SMG4: Mario Gladiators

SMG4: Mario Gladiators

Glitchy Boi & SMG4 Intro SMG4 Ha Somewhere lost in the dungeon… *insert cranking noises* There’s the van…a very convinent van.. And he’s picking up… With stupid and jealous friends… The van moves away.
(vr00m vr00m) Mario: Mama mia… (Brad:A Battle Royale?) Mario: *gibberish noises* Bowser: Huh? *groans* *insert very convinent bell ring* Look over there… (wut is dat is that a bird a plane?) Do you know who it is? (no) More Of SMG3’s Plans oh god that face SMG4: You SON OF A BITCH! SMG4: WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON?!? *insert even more laughter* *so much evil laughter* Luigi: No! *gibberish* *insert babeh crying* Bob: YeAh. i WoUlD nEvEr HuRt My FrIeNdS fOr FrEe, BiTcH! Me: OOOH Free Money! *evil laughter continues* *idk what to put* *gears up*
Bob: OkAy WhIcH pErSoN sHoUlD i Go FoR? Mario: Whoa! Ha-ha!
Toad: Yeah, Wordy! *gears up*
Mario: Let’s-a-go (Luigi being a scaredy cat, as always) *BAM*
Steve: WHOOOOOOO! WHOO! Get ready for the epic fight!
*evil laughter continues* Round 1: Mario VS Bowser!
(Get Ready Italian Fat Ass) Mario: *gibberish* Frankie: Hey, prepare for trouble! You dil**! Whatever! Mario: Whoa! Mario: Ya-hoo! Yippee! Mario: Oh yeah! (ded) Mario: Ahhhhh piss… *all this guy does is laugh* *he’s got a weapon* Bowser: yeah i’ll fuck you up *gets ready to rape Mario* *Mario: SHIEET! *crash* Mario: HA-HA! Mario: GOTCHA BITCH!! *sword machine [B]roke* M: OOOOohhhhh… (just gonna use letters now cause im lazy) M: f u c k M: AHHHH! AHHHH! M: Hey, how about a-nice game of: M: “Mario Teaches Typing”? M: AHH! M: Tha wasn’t very nice>:( M: Hoo! M: YAOW? M: MAH PEENIS M: GET REKT BITCH- *gets rekt* M: AHH-HA-HA-HA-HA! *evil laughter*
*idk this song* *growls* *d i n g* Bowser: AH MA SEXY EYE! Bowser: AH MA SEXY EYE M: Ha-ha! M: Hmm? Oh-hoo-hoo-hoo! B: No! *groans* M: No you don’t! *throw* B: OOOWWW!!!!!! Justin Beiber Fan: Hmm? Spaghetti Lover: Surprise motherfucker! Spaghetti Lover: FOOUR!! *groans* *screaming* (JB Fan Is Ded) SMG3: WOAH!! *victory!* Round 2: Mario VS Wario Bros! (1 vs 2) (Enters the Wahahoo bros) M: Hey! (Gibberish) M: MAMAF*CKER! Random Dude: BOO YOU STINK!!!!!
(Mario got hit by a shoe) W: Bring me that ass!!! (swiggity sw00ty) W: Here we go! *fear* M: Bitch! W: Oh no! *O O F* M: OOH! M: SHHIT!! *tink* (Sr Pelo gasp) W: You BITCH! M: Oh ho ho okay, who else- W: C’mon c’mon! Wa: Ah! Wa: Aaah… W: YOLOOOOO!!!! M: Oh shit! W: OOOOOOOOOO- *rekt* *pain* *horse is broken* (Wario is pissed) *presses button* (Transformers! HORSES IN DISGUISE) Beep beep! M: This is BULLSHIT!! W: Yeah! Wario! (singing) (Do something, you fatass italian) Mario: Ho ho ho!
(Ok smart enough) (Wario and Waluigi screaming) *CRASH!* Mario: Hmm? *BOOM!!!* Mario: Oooooooooo… Round 3: Luigi VS Mario VS Toad VS SMG4 VS Old Man! (AKA FREE FOR ALL!) (A 5-way idiot showdown folks. It’s gonna be a good one) (The opponents pick who they murder first) L: *crying and gibberish* (Stop being a bitch) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Here comes Toad)
(He’s just got ROASTED!!!) DED SMG4: KIDS GONNA DIE TONIGHT!! L: Waaaah!(pussy) L: Here we goooooooo! SMG4: AHH! *bink* M: AHH! *bink* Wii Sports Tennis: Roman Edition (Anyone got popcorn?) M: F*ck-a this! *screaming* DED Mario: HAHA! SMG4: DIE BITCH!
Mario: AHH! *whimpering* SMG4: OOH… What are you gonna do now big boi? Mario: (gibberish), Hello! Old man: What? Who’s dat? Mario: (Italian Gibberish) Stinky! Ahahaha! Old Man: What?! Old Man: Muthafukin guy, what da hell you saey to meh?! SMG4: What the fuck are you talking abou- Old man: Why you hav to insult me? I’m verry self conscious you know… SMG4: Piss off big head! Old man: W-what the hel- what you say to me? I-I KEEL Y- SMG4: You aint gonn’ do shiiiii… Old Man Strife: Ohhhhhhhhhh *Megalovania Intensifies* SMG4: HOLY SHIT! *Megalovania as SMG4 gets raped*
Old man: Like-a sum boo dee fuk u bic! I don’t know why you try to get rid of me and do what you do, I am not a suhtoooopid, ok? I know what you are doing! Old Guy: And to be honest you kind of sound like a girl, you know? Kind of lie me, (super girly gay giggle) (K.O.!!)
SMG4: (screams echo)
*DED* Old man: Like-a sum boooooo dee! Mario: Thank you, f**ker! Old man: The hell man?! *DED* Round 4: Mario VS Teletubbies! (omg kill me) M: *gibberish* M: Hmm? M: Hey where’d everybody go? You got mail! *crash*
M: WHOA! M: Yippee!
HAHA! AHAHA! IT’S A GIRAFFE! (insert spongebob) Yippee! Yeah! Ha-ha-ha! (Giggling) It’s gonna be so funny! (so clever) I know… I know, right? *thud* What in da fuq was dat?! (Mario is trying to ride the giraffe) Mario: Ride like the wind, Bullseye!!! Piece of shiiiet! C’MON! *growls* (Teletubbies screaming) *crash* *crash*
(Everybody screaming)
My leg! Whoa!
My leg! *gibberish* Yeah! *Giraffe is broken* Round 5: Mario & Yoshi VS Bob & Boopkins! (Duo Team Battle) *Insert Mario Kart Theme* Boy oh boy! Oh man! Whoa, whoa! HEy! SHUT UP! LoL. Me AnD bOoPkInS aRe GoNnA kIcK yOuR aSs! Ha-ha! Yeah! Uhh.. I mean woof *horn blaring*
GO, GO, GO!!! And they’re off! tHeY sEe Me RoLlInG , tHeY hAtInG BiTcHeS sEe Me RiDiN-OW mY aSs! BiTcH wHaT tHe HeLl ArE yOu DoInG?! mArIo iF yOu dOnT pLay fARe IM gOnNa kIck uR aSS (mario’s ass is too big) Bitch do you look like I care? Bitch do you look like I care?
Some random guy: Shut the fuck up! SMACK! *insert yoshi gibberish* Boopkins: Aw yeah, someone kinda bother me. rlly? Ah yeah! imma go watch some anime 😀 Mario: Hey what the fuck? bOb: YeAh BiTcH x4 bOb: BoOpKiNs, WhAt aRe YOu DoiNG? Boopkins: You guys are big meanies. Me and yoshi are gonna do our own things. M: Ah shit. Well I guess that’s it. Aw man… (Correction: Some moments later) Mario kart: Flintstone riding edition Looks like we know who the winner is. Round 6: Mario VS Steve! (This is intense again, guys…) *slow motion* HIIIIII GUYYYYSSSSS! HELLLLLOOOOOO MAMAF*****KER! Check this fucking shit out! *Insane laughter* Hey look, guys! *Insane laughter continues* YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE MOTHERFUCKER!!! (Stormtrooper aims) HA-HA! *gibberish* Yeah! Ha ha ha! Steve: SIKE! (Army of chickens) M: WHAT THE FUUUUU… (Its raining ARROWS!!
HALLELUJAH!!!) M: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!! Revenge Of The Chickens (Oh thats gonna hurt) Imma light headed. 😀 (Ded) Steve: (Laugh like a retard) Mario: (Panick) M: Aaaaaah! Mamamia! Wow! Ohohoho!
(Why a rock?) (perfect distraction)
Take a that! (Metal gear detected sound) Chicken archer: (Plucking) Mama mia… Hmm? I got you! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM I’M PLAYING MINECRAFT! You little shit! I’ma gonna **** you! Dude, I’m gonna *report* you… I’m gonna banned you- *stick* Ohhhhh… Final Round: Mario VS SMG3! Spagghetti lover: Yippee! *gibberish*>=( (More evil laughter from that big retard) (Fatass italian throws a rock) (Smack!)
SMG3: OH! SHIT! Mario: (Retarded laugh) Oh shit!
(It is at this moment he knew, he f**ked up) Evil laught spammer: (evil laugh) M: BULLSHIT! *More gibberish* F***cker! wot m8? Really? (Come on, Mario…) (Come on, you fatass!)
(Do something!) (YOUR STUPID, RIGHT??) What da fock is this shit? *jump and Mario rage* gOdAmMiT, wHeRe ThE hElL iS tHe FiNiSh LiNe? WhOa! (OH MY GOD…) *crash* FuCk OuT oF hErE.
mY aSs NeEdS a SeAt. (F*ck you, you had one already) *jump* *thud* WoW, gOt A nIcE vIeW fRoM uP hErE! hEy LoOk, A bUtToN!
i WoNdEr WhAt It DoEs! *presses button* bob u dumb ass *rumbling* *fighting* Dafaq? (Bob has too much buttons to touch)
(Night of Fire- Nope… It’s Through the Flames)
(Pressing button intensifies) *cranking* Look it’s a baby lion!
*Insert The Lion King Reference* AAAWWWW! ^_^ Look it’s a deadly lion!
*Insert The Lion King Reference* (2nd time) Oh shit! I forgot about that! *Lion roars* *punch* AUGH! Oh LoOk, AnOtHeR bUtToN! *presses button* *cranking* Suicide friends! They all dead! (Where is the old man anyway?) SMG3 (in Krusty the Clown voice): AHH, CRAP! Is it too late to say SMG3 to say sorry for destroying friends? I guess that’s a no. F*ck. (think its too late) Thanks for watching! Captions by ???, KEIFLIN LOUIS and others! Total Point: 10/10! Please subscribe to SMG4! Go watch some more SMG4! And watch the latest video of Hobo Bros! Also please sponsor to SMG4! If you press the sponsor you get the badge! See you later, guys! Peace out!

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