Reebok ZQuick 2.0 Running Shoe Unboxed

Reebok ZQuick 2.0 Running Shoe Unboxed

Hi guys. My name is Maggie Lane, and thank
you so much for joining me today on my amazing, fit journey to sustainable health and fitness.
Okay, my boss was so nice that he gave me a beautiful Christmas present, because he
knows that I am embarking on this wonderful journey. And inside is obviously a pair of
shoes, but I do wonder what kind, from Reebok. I love Reebok, it’s such a great company.
It’s actually called the ZQuick 2.0. So we’re going to check it out and see what it looks
like. And so I’m going to go ahead and open it up, because every fitness—oh my gosh,
look how beautiful that is! These are my favorite colors. I love blue, green. Blue, green, turquoise.
And it looks nice with a nice finish of white. Wow, it’s so beautiful, I just don’t know
what to say, I’m speechless. Oh my goodness. On every journey you want to make sure that
you have the perfect pair of shoes for comfort, sustainability, safety, and flexibility, not
only with that support alongside it, depending on your individual foot, and I hope that these
feel as amazing as they look. I hope they do. All right, guys. Thank you so much again
for joining me on my sixty days to wearing nice comfortable shoes, and a fit and fun
lifestyle, with that balanced approach. These are awesome shoes, so if you really like them,
and want to see what they’re like in action, just like I do, you can click the link below
and it will take you directly to where the shoe is. Thanks, guys. My name is Maggie,
and I can’t wait to see you again, so remember to subscribe and leave a comment below.

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