React Infinity Run | Behind the Design | Nike

React Infinity Run | Behind the Design | Nike

I think we’ve done a great job learning and understanding how different products and services make athletes faster. I think one of the opportunities is to understand how do we protect runners from injury. We went for a more cushioned midsole with the React foam that we’re using. It’s incredibly resilient, but it’s also incredibly durable. We widened the nets to provide the stability that athletes are going to look for. A lot of work optimizing the geometry. We changed the rocker we call it to make sure we have this incredibly smooth transition or ride. We have a new Flyknit upper, it’s actually a three layer mesh which allows it both to be sturdy and breathable. At the end of the day we’re always trying to make athletes better and part of being better is not being hurt. It’s a great first step on our journey to that north star of no runner should get injured.

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