Selling Over $1M On StockX TOP RESELLER (1 of  2)

Selling Over $1M On StockX TOP RESELLER (1 of 2)

Yellow peaches Aisha boy AJ and I’m DJ and we are the DNA show and we are here today with a special guest Hey, what’s up guys? My name is Brandon Canard I’m like a sneaker reseller and collective I’m talking about like what I do and how I do it he’s not just like, uh, he is the The goat right here if y’all don’t know let’s put the goat you voted you out of right here. Oh Yeah, this is the guy he’s been doing this thing for a couple years now, right, yeah Three years now. We’ve been seeing him all over the place. He’s from where we’re from. This guy has been doing this thing Super young cat very inspiration of a see his cry and you’re the only way your friends would be doing what you’re doing, right? Uh, yeah, there’s a few of my friends. We like we want to do what I do They just don’t put in the work and time to do it, right and they heard that it just comes to them But they actually have to go out and get it right So this is a super inspirational story to see this cat crying and doing what he’s doing So we’re gonna get into this interview and just pick your brand a little bit, bro Yeah, you know DJ what got you into reselling you would you start Oh So I started reselling like two years ago after it sounds like a collector and I always like collected like basketball shoes and stuff I didn’t know much about Jordans like Just few years back Until I went into a store and Portland called index and they’re the ones who kind of like taught me a lot that I know So I’ll start going there like Nike outlets and stuff and bringing them shoes and I’d make like twenty thirty dollars a shoe But I’ve burns only ten or fifteen shoes or a start and you know and then I just started like seeing how much money is to be made from this and gotten Just like started doing it more and asking my parents to drive me places and just stuff like that Asking this famous to drive in places these two have the after pairs the drug. Oh Yeah, I do Also, my sister drives me around fighters. And so that’s good. But yeah, yes, I mean we started in the game That’s kind of where we I mean the employees store for us was like heaven right? I didn’t get it from the employee store yeah, I personally couldn’t afford it because I Personally couldn’t afford it but Yeah, I mean living where we where we live. We’re kind of we’re in a place where we’re at an advantage for sure Yeah, so does that definitely help you? It’s so like with the employee store. I I’m actually banned from the employees or from reselling so I just have my mother There for me. Yeah and the 20 people go in there each week for me just to give me oh Yeah. Yeah, it’s a crazy process when you’re Being a reseller in the state of Oregon Everybody’s on their high horse that works at the stores It’s a little bit different trying to get in there and get the plug compared to being in a different city or state. Yeah Yeah, I mean, I know a bunch of employees. I’m not gonna disclose any names whatsoever You know, I’m like all for a grind But I know a bunch of employees who resell So I think it’s funny that a lot of the employees are no resale are the ones that are lucky Oh, you resell, you know you do this a night and it’s kind of like I think it’s really contradictory So I understand it from a Nike standpoint They don’t want you to be buying up all the pairs that people are gonna actually wear Russ For the employees the trip that resale themselves Yes, we like I mean and like you said I know quite a few employees and a lot of them actually Work at the store around there, right? And they Resell as well. So it’s just like they get like pissed at meanne, but then they’re doing it there So you started with the outlet just kind of hug. Yeah, like MLK and then also the employee store but I The reason I got banned from the employee store was because I was like little less I was didn’t know I guess you could say so I was just going in there and like name shoes That kind of screwed me over. Yeah, so, you know, we also have an organ Ideas, which is, you know, a very integral part of the sneaker culture here How would you say it differs from being able to get a Nike shoe from Ana do shoe, you know, like reselling it? um, I mean Nike is Definitely much easier to get Portland and it’s also like much easier to sell Like last summer the year and a half ago indeed. This was the thing. Everyone wanted to be this getting like Adidas shoes You just sort of like instantly and everyone wanted it So it’s just it changes over time, but Nike has definitely always been the easiest occur. So easy one boost Is another and then you got easy boost was just like a piece of his own But if you have an easy with boost, it sounds like okay, right, but then the prices have plummeted on knees Yeah residual in its like that’s one thing that’s different about me is a lot of resellers They’ll they just try and get hundreds of hundreds of pairs and ez-zor like all the hyped releases But I don’t really like go like everyone thinks that I use pauses and stuff but what I mainly do is just buy off of other people and then buy from like Stores who have like sales and stuff like that Got you you got a list of people made your phone you like keep a list you write down a list of people or like How does the word uh, well, yeah I just sound like my contacts of like store owners and stuff and they all just come to me if they have shoes that they can’t sell order o Myself, so that’s hard. So, okay The thing is a lot of people don’t resale because one They don’t know how to get the shoe that resells and two I think that if a shoe sits They can’t make anyone directly an insight When it comes to that Everyone think something like I don’t think any money or they just think my parents pay for her but in the end I just buy shoes I make ten twenty thirty dollars on but I just made quantity over like making one hundred dollars to enjoy a shoe that’s a lot of people if you get Ten shoes and you sell them and make 30 bucks apiece. You got someone yeah Yeah, if you trying to get that one shoe just to make a hundred bucks and do all this work It’s like what I like to sell them welcome. Yeah, but warm doesn’t sound like it works, but it works It’s like for me I started sewing like one pair two pairs a week and it just started groaning girl Like 150 300 pairs a week just opinion on this not crazy. So right now you are number one on stockades, uh Not positive don’t know anymore. You don’t know. Yeah, but you were though I was yeah number one seller on stock ex Does that be for you robber so I mean doesn’t anything? it does but then at the same time it’s like It’s whatever because It’s just like oh, I don’t know an exploit Yeah, I’ll be at the end of the day like when you put your head down if you grind you don’t know work that it Takes to put into it Yeah, this is something that like you’ve been told first consistently for a decent amount of time yeah, they’re probably just more focused on getting it done and actually like get to actually so yeah, really I care less about how many sales I have or like the shoes I have I just like I Just like having like selling shoes and have you know, come in and Justine it Definitely don’t process when you come in you get a bulk amount of shoes And you get to go through them and go to that process. That’s the part you love about selling shoes that you love about Collecting sneakers because every time you get to pull out that one pair of the collection and keep it for yourself Yeah, that’s always cool. Yeah for sure So I got one question that’s really important for resellers is How do you feel about the negative stigma of resale? I think that’s for you know everybody has their opinion on what it means to resume and even the people who resell like we were saying are judgmental to other people who resell whether that’s out of jealousy or you know in some claim that You know as I vote you in the game, there’s no such thing as reselling differently selling. You know, how do you battle that? I mean it’s like in the end in twenty

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