Perfect homemade shoes Part-1 (Audio book)

Perfect homemade shoes Part-1 (Audio book)

This series is about my story of finding the perfect footwear, which I believe I’ve found.
I’ve spent a long time in search of the perfect shoe which I could slip on and go anywhere, while totally being unaffected by weather condition or any condition. I
tried to find the essence the very ‘idea’ of the shoe or the fundamental requisite of, what makes a shoe, a shoe. Now this idea seems a bit too far-fetched, even I find it a little preposterous but at the end of the day,
I can’t walk barefoot. All shoes in common sense have two primary functions to perform.
One is to protect the sole of the foot from the ground in walking and standing
and the other is to protect the upper part of the foot, and if required, the leg from the outside environment. Shoes nowadays satisfy all these requirements in
one single integral unit. But I thought the pros of having them separate, outweigh the cons of its counterpart; here’s why first you can choose your upper dependent
on the climate situation you’re in. if it’s hot you wear it barefoot. If it’s cold you
were a thick, heavily insulated upper thus completely eliminating the
redundancy of having at least two shoes each for different seasons. And secondly
that very reason also makes it incomparably easier the maintain. Conventional shoes, due to their enclosed design cannot be washed and dried promptly,
and in the field there’s little to be done about bacterial growth and dampness
within, which in severe cases may potentially cause some infamous medical
conditions, such as ‘Trench foot’. Sadly all we can do about is just putting your feet back again in that stinky, soggy piece of leather. But the sandal and sock combination, being completely modular, they can be exchanged anytime. If it’s wet or dirty,
just replace it with spare. After series of failed attempts on finding the
best sole construction method, I could have found my answer from the past. You
can see all my failures in my blog, which is linked down in the description. If you
have interest in this project I recommend you to visit. At this point, some of you might ask why not just buy sandals, I mean why should you’ve had to
make it yourself, anyway. Simple answer to that is, I don’t find them virtuous. I
mean it’s true it’s easier that way But unfortunately, nearly all modern shoes nowadays are nothing more than fashion. Say, what’s the big difference of all the shoes you have, except that they have different embelishments and some other imperceptible variations you’ll find almost all of them are heavily biased on styles and forms, completely missing the point of what makes a shoe, a shoe. And
as forementioned, I wanted only the very essence of it. And incidentally, I couldn’t bear the fact that if I don’t make it myself, there’s no
options other than standing on injection molded polyurethane till the day I die. Now, tell me that I have intentions and motives that you find
questionable and being extremely finicky but I don’t wanna leave any trace of my
existence on this planet, and even if I do, most definitely not in the forms of polymer waste. Many of you would disagree with what I just said in this video, or regard this entire argument as an utter sophistry; just to be sure I’m not claiming
this system must replace the conventional one and I’m fully aware that each has
their own advantages; the bottom line is in this century of peace and prosperity,
where style persecutes the function of an object and mere appearance is
considered to be everything, it’s just a matter of preference; we put on whatever
we find visually pleasing. Beside what kind of crazy people would make
their own shoe and wear it around nowadays. The goal of this project is to provide a new paradigm; we need to rethink and redefine what shoe really is. In our next video we’ll take a look at my successful prototype in detail and the mount method of it

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