Perfect Clothing Combo? | Sports Jacket + Jeans = AWESOME | How To Wear Jackets With Denim

Perfect Clothing Combo? | Sports Jacket + Jeans = AWESOME | How To Wear Jackets With Denim

Sports jacket with jeans, easily one of my
favorite clothing combinations. Three reasons why. Number one, it’s flexible. You can dress it up, you can dress it down. Depending on the sports jacket depending on
the jeans, you can take off the jacket and simply it’s going to look good. Two, it’s a step above average. It’s not like wearing a suit it’s not like
wearing a tuxedo. This is something that you know people will
look at it and it’s just slightly better. They don’t know why, but you look like the
man in charge. And finally, number three, sports jackets,
they build up the shoulders they slim up the waistline they just make you look stronger
and more masculine. In today’s video, gents, how to wear a sports
jacket with jeans and look amazing. Tip number one to wearing a sports jacket
with jeans is to wear the right sports jacket. So, you don’t want to wear a jacket that is
actually part of a suit. If you have one suit and it’s navy blue and
you think that I can wear this jacket with my jeans and look great, don’t do that because
you want to have your suit your go-to suit ready when you need it. And if you wear them as separates, what can
happen is they can start to discolor, you can stain it and you end up ruining your suit. Just don’t do that, go buy another jacket. Now, with all clothing, I always talk about
fit, function, and fabric. That’s your style pyramid. So, first of the fit, if it doesn’t fit you,
don’t wear it. You know I’ll link to infographics in the
description where I talk about the fit of jackets, but first pay attention to the shoulders. It needs to fit you right in the shoulder
points. Then, look at the sleeve length, you can actually
get this adjusted, you can actually get the sleeves even slimmed up. Look at the jacket length, it can be a little
bit longer if you’re a tall man, a little bit shorter if you are shorter than average,
but in general you want to make sure that it just barely covers your buttocks. And then, you want to look at the overall
fit in the chest and the torso area. This can times often be adjusted especially
if you’ve nailed it in the shoulders. Now, there are other things to pay attention
to. I’ve talked about the actual function of the
jacket and that means the style all those other aspects. You want to pay attention to proportions,
you want to pay attention to, you know, the pockets right here. These are going to be, you know, if you’ve
got a ticket pocket like I do on this, that’s going to make it a little bit more casual. You want to look at the lapels, you want to
be looking for notch lapels. You can also look for sport lapels. Those are going to have a little bit of a
tab over here because they are meant to be closed up. The point being make sure the look of the
jacket is going to be on a sports jacket more sporty more casual. Now, let’s look at the fabric. Guys, a wide variety. I highly advice men first look at blues. So many different variations of blue. Obviously, I’ve not a navy blue here. You can’t see it exactly, but it’s got a small
bird’s eye pattern in this if you were to get up close, but many different variations
out there. You’ve probably seen me wear this, it’s a
tan. It actually has a little bit of white with
a dark brown with a lighter brown, but from a distance it looks like a tan. Now, this gold one which many of you guys
have seen me wear, I love it. This is actually, again, has a repeating patterns. When it comes to patterns, normally you don’t
want to look for stripes. Stripes you would see in a suit they usually
means business, but you can see sometimes a check, you can see a little bit thicker
or heavier of a fabric, that’s cool as well. But, pay attention, again, to the fit, to
the function, to the fabric. Let’s move on to the jeans. All right, gentlemen. So, at this point I want to introduce you
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price. Tip number two to wearing a sports jacket
with jeans. Select the right jeans. That sounds simple, right? Guys, I still see so many men messing this
up and they do this because they wear jeans that are way too light in color or they wear
distressed jeans, they wear jeans with holes in them. Understand that if you’re going to wear them
with a sports jacket, they need to actually be a little bit dressier. So, you want to go with dark well-fitted jeans. Don’t go skinny don’t go loose, you want to
go with a straight cut. You want to go maybe with a slim cut. But, those are, you know, you don’t want to
go super skinny on that, it just doesn’t match the profile. Now, when it comes to the fabric, again, you
want to go for a heavier weight denim something that usually I prefer the indigo. I think that’s going to match just a wide
range, it’s going to go with all of the blue various types of sports jackets. Now, you can easily break it up by bringing
in a tan, by bringing in that gold some of those maybe an olive green, that’s still going
to look great with the indigo blue. Now, you can go with grays, you can go with
a dark gray you can go with a black you can go even with a maroon. I’ve seen that work really well. You can go with khaki jeans. All of these I think are going to be third
or fourth choices after you’ve got one to two pairs of really good dark blue jeans. Now, lighter blues, I don’t think work as
well, but one thing to avoid with your jeans don’t go with anything with a lot of flashing,
you know, sequence on it or anything like that. It just doesn’t fit. Again, with the level of, you know, again,
we’re not formal, but we definitely aren’t casual with this. This is going to be a little bit more business
casual and that’s what we’re shooting for with this combination. Tip number three. Bring in the right types of shoes. So, what you want to avoid are shoes that
are too formal; patent leather, most black formal shoes. We’re talking Balmoral oxfords. They are a little bit too dressy for this. In fact, many laced shoes the only ones maybe
brogues maybe derbys, you can try to be bring in, but I like to go for loafers I like to
go for a monk-strap. I really like for you to try to bring in a
dress boot. I think this is a great time mixing it with
the casualness of the jeans and to bring in something like this just beautiful. This is the time to wear the dress boot, a
wide variety of brands out there. Maybe you want to bring in a Chelsea, you
can do that. Look at dark browns, look at light browns,
look at oxbloods. Those are going to be your go-to shoes. Now, some of you guys prefer black. The issue with black is it’s almost too formal. It’s a little bit too harsh of a contrast. Tip number four. Wear the right shirts. So, t-shirts, I think are a little bit too
casual for most people in most situations. But, maybe if you’re the CEO of a tech company,
you are in great shape you just simply like this combination and you know how to pull
it off, you’re confident, go for it. But I think most guys are going to be served
by bringing in a collar. I think it just looks better in general. Now, you can do this and still be casual,
bringing in a polo maybe a short sleeve or a long sleeve. Some guys are against the short sleeve, I
think in hot weather you can still put it off. You can go for a casual button-down maybe
in denim or chambray or a color that, you know, maybe has a little bit of pattern to
it. Be careful though once it has brighter colors
or patterns, it’s going to be a lot harder to match with a little bit more of the formality
of the sports jacket. So, I like to keep it usually a solid or a
color that has a small pattern that can’t be seen from a distance and looks like maybe
oxford fabric or something like that. But, at that point we’re getting into dress
shirts and I think this is where it still works. Yes, you can wear the dress shirts with jeans
by slipping the sports jacket over it. I think for most guys simply looking at whites
looking at small repeating patterns, whites with blues light blues medium blues, you can
even bring in some darker colors. Again, whenever you bring in darker colors
you bring in a lot of patterns. Technically those are no longer dress shirts,
but they’re still called dress shirts. The point being you’ve got the color and you’re
making sure at this point that the colors are going to go together. Now, if you’ve got some patterns in your jacket
don’t worry as long as the patterns don’t exactly match up you’ll be able to pull it
off. So, you could have stripes in your shirt,
you could have a glen check in your jacke, that is perfectly fine. In fact, you can wear a pocket square which
brings me to point number five, we’re talking small details and accessories. Pocket squares, we’re talking neckties, you
can pull off both of those. I really like at this point that you bring
in a casual necktie, maybe a knitted maybe a wool or something that has, you know, a
non-silk version. I think that this is the perfect time to bring
in those. Some guys are going to talk about bolos. Not really my style, but maybe if you’re in
New Mexico you could pull it off. Now, pocket squares. This is where you should have a lot of fun. I like small different patterns like paisleys,
I like dots. This is where I have a lot of fun in the pocket
square, but make sure to wear a pocket square even if it’s just a simple square presidential
fold. Other small accessories to pay attention to;
your watch, bracelets, rings, perhaps even your glasses. Put a little bit of fun with them maybe bring
in different styles, bring in different colors. The great thing about the sports jacket with
the jean combination is that you are dressed slightly above everyone else out there. So, it’s one of those outfits that you can
have fun with other things you can show your creative side, you can bring in color and
at the same time you’re going to be dressed better and more stylish than the vast majority
of people out there. All right, gentlemen so now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down the comments
what did I miss, what would you have added to this video to make it better? Let me know down there. I go in the comments I engage with you guys,
I love hearing from you. And don’t forget, go check out our sponsor,
The 5th. I’m going to link to them down in the description. Let me know what particular style what particular
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go grab that free eBook. Gentlemen, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    Video Summary:
    0:51 – #1 Wear The Right Sports Jacket
    4:40 – #2 Choose The Right Jeans
    6:18 – #3 Select The Right Pair Of Shoes
    7:10 – #4 Wear The Right Shirt
    8:49 – #5 Leverage Accessories

  • Good day sir .. I just wanna ask your opinion about guys especially the asian men wearing sports jacket with shorts ? ( like chinos but shorts ) Also most of them wearing short sleeved sport jacket ( below elbow or around elbow area ) … I enjoyed all your videos and learned from them .. Thanks ..

  • I'm somewhat curious where your stance on jeans with a jacket and waistcoat is. As a photographer I love the three piece suit look but sometimes to get certain angles I have to get on the ground and such and well… not too fun if wearing suit pants. So I've adapted to something that I can wear when meeting clients and making an impression as well as shooting in by just taking off the jacket.

  • Antonio, what’s your thoughts on more flashy colored sport coats! I’ve seen some coats that I would love to try wearing but just not sure? I don’t want to be the person everyone’s pointing and laughing at yet, I like to be a little different than others. I am white and 55 however! I’m thinking red, purple, royal blue that sort of thing.

  • Thank you for reminding your viewers what a SPORTS JACKET is. Most of them think any jack , like a suit jack or blazer is a sportsjacket, which is technically incorrect. I have had "people say to me, "nice sportsjacket" when I'm wearing a blazer or dinner jacket!

  • The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to pay attention to detail while dressing. Than you for the great tips.

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  • In many modern sports jackets I see that the buttons are located too high up, and although the jacket itself has the proper length, you can still see a part of the tucked in shirt beneath it – to me this looks terrible, but what are your thoughts on that?

  • Excellent video! Antonio: I'm curious whether my Rolex Submariner (stainless w/black bezel) is versatile with navy and black suits and blazers. I suspect it may be best with a sports jacket or a blazer and a low profile watch should go with a suit (I would prefer stainless w/ a white bezel because it would go with anything) I welcome any responses!

  • London…vesper. ..that would sit on any sports jacket…layering with sports jacket Nd jeans is cool…definitely good shoes to function well like our favourite double monks or brogues

  • Hit the thrift shops, gentlemen.
    Especially if you're not rolling in cash. But take his advice and be really selective about fit and style. Take your time, pass by a bunch of maybe's, and you will eventually start finding awesome little treasures. Handsome tweed jacket for 9 bucks? I'm all over that. Stacy Adams shoes with a great "lived-in" patina to class up the jeans? Don't mind if I do. You don't have to be rich to look good.

  • One point that was missed in this video is what hand/wrist should you wear the ring, bracelets or watch on?

    Back about 20 years ago, it would have depended on which is your dominant hand (or which one you use to write/sign).
    Today, it depend on an accessory found in over 90% of the men's pocket : the smart phone.

    Which hand do you tend to hold your phone in while using it? Left or right? Usually, you also develop an habit of where you keep your phone based on the synergy between how you hold it (which hand) and what kind of clothes you're used to wear the most. For example, someone who's used to wear a polo or T-shirt usually hold their phone either in a belt pocket or, more likely, in their pant's pocket and that keeps on even if they wear a jacket with the pocket in the jacket especially made for the smartphone (with an hole for the headphone jack).

    The general rule is to wear accessories in the hand or wrist that your use to interact with your smart phone or, if you prefer, the opposite hand from which you hold your phone with. That's because having a watch with a phone on the same side seems not quite balanced… and might even look ridiculous if you consider that both does the exact same job at telling the time.

    The exception is if you wear 2 accessory such as a ring and a bracelet. If the bracelet is rather small and not bulky (such as a small leather or textile bracelet), you can wear that bracelet on your phone-hand as it's better to keep the ring on the opposite hand. And you want to avoid having both the ring AND the bracelet on the same hand while having nothing on the other hand while not holding your phone. Again, it's all about balance.

  • You can't wear denim ensemble. A jacket is cool, jeans are cool. A denim jacket and whatever, is cool. Jeans alone, ooer, that's a hard one. Mostly I would say don't go there, unless you're James Dean.

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  • 67 years old and have been doing the jeans/sport jacket for many years. I like a nice button down knit vest with the shirt or just a turtle neck when weather gets chilly. Even add a scarf. Won't do the tie thing though (too dressy for jeans in my opinion).
    For years my wife has been telling me her girlfriends tell her they like the way I dress. Even get the occasional compliment from young woman, so I must be doing something right (heh heh).

  • Great video, however, I will gently disagree with the prohibition on wearing back. Black oxford lace-ups polished to a shine with a dark indigo jean and a crisp white button down shirt with a blazer or sport jacket looks very masculine and well put together. I get compliments on that combo all the time. Try it!

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    thank you
    Hassan from Pakistan

  • i got a question? i got few of my grandfather sports jackets but the one that some what fits it needs taylored but its like a baby blue. I dont ware sport jacket or suits but like to try to up my game a little dose that color still apply with the the other blues if not what will go with it? Thankyou

  • Dress jeans w/sport jacket totally one of my "bread and butter" outfits. When done right very few places are off limits to you and you either fit right in or look better than the crowd.

  • i enjoy watching this channel and i'd like to dress smarter but… i work from home 3 days a week and the rest of the time i am either at the gym or i'm hanging out with people at metal gigs/rock bars… i basically have 2 days a week in the office in which to dress smart and really there is no point – its me and my boss in a small rented office lol

    it just seems like a waste of money to go buying a new wardrobe that i will never have much cause to wear

  • Great vid. However, I don't agree with your watch brand choices. I understand that the particular brands you promote sponsor your channel, but there are far better quality brands that are near the price point of the watches you're promoting (e.g., Seiko, Orient, Citizen.) Moreover, I think it's worth saving for a fine luxury timepiece (either new or vintage) from Omega, Brietling, Rolex, etc. A fine timepiece can help make the clothes and the man.

  • Hi Antonio!
    Very imformative video. Love it. I have been wearing sports coat with jeans, it looks amazing. So, can i wear a sports coat with formal shirt and trousers? If you could do a video on that, please it would be great.

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  • I say try putting In dressy sneakers if u ever go out and want to just relax but still be dressy with ur style and some times u can do it at work if it’s allowed with your boss.

  • Incredible usefull videos. Learned a lot from you. Bought a suit last week, according to you advices. Thank you.

  • You know as much as I love a sports jacket and Jean's combo, I have never worn them on a date. I'll have to do that next time.

  • The thing I have a problem with is I have 90 percent button down collar shirts. I dress casual 90 percent of the time. Alot of people tell me button down collar is not for ties and I should wear regular dress shirts not button down collar shirts. What is your view on this?

  • Great video, again.
    Two additions. First, use distinct colors for your jacket and jeans so it doesn't looks as if you tried to put together a suit, but couldn't afford the trousers.
    Second, suit jackets often have too fine and shiny fabric to combine well with jeans. Look for jacket fabric with more texture or some pattern on it, e.g tweed.

  • As a professional horseman of 15 years, I wear this style often. Jeans are my second skin and, even when on business, I often find myself at barns and farms. I usually pair this with brown boots and a patterned buckle belt. I suggest a nice pair of true western boots. I wear a pair of saddle tan, square toe Noconas. I've had them for several years and cannot recall the exact make. I suggest you stay clear of ostrich, gator, snake, and other exotic leathers, as these are too noisy and most actual cattleman and horseman will find them pretentious. I wear indigo Wrangler 13MWZ original fit jeans on most occasions, but sometimes switch out for black whisky 13MWZ if I want to "dress it up" a little. I have several vintage tweed jackets (mostly Donegal in shades of brown) that I use, but my favorite is my paternal great-grandfather's elbow/shoulder patch shooting jacket. I can go unbuttoned or pair a tie with the outfit and often wear a red or brandy check or plaid shirt for a pop of color. I have a suede vest is sometimes layer in and was surprised how well it worked when I first tried it. The belt is always a simple, embossed belt with a nice bronze buckle. I'm careful in the choice of buckle as I find that championship buckles (or silver and brass buckles based thereon) feel gaudy and pretentious. The buckles I wear have meaning within the horse and cattle culture and do not need to stand out. They are not attention grabbing, but they do tell those in the know something about who I am. When doing farm visits, I sometimes switch out my boots for some vibram soled semi-western work boots, but I keep a cavalry brush in my vehicle to clean them before placing them in the boot box I keep in the back of my SUV. I always spray them with glycerin after walking in the muck and I polish all my boots regularly. As for headwear, I wear a 7x Coated Resistol Straw hat for summer farm visits and an Akubra Territory I wear for summer dress. I have an Akubra Pilbara I wear in winter. I know this is a bit outside of the standard fashions discussed here, but I love this combo so much that I thought I'd weigh in. Anyone who like to through a little bit of western fashion into their look us free to copy.

  • I wear a v neck, Hoodie, and sports jacket with elbow pads… combined with jeans and burgundy derbys…. I feel pretty good, even if it's too casual.

  • Oh my God, never do that! Jacket + Jeans = "has been guy style". That is the style for 50 year old guys, who want to pretend they are still cool, young and handsome despite they are not (anymore). This should be banned, except if you want people to laugh in your back. terrible. Well, I saw this style a lot in Netherlands… They are well known to dress well.

  • In western Europe the majority of men from 13-60 wear skinny pants/jeans. most of them are weak beta feminine pussies… but that combo which you say is a no no in the USA (I agree) is the norm in the EU.

  • Love your channel, but sorry … I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. I'm 57 years old and have lived in Southern California all my life. Grown men who wear sport coats with jeans looked douchie. Dressing up jeans is counter-intuitive. If you want to wear a sport coat, throw on some slacks. Perhaps your advice is for younger hipsters. To me, they always look douchie.

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  • I’m legally blind. I can see pretty well but miss a few things here and there with style. The work i do requires me to dress sharp, just wanted to say thanks for all the videos, i have changed my closet and have been getting complimented on it, thanks again

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