Signs Of A Quality Shoe

Signs Of A Quality Shoe

Hello friends and families I am JR LEE
and welcome to my channel. In this YouTube video we will discuss about what are
the signs of a quality shoe. So let’s get to it!
Okay guys I have here with me two pairs of my shoes. This color brown is from Barker
and the oxblood color is from Allen Edmonds. And then for the purposes of this review I
will only focus in two areas two important areas of what makes a quality dress shoe. Number one is type of leather use and then number two is construction. So when we hear the word genuine leather personally for me
automatically I think that this is already the highest type or highest form of leather, but it’s not like that, in reality not all leathers are made equal and genuine leather is the lowest type or kind. The highest type is called full grain or top grain leather and the shoes that I have with me right now is made from full grain leather. The next time that you will purchase or buy a new shoe keep in mind that there are different
types of leather. Don’t immediately think that Genuine leather is the highest quality. Where in fact there is full grain leather in the market. And when it comes to shoe construction these shoes that I have here with me is made of Good Year Welt. So what is a GYW? In this illustration that I will show you. Basically this is called the upper of the leather shoe and then the insole and outsole. In a GYW construction, the upper of leather shoe, together with the insole is sawn into the welt and the outsole as well. So basically it is stitched through. And the way that it’s done, is from top to bottom. Making it a 360 degrees good year welt. So this is the strongest type of shoe construction
when it comes to dress shoes or leather shoes. The next one is a Blake Stitch. The only difference is that the blake stitch construction does not have a welt. The welt is like an invisble material in the middle of shoe. With blake stitch, I will also show it in the illustration. Basically the insole is sawn directly to the outsole. It is stitched, but it does not have a welt. And that is one of the differentiating factor between the two. And the least kind of construction is what we call a glued or cemented construction and you will mostly find that in genuine leather. This type in my opinion will last I think one to two years. But if you are really looking for a quality shoe personally I’d go for either Blake Stitch or GYW. So I hope guys this video help you. If you have any question, just write it down in the comments section below and it will really help grow this channel if you Subscribe, Like and even share this video to your friends. So
that’s all for it now, have a great day and thank you for watching!

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