Rock Climbing Care and Safety : Shoes : Proper Footwear for Rock & Mountain Climbing

Rock Climbing Care and Safety : Shoes : Proper Footwear for Rock & Mountain Climbing

Hi! My name is Dan, and I am here with Expert
Village today to talk to you a little bit about climbing shoes. Some of the things to
look for in a climbing shoe is the shape of the toe box. You want it to closely mimic
the shape of your feet, which is sort of hard to do. Your toes are typically going to be
fairly tightly crunched into your shoes to assure that the whole shoe is filled by your
foot. When putting a shoe on, you want to make sure that the laces are already opened
and expanded so you can get your foot in and be able to feel just how and where your foot
sets into the shoe. This particular type of shoe is a lace up. They do also make a Velcro
shoe, which is typically a little bit easier to get into. You also notice I am not wearing
socks. While socks do help for wicking away sweat, they also add a little bit more mass
to your foot and don’t let your shoes fit quite the way they are supposed to. They are
supposed to hug your whole entire length of your foot. So now we have the shoes on. A
few of the things you might want to think about before purchasing a pair, is what kind
of climbing you are going to be doing, as certain shoes have a more aggressive sole
and different arch support. So advanced climbers typically go for a more aggressive shoe, whereas
beginner climbers typically start with a less aggressive shoe. There are also different
options for types of material on the uppers: leather versus synthetic. Leather will take
a mold of your foot a little bit better than a synthetic shoe will; and also what kind
of rubber is on the bottom. Some rubber’s perform better when cold and some hot, and
some are more durable than others. Those are a few of the considerations you want to think
about for buying a pair of climbing shoes.

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