Retail Arbitrage At Marshalls - Selling Nike Shoes On Amazon

Retail Arbitrage At Marshalls – Selling Nike Shoes On Amazon

what's going on guys Josh here and we are outside Marshalls fixing the head in and do a little retail arbitrage we're on the hunt for those Nikes those ideas those Reeboks those Under Armour shoes we're here at the first Marshalls of the day gonna see what kind of profits we can find so check it out guys going into Marshalls is not something I typically show you guys you guys know I'm heavy into used media books DVDs and CDs but I do source other areas I do source other categories I just don't do them as often as media it is very important to diversify what you sell on Amazon the more diversified you are the less slow season you're going to incur we're coming around that time where things are gonna start to slow down just a bit if you're sending in different products in different categories your sales are gonna be able to remain more consistent as we go into this summer slump just like you shouldn't rely on Amazon is a single source of income or a single platform you need to diversify so let's head in and see what we find this is all we got guys we got two pairs let's get that's all I had in there all right everyone so let's go over a few of those shoes that I left behind because as you should know by now I don't just want you watching me go and do retail arbitrage or online arbitrage I want to teach you how to do it so we'll go over a few examples and I'll tell you exactly why I left these shoes behind so the app I'm using to do this is Scout a Phi 2 and that is the app that is given to you with a inventory lab subscription just another great reason to go ahead and get inventory lab so that's the app we're using and you see it's already got it pulled up here there's the ACE in target cost now the target cost is based on what I put into my settings for my desired ROI which is 30% it's really cool that it lets me know how much the product should cost if I want to make that 30 percent ROI down here you see it's 10,000 rank which is a great rank for a shoe this price is 67 74 that's the lowest FBA offer currently so after it sells for that price I'll get back a return of 50 dollars and 92 cents but I do have to subtract my buy cost from that so this particular shoe was $34.99 and if you add sales tax into that you're gonna be paying around 38 so 50 92 – 38 is 12.9 t 2 cents not really what I want to make when I'm looking to buy shoes so even though the rank on the shoe is incredibly good this shoe is gonna sell relatively fast there's just a not enough profit on here to make it worth me spending that $34.99 terr is a adidas and this one is the energy cloud at sea target cost is 47 19 again that's based on my 30% ROI that I have in my settings 50,000 rank in a fashion which is still very very good list price is $89.99 once it sells out get back sixty six dollars and sixty cents – my bi cost so the cost of this shoe was $39.99 so you figure with tax are gonna come in around forty three forty four so we'll say sixty six sixty minus forty four you're gonna get a return of twenty two dollars and sixty cents which is about fifty two percent so definitely a better ROI it's something that I want to see when I'm looking at shoes if I'm spending more money on shoes I want to get more money back so I really do shoot for at least 50% return on investment or better for shoes but I did have to leave these behind because the shoe size in the Box did not match the outer box all right so here's the last one we'll look at in this particular one I was actually kind of on the fence about and I'll tell you why but I'm glad I left it behind target cost on this one is thirty-eight eighty five rank on it is a hundred thousand not bad in shoes list price again 68 65 is the lowest offer when I sell it for that price I'll get back fifty four dollars and 67 cents so the buy cost on this one was $29.99 with tax you'll figure about thirty three so fifty four 67 minus thirty three you're gonna get a return of $21.67 in profit if you sell that that's 68 65 which is way above that fifty percent ROI threshold so at a first glance you know this shoe meets all the requirements that I like right it's got a pretty good rank and it's gonna make more than 50 percent ROI so everything looks good and that is why I was kind of on the fence about this but I don't know why something told me maybe I should not buy this one so I did leave it behind and going back and actually pulling this up now I'm looking at it it's price has dropped the lowest offer on it is now $49 with the next one being 52 the rank has also gone up considerably it's about 250,000 now so I'm kind of glad I left it behind but honestly I'm still kind of on the fence because once these two offers sell out then the next price is a hundred and ten so if you want to play the waiting game it's quite possible you can make more money on this shoe it's just a little bit of insight until what I look for when I'm trying to buy shoes or really trying to buy any kind of resale arbitrage our online arbitrage product it really comes down to three different factors and that's profitability that's buy cost and that sales velocity I'm looking at these three things to koala five buys for my business like I said guys I'm not an expert in shoes by any means but I do go out at least once a month and source shoes to go ahead and send those in to Amazon and put that extra padding into my profits every single month to make sure that sells are consistent if you're not selling in different categories and different products you're leaving yourself open to slow seasons don't let it happen to you guys go out there and scan scan scan and find those things that you can sell my name is Josh everyday FBA comm is the website and I'll see you guys on the next hustle

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