Quickie How-to Gladiator Sandals

Quickie How-to Gladiator Sandals

Hey ThreadHeads I am here with Kristen of the fabulous blog, Glitter ‘N Glue Kristen, thanks for being here! Thank you for having me on this fabulous show! Everything is so Fabulous. Omigosh we’re Jazz Hands right now So, you just got back from Hawaii, and you were rocking your DIY Gladiator Sandals all over Hawaii (All over) And what I’m liking about this project is that you can literally take one pair of flip flops and turn them into a countless supply of sandals I simply took one of my scarves, and cut it in half so that it’s equal on both sides The thing about these is that they do need to be the long scarves, so take that end Yes, alright, we’re working with ALL this So, I know some people may be thinking, “Ok, if I cut it in half, then I’m going to have this RAW edge on the side But I personally don’t have a problem with the raw edge, sew that right up the edge and then you have a clean seam there, and then you are ready to get to work So you’re gonna take your piece in the middle, equally in the middle, and then you’re gonna the the loop and slide it under the thong part, and you’re gonna take the edges and just slide it on through Now you’re simply just gonna take both pieces, separate them, and then this is when you’re gonna start the wrapping. So it doesn’t really matter whichever way you decide to go But you’re gonna simply wrap around the part of the flip flop so that you’re covering it. It’s really easy . And I’ll wrap that about 3 times. And then if you just spread it out so that it really covers it and then you just do it to the opposite side as well So, there’s many more ways to tie the Gladiator, I personally like, we’ll call it the “Come from behind” Where you criss-cross the frabric underneath your ankle Criss-cross it behind the heel and then wrap it around your ankle There you go. Well thank you so much Kristen, I’m sure everyone’s gonna love this project It’s super easy and versatile, (OPTIONS), We like the options, (OPTIONS) It’s all about the options Yes. And ThreadHeads, you should definitely go check out Kristen’s Blog, Glitter ‘n Glue She has a ton of projects on there that I’m sure you would love to check out Very easy to do and attainable Jazz Hands We’re gonna Jazz Hands you off, and maybe throw these in there I can snip

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