very well We take any type of criticism very well Because we want to learn we want to get better so with that being said I want to say thank you for everything you guys Have done for us continue to subscribe continue to like and follow? Just got a new pickup so stay tuned for the next video this one’s coming soon that being said thank you for everything Love y’all we go


  • Loving your guysโ€™ videos lately. Yโ€™all have come a long way. Billy and I are super hyped to be entering the vlog scene soon.

  • BAIT has so much dope gear and art. Did they willing let you film in there? Sorry you got kicked off the roof. Been there done that. Dope editing too. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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