Proper Lacing of Running & Training Shoes

Proper Lacing of Running & Training Shoes

Ever wonder what the extra eyelet on your
running or training shoes is for? We will show you what it is for and how to use it
properly. The extra eyelet on the top of the running/training shoe is put there for a means
of enhancing the fit of your shoes. To use this eyelet properly just take your
lace and make a loop in each eyelet. Than take your laces and criss cross the laces
through the loops and pull tight. By pulling tight, you can see how this causes the collar
and heel of the shoe to tighten up. Now tie your shoes as you normally would. This will
enhance the fit of the shoes and reduce heel slipping. That is the purpose of the extra
eyelet on the top of your athletic shoes. Try it and let us know if this video helps
with the fit of your running/training shoes. Visit us online at

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