Rate My Shoe | Nike Free

Rate My Shoe | Nike Free

This is Katherine Kubarek, Nurse
Practitioner here at Lexington Podiatry and we are doing another session of RATE MY SHOE. these types of shoes I used to only wear before I started working here.
when I started working here, I realized no, these are not good shoes. I should
definitely not be wearing these shoes. The reason is because there’s not a
lot of support. You see how much flexibility there is. You can fold
them up like a burrito. If you have this shoe, you don’t have to throw it away…
it’s okay for you to wear it here and there. You just do not want to wear it
when you’re going grocery shopping, when you’re doing lawn work and you’re gonna
be on your feet for a long time. I recommend Asics, Brooks – those are
really good stability shoes and definitely maybe get an orthotic put in.
Drop us a comment below let us know how we’re doing and what you
like what you don’t like and if you have any recommendations on shoes you would
like for us to rate, we would be happy to do so! Thank you!

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