Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 Multi-Sport Shoes

Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 Multi-Sport Shoes

An excellent cross over option for fast and
light hiking or trail running, the Solomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 is a true multi sport shoe. Excellent support and comfort in the XA Pro
3D Ultra 2. You can see here at the heal a solid piece. That is Solomon’s 3D chassis
that runs through the shoe and gives it excellent support. You have got EVA foam that runs throughout
the mid sole, increases cushioning and, obviously, gives an extra measure of comfort. Some beefed
up energy two cell foam here near the forefoot, so where you are taking a lot of potential
abuse you have got some additional cushioning underfoot there. There is a stability platform here in the
interior of the shoe. So, again, beefs up arch support and helps to combat over pro
nation, increases and improves stability in the shoe. Inside you have got a removable ortho light
foot bed which provides additional cushioning under foot. The mostly mesh upper makes this
a well ventilated shoe, also helps to keep the weight down. Should the shoe become wet,
it also dries very quickly. There are numerous overlays on top of that
mesh upper that improve durability and also allow the show to cinch down for a more secure
comfortable fit when you are utilizing Solomon’s quick lace system. The XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 is built low to the
ground so a nice stable platform, great contact throughout the usage, throughout your stride.
The platform here is a 21 millimeter heel height and an 11 millimeter four foot height,
so a 10 millimeter drop, not a minimalist shoe by any means. Does have a little bit
of that foreword cant that you find in a majority of shoes on the market. The bottom of the shoe you have got Solomon’s
contra grip out sole, so excellent rubberized texture. Also deep lugs. So regardless of
the terrain under foot you know you are going to have the traction you need for backpacking,
for hiking or for trail running. There is also a solid rubber toe cap on the shoe. Should
you run into any rocks, roots along the way, that is going to take the brunt of the impact
and save some damage to your toes and toenails. With its combination of support, durability
and protection, the XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 is a great option for trail running, backpacking,
hiking or any combination of the three.

7 thoughts on “Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 Multi-Sport Shoes”

  • My sole on my Salomon XA 3d ultra 2 lasted 130km and the outer sole started peeling off. Took the shoe back and recieved a new pair…. they only lasted 30km with the same fault! the outer sole peels off!

  • i just bought these shoes in olive/black/moss i LOVE them. only thing is im a 10 and a half and had to get a 9 and a half

  • I have used two pair of these with GTX … they are great all-round tracking and trail running shoes…. the cons are> (1) the grip is poor over wet hills, roots and over snow, (2) the fabric of the upper top front of the shoe breaks after a year or two. I would like to see the same kind of outer sole as on the X ULTRA GTX hiking shoes or XT Wings 3 or possible Speedcross 3 CS, which I believe have better grip, yet prob. not as durable.  

  • I bought this exact pair of shoes in March of 2014.  By July, less than 4 months of normal trail-running use later, they were torn completely across the mess on the top of the foot on both shoes and were unwearable.  I tried to return them, but Salomon said the wear was "inconsistent with normal wear" and refused to replace them.  Inconsistent???  All I ever did was run groomed local mountain trails with a bit of elevation gain.  This was my first pair of Salomons and I was excited to finally try them.  What a disappointment in the product and customer service.  

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