SICK NEW NIKE COLOURS | Lock in Let Loose Play Test

SICK NEW NIKE COLOURS | Lock in Let Loose Play Test

Today, I’m lacing up and trying out the Nike ‘lock-in let loose’ pack that looks extremely fresh and also introduces the Nike Tiempo Legend 7. plus in the end of the video I’m giving away a pair a superfly 5’s. The Lock-in let loose Pack is designed around the thought of first lacing up and locking your foot in for a wild ride after which you’ll let go of all boundaries and just explode on the pitch where you’ll play naturally, letting your instincts do the talking It’s about releasing the killer instincts inside you, so the warning colours aren’t for you It’s for your opponent, because he better watch out! And to help me out trying the boots I bought my buddy PWG. Let’s lock and load The first boot in the pack is the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 which is full to the brim with innovation. There’s the flyknit heel and of course, the flyknit tongue and an even softer leather than on the Tiempo Legend 6 because of this new, more prominent foam construction in short It’s made to be elegant. And from my first impression it is solid step up from the Tiempo Legend 6 with a more plush, personal and roomy fit. A higher comfort, and a really soft, elegant, padded touch on the ball Of course the Superfly 5 will always run away with the headlines and the same thing goes for this pack I mean, look at it! But what you will get with the Superfly 5 is the most narrow and locked in boot of the whole pack, and that is because of this really thin, tight flyknit upper and the anatomical sole plate. Because this combination will give you a razor-sharp touch on the ball, and really make you feel fast and on your toes so you can let your instincts take over. But despite the Superfly 5 looking really good the best looking boot in the pack is the Hypervenom 3 in my opinion. Especially the low cut variation. Now the Hypervenom 3 is built to make defenders shake in their pants whenever you’re near the goal. Performance wise it will give you the softest upper of the pack and a really great, accommodating fit even for wide footed people, also it’s a lot of fun to move around in because you get this adaptive lockdown that really follows the shape of your foot wherever it goes. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to strike with. Lastly there’s the boot made for the creative players. The Nike Magista Obra 2. You get a pretty soft textured feel on the ball thanks to the knitted 3D bumps and the soft foam on the inside. And if you’re looking for that padded, elegant feel with a good amount of grip, it is a pretty good option it is a pretty wide boot, the Magista, and takes a bit of time to break in. But if you have to patience, it will end up being pretty comfortable. For me, the ‘lock in let loose’ pack has a bit to live up to coming after ‘motion blur’ which to be honest was one of my favourite Nike packs in a while. But it does a good job, it looks dangerous and actually it’s growing on me a lot, especially the low-cut Hypervenom 3. And I also gotta say, the Magista Obra 2 looks really really good. But I’d love to know what you guys think, if you let me know what your favourite Nike pack of 2017 is. And make sure that you are subscribed by hitting the green bubble over my head, one of you lucky guys can win a Nike Mercurial Superfly 5. Also, make sure that you leave me like if you had a good time and spread the word by sharing the video with your friends. With that said, signing off. Cheerio!

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  • The best pack for me this year was 100% The motion blur pack. It had all the new tech also with the amazing vibrant colours to leave the defender behind . The best boot in the pack was definatly the mercurial as its colour stood out and caused the defender chaos. This pack looks good but does have high expectations to live up too and does have nice colours and my favourite is the Superfly. Hope too ein a pair+Nice video

  • I love the Lock in let loose pack because i would love to get the ball lock it in to my feet and just play and when i come up to the goal and shoot a MEGA POWERFULL!!! shot right in to the Left top corner P.S YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Nike Time to Shine pack was the best with the nice colors that stand out with the orange and dark blue colors making the other stand out

  • My favorite pack is the the Lock in Let Loose pack because the colors just go so well. Hopefully I can win a pair through this comment because I have never seen a better looking pack

  • For me honestly….the best looking boot here is the hypervenom 3 phinnish!
    The variations of the 2 colours on the boot is spot on 👌🏽


  • This Lock In Let Loose pack is so dope. To me it's definitely the most awesome pack in 2017. Especially Superfly and the new nice Tiempo Legend VII is stealing the picture. Thanks for all the good vids and Tech Talk

  • I think the best Nike Football pack in 2017 is the "Motion Blur" pack because I like the Colour of the pack very much in combination with the clean white Colour specific the Mercurial is good in this pack. Insta Name: Henry.ostr17 Size: 11.5

  • My favorite nike pack is definitely the Motion Blur pack. It just worked perfectly with my style and I eventually got the pink and white superfly. They have been amazing and I love the colorway, except for the fact they give you blisters. But other than that, the bright colors confuses your opponents and leaves them in a motion blur.

  • Come on man, this colourway is really sick, definitely one of the most beautiful of all time. I would totally choose this pack all day long…

  • I most like the locking let lose pack because i like the black and ornage a lot and i would be really happy if i could win the superflys

  • my favourite pack is the radation pack because it gives a glow to the picth also they created the new low cut hypervenom. and the new pack now, Is good bce it show the colours for the summer. size 10

  • There's just something about black/orange/white that makes my heart melt, every, single, time. Easily my favorite pack of the year 😎

  • My favourite Nike Pack is probably the 1st ever pack with the classic yellow magistas because every time i see it somewhere it brings back up so much memories when i was the only one with the magistas in my team and everyone was so curious about how the new ankle thing works + it came out on the world cup 2014 when mario scored the winning goal with them

  • giveaway: my favorite nike pack is time to shine pack cause orane and blue are my favorite colours so, time to shine is the best

  • Nike time to Shine pack i think was the best They ever made. Loved how they placed NIKE in the inner part.

  • My personal favourite would be the motion blur pack, because i think they look amazing both in hand and on feet. My personal favourite from the pack would be the vapor.

  • my favorite nike pack is the tech craft i love a leather boot and they were very comfterable i didnt buy them cause i dont have the money but i did go to my local shop and try them on they did feel very comfortable and they did have a good touch when i juggles the ball for a minute

  • I like the lock in let loose pack the best because I love the sun and playing under it, also, the black and yellow colorway represents the two colours of day and night, that is the only space where we breathe aaand thats what sustains life. That said, I'd kill to have these boots!

  • My favorite pack is the Radiation Flare Pack… To be honest, I just like the pack because of the Superfly😂 I really like the colour of the Superfly, and I think that green and black does match together👌🏽 I hope I win the Superflys because they are too expensive to buy🙂

  • My favorite Nike color way is the motion blur pack. The white and blue just go so well together and every boot looks amazing!

  • Lock In Let's Loose, is clearly my favorite, because i fits perfect up for orange, and blackout is the new cleat trend, and it would be just my way, to play in the superfly. I'm a playmaker so it would be great, maybe the magista would fit better for me as a playmaker, but i feel comstable, in the Superfly as well. So to win this pair would be a dream for a kid-baller like me. Hoping and waiting for the winner will be picked.
    From Unisport user, and footballer.
    -Christian 12 yrs, from Denmark.

  • My favorite Nike pack was the floodlights pack. I really want the superfly because I dont have any football Boots now and I live in norway. I like all of your videos

  • I think the lock in let loose pack is the best because it is something different because you don't often see this type of colour way but the hypervenom in this back is the best looking special dynamical fit colour of the phantom 3

  • My favorite pack of 2017 is actually the lock in let loose! And I think that the superfly looks the best!

  • my favorite nike pack is the motion blur pack because I liked the way the colors make you stand out on the pitch

  • the motion blur pack because the mercurial with white and pink brings back memorys from the euro 2012 tournament. I was 11 years old and I saw Ronaldo shining on his pink and white mercurial's. good memory's

  • My favourite pack is the "Time to Shine" because it is really bright and the coulars are just amazing. I just Love it.😘❤️👍

  • My favorite Nike pack of 2017 has to be the 'Time to Shine' pack with absolute no doubt having these in my mind when Jay asks for my opinion. The Time to Shine really beats other packs because of the standing colors that they use to connect the Final of UCL that also connects to my favorite colors .Blue and yellow, as the all the silo boots include these two colors that made me super excited and desire to have these boots in my boot history.The touching of the little stars in the Nike swoosh was really impressive as they could be reflected in the dark as seen in Unisport (haha) that in my opinion is what stands the boots out.Now besides being a really nice and bright shoe, it also has a historical feature which is of course players using these in the UCL final. Players will not also be stand out with thier skills and boots but with intelligence of their mind because for example once you put on the Mercurial Superfly V and an opportunity is given to score a goal to win the game there's no turning back in sprint to reach the ball to the goal. The player will shine their abilities on their timing and physical which of course necessary in all game plays. The Superfly will enhence the player with touch as it has to a speed rip texture and bladed studs that in my opinion is the best in the store that ultimately wins the game. That was the end of comment of my opinion of the best pack of 2017. Can I get any likes please to get to the top of comments? thanks.

  • My favorite pack of  Nike Mercurial Superfly V is Lock in Let Loose. They look fantastic. Nike did the great job again.

  • I hope im not late for the giveaway. I am having a hard time deciding if it is Adidas or Nike killing it with colorways, both brands are coming out with sick colorways. Anyway my favourite Nike packs are : 3rd The Airmax pack, something we haven't seen before + good looks . 2nd Lock In Let Loose pack, reminds me of mandarins and looks Fresshh 💦. 1st (drumroll please) MOTION BLUR! Looks outstanding on every boot wall and catches eyes on on the pitch especially the mercurial 👀

  • Jay Mike please can you give me the superflys. I am 12 years old and I am right midfielder from Austria. I took part of every giveaway. But I never had luck to win a shoe.
    Please😭👍🏻🔥 My favourite pack is the time to shine pack because it is so bright. Please give the shoe to me I would be happy for my whole life.😭😍🙏🏽

  • My favorite pack of 2017 is the lock in, let loose pack. Love the colours, and the overall boots. I want to buy the mercurial one but my dad think its to expensive 🙁 so that's why i want to win this giveaway.

  • Jay Mike please can you give me the superflys. I am 12 years old and I am right midfielder from Austria. I took part of every giveaway. But I never had luck to win a shoe.
    Please😭👍🏻🔥 My favourite pack is the time to shine pack because it is so bright. Please give the shoe to me I would be happy for my whole life.😭😍🙏🏽

  • my favorite nike pack was the lock in let loose pack i love orange and yellow together. i like to use the mercurial and with the orange and black it looks really slick and i would love to use the orange and black mercurial in my next game

  • can u plz tell me which football is good for street playing + ground plz a good one
    i already wasted my money on some footballs

  • Mate, how is it such a nice day??? I live in London, it's always raining!! Only for pwg. Jay, sorry it was so cloudy.

  • I really want the Nike Tiempo Legend 7! At least I have a pair of Tiempos! My pair of Tiempos are Nike Tiempo Rio III FG!

  • My favorite Nike pack of 2017 is the high cut hypervenom phantom 3 in the lock in let lose colorway cause the nikeskin is so comfortable and the whole boot gives you a dynamic fit. it looks amazing and i think the strings around the laces give you a better fit and is better when you doing sprints and big runs

  • Hey there l like to do freestyle and l really really love PWG.l liked the Nike mercurial superfly it is pretty cool studds for freestyle

  • Hey there l like to do freestyle and l really really love PWG.l liked the Nike mercurial superfly it is pretty cool studds for freestyle

  • Low cut Hypervenom is unbeatable. By far the best boot and the most comfortable i've ever had, alongside the Hypervenom 1

  • Il devrait y avoir un présentateur qui parle français parce que la le titre est en français mais on comprend rien

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