SMALL THINGS I CAN’T DO BECAUSE OF MY DISABILITY | Shoe Tips + Review: Timberlands, Nike, Etc

SMALL THINGS I CAN’T DO BECAUSE OF MY DISABILITY | Shoe Tips + Review: Timberlands, Nike, Etc

my- I just drop my shoe and it kicked the
tripod so we changed angles now hold on (Music) hey guys it’s Bethany welcome back to my
channel so the other day I ran across the video when like you know that
Instagram search feature and I’d love to link it down below except I don’t know what it
was I don’t know where it was from I just know it got me thinking about shoes
and how like able people have no idea when it comes to like the difficulty of
shoes. And at first, I wasn’t gonna make this video because I thought this is
really a video for disabled people because like this is something I
researched for for years and but someone’s advice it would have been so
helpful but it kind of sucks for abled people. And then I asked my friend
who is able and she was like, nope, that is interesting. Do, the video. So, here I
am doing the video and this really long-winded intro is the intro to a
video that’s really just gonna share with you guys how difficult it is for
people like me people with Cerebral Palsy and plenty of other disabilities it is to
wear shoes have shoes and my tips around that because it’s not easy. Okay
so my journey with shoes has been a long one. I used to hate them every fiber of
my being I still kind of do because so my feet don’t exactly just glide into
shoes and like takes probably on a good day like three minutes to get my foot
into a shoe because my foot is stiff and you have to like kind of manipulated it in
the shoe. And then you’ve got things like my fingers don’t work all that well
I’m very little fine motor control and I struggle a lot with that so like also
trying to use my mainly fingers that aren’t working that great to try and
force my foot into a shoe it’s not an easy time. And then on top of that you’ve
got shoes like I can’t wear flip-flops everyone in
Australia weighs flip-flops or thongs but I but I can’t because they just
won’t stay on my feet and they won’t be supportive so we’re
just kind of a bit of a chat about that because it’s really difficult to find
shoes um first of all you- the way I walk I walk with my feet on the inside
like that and I also have no arch. So if I’m wearing a flip-flop but I’m walking
basically on like the side of my foot the shoe protection is like not that
useful because you just like getting grass all over your foot. Also because of
that I walk like that I wear down shoes all the freaking time
so I easily go to Kmart and I get like you know the 20 25 dollar shoes and in three
weeks they have holes on it. In fact one time, I was at school- this is a whole
thing- but I was at school and I went to just go speak to like a counsellor but it
wasn’t a counsellor I don’t really you know and I had hole in the bottom of my
shoe. Now I knew about this I didn’t bother doing anything about it
because I was like we bought these she was like a day ago but the lace- I tucked the
lace inside the shoe- it was a trainer shoe and I tucked the lace inside of it
and then one day I’m just like sitting down and swinging my foot and my lace
comes out of the hole at the bottom of my shoe and the counsellor just stopped and was
like what is happening with your shoe and I was like I can’t afford to buy
another one in like a two-week period it was so embarrassing but I did also get a
free pair of shoes out of that so that was nice cause they just found some in the lost and
found or something but it was super awkward. Anyway, now that story is out
there for the internet, we’ll move on. But I would destroy them. All I know-
well I knew back then was that I need ankle support because if I didn’t have ankle support
but I would often fall over. I would need kind of something to have an arch. And I would
need something with lots of padding on this side of my foot so it wouldn’t
destroy but all his qualities are expensive so you know doctors always
like get trainers I don’t like to be on those guys you don’t want to my trainers
everywhere like that’s not fashionable that’s no cute
I don’t want to do that. Except also most trainers didn’t support my ankles. And
then when I was 19 I happen to walk into a shoe shop and found my saving grace.
These purple timberlands now everybody knows of like the classy yellow once
I’ve also got these classic yellow ones but these ones are purple which is my
favourite colour it’s like super me aesthetic and then
one sale from $300 down to 99 now I know $99 sounds hella expensive but I was
paying 20 25 dollar shoes every three weeks which means I’ve spent $100 three
months in. So I figured if these lasted three months then they’ve done pretty
well and I look super cute because really are just buying these like really
crappy boots because I like to ankle support and they looked kind of
fashionable. That was when I was 19. I’m about to turn 23. This has lasted me
four years they’re going strong there’s nothing wrong with the sole there’s no
there’s literally nothing wrong with it they still look cute I still wear them
all the time so my big recommendation is if you like me get some Timberlands. If
you want some boot with some steadiness that actually last, Timberlands. They’re quite
light which is something I need they’re not like they have quite a large opening
this bit area and stretches so that helps they’re also like waterproof and
weatherproof on all that I like you can wear them anywhere
like. So yeah these are pretty durable um but also I think you can get them in
all sorts. Like I’ve got them in this you saw the yellow I also got them like this,
which I actually adore these shoes and I got ribbon laces. Now, there is a problem
with these. There’s technically two. One, when you live in Australia it’s 30 degrees
they’re kind of hot which sucks but honestly I got used to them pretty quick
and the support I had and the fact that I felt cute kind of overpowered that. The
other problem is laces. Doing up laces is really, really, really hard when you
have fine motor control issues. It’s one of those things that when I see an abled person do it fast, I’m like, how huh? Someone told me the other day
they have a friend who can do it with one hand and I don’t understand. How is
that possible? My- I just dropped my shoe and it kicked the tripod so we’ve changed
angles now hold on. Yes laces are not great but laces has this kind of useful
thing where you can so a lot of people would tie timberlands
up to like here and just tie them up I do tie them up to the top because that gets
me my ankle support um one day if you guys are interested let me know
oh now you know how we do the laces up that give you the most support than the
most comfortable but it is not that easy when you all having a bad fine motor
control day. There are many times where like- one of the main reasons I still live with people
is that I can go up to them and be like please do my shoe up because it’s not
easy. If you don’t want to do that this is my other tip. I got the other day now
these are a lot more expensive but I just fell in love with them and by the
other day it was like four months ago These sparkly platform boots that are
amazing so my physio once told me that the reason I like
well one of the many reasons I like timberland boots is because the heel on it makes
me higher and that gives you more stability and the higher I am the more
stability I have which is why I also love these platform shoes these are the shoes
I feel most stable in. I’m not saying this is how everyone is gonna feel but
like it’s worth a shot you can go talk to your doctor or whatever. Plus, they’re sparkly, it’s so me. But the thing with these is a they’ve got really thick, sturdy lenses which
makes- I find much easier to do up but also known as 9 times out of 10 you don’t you can
leave them done up I don’t because I find it easier to get my foot up and
most times they can do them up but you can leave them done up when you put them
on it off because even though this is an adult size there’s a zip because it’s
platform! oh my goooosh. Plus, I have really small feet and so like most I
struggle because kids I’m a size 5 which is the size 3 UK I want to say
another I think is still size 5 in America- but they’re really hard to find.
And both Doc’s in timberland’s really small sizes. Timberlands go up to
the equivalent of I think I was told women size 9 which is insane to me.
And you know these and kids ones have zips on the end as well and in the
middle and so that makes it so much easier. So those are my biggest
recommendations. The other recommendation I have I’m mmm-hmm
okay there’s a lot of tea with this recommendation these shoes I think they
could flyease is they’re by Nike or Nike depending on where you’re from. So these
were created years ago you may have seen a guy with cerebral palsy emailed or
wrote a letter to Nike was like it’s like I can’t do up up my shoes. There’s no shoes
for me. I am going right college and I currently have to bring my parents so they can tie up my shoes. So they designed what they termed the shoe for the
disabled. Now the reason is because this bits velcro.
There’s no laces but you can tighten these, and then you zip and you can just
slide your foot and look at that. Now, the reason I don’t recommend these too much
it for two things one I have insoles that go in here and they’re like this thin. So
they’re not not like big or anything but once I put my insole in and I’m wearing a sock
there’s no stability. My foot will just come right out there’s nothing that help
hold it in and I really struggle with that. The second reason like I’ll do a
whole video on this if you want but it seems like Nike was just using the
disabled person as like token. I went on the website to try and find these
they don’t exist in any store which means you have to just find them online
and that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard for a shoe that’s so supposedly
for the disabled. Because you don’t know if you can walk in them you don’t know
if you can balance in them you don’t know if they fit right if you’re
ordering off Nike and you can’t try them on and it turns out, I only can
sometimes they’re not that great for me. I only wear them if I’m going to be in
my wheelchair I really can’t do them up. They, also when you go on the website, they’re
you know there’s nothing about it being shoe the disabled anymore there’s no
disabled people modeling it there’s nothing it’s all about pro athletes and
I’m like stop using disabled people as tokens because it is the worst and it is
not okay and I’m but I will do a video on this because disabled tokens it’s
just whole thing where we’re basically used to get brownie points with society
and then once we’re done, they never help us again. So back to Docs and
Timbaland’s which yet don’t do anything but disabled like officially but their
shoes are actually really good quality I’m really good for disabled people so
I highly recommend. Plus they’re super cute and they’ve got some really good
especially the Tim’s put some really good guy lines that obviously I
don’t have that are really cute I think the Docs do too. By the way, those
platform Docs they’re quite heavy but like I got using them real quick and so
they feel light to me. So it depends on your own thing but yeah there’s really
cute designs that goes with every outfit I wear them with shorts with skirts with
literally loungewear. I’m never not wearing boots and now it’s was just a part of
my aesthetic. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you found some tips
that might be useful for you. If you have any questions any other comments that
might be good for shoes let me know down below I’m always looking for good
quality shoes that I can wear um if you feel like it hit the like and subscribe
and notification bell and I’ll see you guys next time bye!

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  • I have really unstable ankles as part of my joint problems so I have to use walking trainers, like walking boots but w less back. I also have orthotic insoles to help but they don't rly fix it

  • my ankles are very small so its hard to manuever & a very bad arch in the left foot. I constantly scuff toes climbing stairs or the chair. I can tie shoes, just not on my own feet cuz of reaching lol. I also can't wear boots (unless certain snow boots) cuz they're too heavy to lift my feet. so I use tennis shoes. nice flat but strong sole. a good tip too is in HS I figured out boat/swim shoes fit AMAZING over braces – maybe not everyday but for like sports/martial arts they work. or around house

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