[Music] you [Music] hey everyone welcome back to our channel oh you mean that was unexpected today we have something really cool to do we’re gonna go to a famous tulip festival here in Oregon it’s wooden to festival but before we go we need to make a quick lunch and we’re really proud to say that this video is being sponsored by hello fresh and it’s America’s number one meal kit and I probably should wear this see you’re gonna need that why the one to take charge and I yeah and you just tell me what to do I can’t tell you what to do I love that it is an easy one it’s supposed to be done in like 20 minutes whatever making it beef bowl go a bit boss dude looks good okay directions right here that’s cool so so that means definitely I can do it I need the directions are very clear yes the first step we have to cook the rice hello fresh is simple hello fresh makes cooking in the kitchen a reality with easy to do recipes hey that’s perfect for us you can get seasonal simple recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door every week hello fresh is now from $6.99 per serving it’s easy and enjoyable if you are always on the go like us you can spend less time meal planning and grocery shopping so you have the time to do the things you love get out of that I can’t cook mode and start cooking outside of your comfort zone by discovering new and delicious recipes and it could be characteristic care so heat a drizzle of oil [Music] what just look so good if you would like to get started with hellofresh you can get eight meals for free that’s $80 off your first month just go to hello fresh calm and into our promo code steps 80 steps of 80 it’s $80 off the first mini meals for free that’s really good that’s good we did it under 20 minutes to do a chain actually it what did you like about it it’s healthy it’s fast yeah I like the pictures and I’m more of a visual person visual learner did you like my parents being here well I have loved their reason he likes it yeah you’ve had a lot of fun I think they really liked it you think sup they’ve never seen anything like this they didn’t even know the thing about a goober thought they knew about your birthday just didn’t know how how we’re works did you like their visit good but you don’t know what I was really surprised with my mom and dad watching boy I raced review it with me yeah I got surprised I was really I was really surprised and mom was asking questions about it and yeah like if that happened to like that hey how are you after some informations forgot their truth this time that would be you but we have to be humble we do what I told you it was gonna be cold I told you your faith to second is that it’s my word against yours found anything yeah are so many options and they couldn’t do that can we come back yeah are we gonna put it tell us where you’re from people from Brazil fear really not from Brasilia thank you – no way – people I’m the third one no one has been here from Leesburg well it doesn’t look like it they’re not on the circle I have a ski cap do you want to wear that I’m good you want this one I think this one is warmer [Music] like [Music] it’s windy Sony and really cold it’s cold it’s not discord important who even knows gonna be this cold dude my brother Jack and curse to your nose asleep [Music] first [Music] what we’re gonna do in the ring so yeah it’s raining more from the hayride putty polish soul hey right yeah cuz we run Hey we’re riding for a hayride sorry it’s pretty so many colors Wow you know the one thing I read on the blog is that it was going to be muddy spice money I told myself that this is gonna be alive that’s why we don’t hit somebody here [Music] that means someone was up there look it doesn’t even work do you think they spray paint on that [Music] [Music] [Music] we’re back in Chicago why did you look at the weather today little break I always look stupid this stinks yeah that’s cute keep on looking at Sun we’re ready to go now [Music] we just use the tractor wait can we stay here what is this have to stay here I think we can wait oh yeah mr. Park [Music] now it’s gonna be freezing better my arm than our book we ready to go back shaky yeah it was raining on my side oh you think you’re gonna survive it well we don’t have fun in the apartment do they need fun there’s no Sun fiercer let’s get one like a yellow perfect nice breakfast your shoes are worse than my find me before I feel so good in here we have the heater on for a little bit that feels so good I can’t wait to get home and get him warm clothes watch a movie and cuddle with this one and that’d be pretty that would be awesome why don’t you so maybe you’re not on a good role that you would not be awesome but I’m glad we came it’s really pretty here so pretty and yeah and I’m glad we got a plant of tulip yeah now we we have to take care of it it has to bloom before it dies yeah well I the only thing is if it just doesn’t get enough Sun but that’s so weak I’m worried about we never have Sun here so yeah but where do we buy the plan to go out make memories and plant yourself a tulip just earlier they’re so creative beautiful in pray for them not to touch they’re not in the dock okay see you next time see you [Music]

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  • Happy Tuesday everyone. We are back to our regular posting day. We hope you all had a great weekend and sad to hear about the Notre Dame Cathedral. We thought we could get a glimpse of sun while we were out looking at the tulips, that didn't happen. If you haven't been to a tulip festival, we highly recommend it (go when it's sunny though). haha. We are excited to show with you the parent's surprise anniversary video next week. Big hugs to you all and have a Happy Easter (if you celebrate it).

  • The second best part of the day is cooking together. The first is getting into bed. Lovely upload guys. 💙

  • Hey buddys, it Bill from Cali, please dont be mad, husbands to husband are ok, but with all on youtube you boys are the on ly ones that i watch. Your real and love you both!

  • Beautiful flowers. I just love your videos. You guys are so cute and awesome. I would like to have a relationship like yours someday. 🤞😍
    Also, I recently received my order of the coffee mug. I love it!!! Take Care!!! 😘💞

  • Meninos me orientem como faço para comprar uma caneca e uma camisa da grife de vcs!! Bjs e feliz Páscoa a vcs e toda a familia!!

  • Que cumplicidade show.
    A cada história contada e vivida por vocês mostra o quanto precisamos de amor uns com os outros.Satisfacao em sempre assistir os vídeos e sobretudo ver que estão felizes.

  • Amei ver as tulipas. Eu pensava que só tinha Tulipas amarelas e vermelhas. Mas tem várias cores. Se eu estivesse aí eu acho que compraria uma de cada. Por sinal quanto custou a que vocês compraram em valor de dólares e em reais?

  • Thanks for the good wishes in the Easter, also for you. two many blessings. I'm glad to see your videos because they convey that love of a couple and I like it a lot. I do not understand them very much because I do not know the English and Portuguese language, I use the translator in Spanish to understand them. I will continue to see them because they transmit joy through their publications. Big hug to the two, always stay together forever.

  • Another great video guys. Meal looked good from the hot chefs ! Tulip farm was so colourful despite the weather. Can’t wait for the next video. Hugs to both xx

  • I don't know what is more beautiful to see: the stunning tulips, the love of each other, you two cooking…hehehe I'd like to visit a tulip festival, but of course in a sunny day… By the way: are you allergic, Bernardo? When it's too cold, I start sneezing…I can't help it… hehe Hey, don't forget the parent's surprise anniversary video, ok? And Happy Easter to you too, guys! Always nice to see you two together! Hugs!!

  • Adam & Bernardo — Been binge watching the last month of your shows. Congrats on your marriage! Adam's parents visit was nice too. Wishing you guys much success!

  • Oi meus lindos! Adorei o vídeo novo, vcs são uns fofos, adoro vcs, que vídeo lindo vcs comas flores, que cada flor dessa dê um pouco de alegria pra vcs! Amo vcs dois! Que Deus acompanhe vcs em cada viagem que vcs fizerem e mostrar a coisa mais linda do mundo que é a natureza, bjs bjs bye bye😘

  • This is what i love 😍 rain or shine your always give your best smile.. love you gays..woop woop .🐶🐶🐶. ❤💜💚💙💛 🐕🐕🐕

  • Wow you two look great the way you express your love so caring despite the weather you still rock and give the best out of it

  • Adam and Bathes so
    I'm glad winter is behind us, I've put all my winter clothing up, and brought all the summer clothing down, what did you name your Tulip, and what color is it, hopefully it i s yellow, which is my favorite color which is a happy color, my kitchen sink is yellow, and the cabinets have gold pull knobs, so now I have a happy calming kitchen.
    Here is another thing, I was in Laguna Beach CA last weekend, an d learned that they have there own radio station that broadcasts ((worldwide)) VIA computer, so you can also listen to it on your computer, tablet or cell phone, you can download it VIA PlayStation on your cellphone/tablet, or visit this website.
    Enjoy listening.
    Long Beach CA

  • You guys look like your really are loving Portland. I just bought my second home in Adam’s neck of the woods ( West Palm Beach, Florida). Las Vegas, Nv. Is still home just not like the cold winters . Winters will now be in Florida.

  • Adam at the end u should have said to Bernardo now plant your two lips hear , get it word play on tulips , big hug guys Andrew

  • Delicioso BESO, con la mirada que se dan se expresan el.amor que se tienen,me gustan,son lindos y hacen bonita pareja. 👍👬💕🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨

  • You guys are just so cute together and I loved the recipe and I love Hello Fresh! Scallions are called spring onions here in Australia 🇦🇺 Great about your Mum & Dad too. Man those Tulips were like stunning! Love again from down under boys!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰❤️🥰🏳️‍🌈🥰😘

  • Hello good morning nice.and you try cooking learning good or game rose colour all nice ….I am deaf India like love stepsof2foreigners live yes

  • Stepsof2Foreigners : I live in Graceville, Florida. Graceville, Florida is three miles south of the Florida/Alabama State Line.This morning, Thursday morning, 2:50 A.M., it's 58 degrees outside. Does it always rain, or snow in Oregon? Does the sun ever come out? Does it ever get warm? This coming Saturday, April 27, here it's suppose to be sunny and 82 degrees. But it can get quite cold here in northwest Florida.
    Try to picture this. I was in the Navy then. I was stationed in Pensacola. When I got into work, 7:00, Monday morning, January 4, 1982, out on the flight line at Forrest Sherman Field, N.A.S. Pensacola, it was nine degrees above zero with a chill factor of 45 degrees below zero. All our planes were parked on the flight line with the wind blowing straight into the tail pipes. You cannot start a jet engine with that kind of wind blowing into the tail pipe. We had to go outside and manually turn each plane facing into the wind so the wind could blow into the intakes. Nine degrees above zero with a chill factor of 45 degrees below zero.

  • Hey, I recently subscribed to your channel and I can't stop watching all your videos! You guys are brilliant!
    I like your merchandise too especially the mug with your slogan!! However, anything dispatched from the US to the UK turns out to be super expensive and sometime a nightmare! Have you guys though of using Amazon Warehouse service to sell your stuff on the other side of the pond? This allows you assign a small stock to Amazon warehouse in Europe and when an order is placed, they package it and dispatch it locally…. it's cost effective from both sides! And more importantly, it could open a new horizon to your business growth…just some food for thought!!! (Jeez, I should ask Amazon for commission lol)
    Anyway, you doing a great, keep it up.

  • Ustedes siempre tan especiales!!!
    Compartiendo lugares espectaculares!!!
    Como de lugar del lis bellos y hermosos Tulipanes con esos divinos colores…..
    Mis bellos!!!
    Y ustedes no se preocupen como se ven ……jajaja
    Siempre están guapísimos!!!!
    Con cariño….

  • Glad you boys got to "tip toe through the tulips". You know that food was nasty….LOL. Thanks for sharing this tulipful memOry.

  • Come to the Netherlands at the end of April to visit the famous tulip fields here. And when you are in the Netherlands at 27 april, you can celebrate #kingsday (google it) with the Dutch in Amsterdam.

  • Hi, my name is George. My brother lives in West Linn , Oregon, not too far from Portland. When I went to visit him, he took me to The Wooden Shoe tulip farm. I am so glad that you both got to visit this tulip farm. I enjoy your blog very much.

  • I'm honestly obsessed with the two of you. I discovered your channel few weeks ago and Av seen almost all your videos by now. I love the love you both share. I want to have that someday. Keep doing what you're doing. Weldon

  • Ach Gottchen, seit ihr zwei hübschen Schmutzig und nass geworden….. sonst aber schöne Tulpen…..

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  • I gives me such hope that others can find the love that both of u share here on ur channel. You both are so funny and silly!

  • Hey guys, long time no chat. Hope ur both good & making memories. I'm so looking foward to catching up on ur videos, now I'm back in the U.K oh & congratulations on ur marriage lads. Really happy for you 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  • Bernardo and Adam, I love you guys. You show everyone can have love. It's wonderful that you travel the globe and show the world that gay people love the same as every one else. I don't know who is hotter, but who cares. You're a true inspiration. Thank you both and be happy forever in your marriage together. ❤

  • Great video guys, the cooking part and when you were spanking each other was everything hahaha, the farm was so cool, I mean that place looks so nice and beautiful, glad to know you had so much fun…..love you everyday guys, love you both so much …
    PD: Who are the 42 idiots who dislike this beautiful video…??🤔🤔😠

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