Slim Keep Nursing Nurse Shoes – Exclusive

Slim Keep Nursing Nurse Shoes – Exclusive

Hello. Today I have for you the model
called SLIM. This model is part of the keep nursing professional line and it can be a good
work mate for you. The upper is made with a rubber blend material,
comfortable and stylish!! The strap can be put forward as a slip-on version or
backward, you can choose either way!! These shoes are very flexible and quite
comfortable, specially created for work routine. It comes with a removable and
super cushy footbed, your whole body will feel relaxed, even after walking or
standing, during long, long hours!!! The heel is rubberized and soundless, all of that carefully
thought for you, who workin the health area!!! So, don’t waste your time anymore, this outstanding
model you´ll find here at Keepnursing, the store that cares
about those, who care about others. Keep loving,

local_offerevent_note January 14, 2020

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