what was amazing was what was inside there were two paintings There are two paintings. I don’t know what it is. What do you guys think is inside? who they believe that comrades here Let us now live auctions here San Francisco actually come here and here we are crossing the Bay Bridge and this is still the center look at these beautiful buildings This city is very beautiful Well Let’s go because because I’m late leave nothing right now we look comrades We are here at the actions Here’s the storage lets go inside because it already started because let’s get started cantilevered We’re going to see one and to see how it is The people have to line up and the space is very reduced We’re going to see how much it’s going be sold There is toilet paper two bicycles A PlayStation at the bottom let’s see how at how much it goes We bought it for $160 We’re going to check that bicycle that says Kona Not sure if it’s expensive and find what we’re going to take There is a lot of trash but there is a play station This building has a lot of floors Look it has six floors of just storages Imagen how many storages are here in this building. A lot of storages That’s why there are a lot of auctions of people who don’t pay them Right now we’re going to see what unit we got And you guys already saw at how much we got it in live Right now we’re going to take everything out and I grabbed a dolly Right now we’re going to see what treasures we find Now that you see that we bought it for $160 But in total it came out to be $191with taxes Like you guys saw there is two bicycles A PlayStation In this mess, right now we’re going to see what’s good I can recover my money with this PlayStation and these two bicycles Last time I sold a play station from a storage unit for $160 With games included That what came in mind when I saw it because it’s going to pay the unit Let’s see what comes out Right now I just put lights and I’m going to take out the stuff Let me know if these bikes have a value For those who are experts I don’t know anything about bicycles Let’s see if it’s worth anything Let me know down in the comment section below for those who know about bicycles Give a like on this video If you guys like it because it really helps us on our channel Don’t forget to give this video a like A lot of bla bla bla and very few action We’re going to take everything out to show you These bikes are I good condition I like them Like always Laura is always behind the scenes I’m going to pass them to her It’s difficult to come alone to the storages A lot of people come buy storage and come alone It’s tiring for me and my respect I always have company and think twice about buying a storage unit Such took this out and this bike is very beautiful I really don’t know how much this bike cost Let’s see if it’s enough to buy us gum This Play Station You guys see that I put out rechargeable lights Because there is no outlet Hopefully this Play Station works and there is the control for it I’m only going to show you the good stuff Because there is a lot of mess I’m only going to show you the good stuff that comes out of the storage unit Look these are for people who are handicapped If it’s for that then I am going to give it away for whoever needs it Let’s move on with this bag We have an Xfinity and I think it’s used for the internet Here is the control from the Play Staion Another control I’m going to dump this out to see what’s at the bottom marca ya aquí abajo To see how much of a mess they had This is cassette from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle This is truly a vintage piece This brand new with it’s tag still on Look let’s find out what’s inside this case What do you guys think is inside? Look it’s just water balloons This is weird What’s weird is that the case is water proof Is this for the internet too I don’t know what this really is I’m goin g to check it out later I f you guys know about this leave a comment down below Listen there are things inside A charger for a phone Medicines A Fossil watch that is in condition Let’s see how much this Fossil cost There are just miscellaneous things in here Keys and a another phone Let’s see if more come out What’s this? Its heavy This is pretty And the brand is called It is embroidered and I don’t know if you can see it I’m going to leave the name down below I don’t know if it’s worth anything but it looks really interesting Another phone came out that is cracked From this mess I’m only going to show you the good stuff Because all that there is Is trash like ugly clothes Look another Nintendo Batman game New Just vintage like I said At the end I’m going to show you all the good stuff To not waste anymore time Finally! We cleaned out this storage unit Look I was testing out this skateboard from this storage All cleaned up to be ready to be given the $100 That we left for a deposit Well I’m going to show you the good stuff that came out from this storage From all of this mess and let’s go check it out We organized all of the stuff Laura is really good at organizing the things The most dangerous that we found in this stoarge was this This is the risk from buying storages Needles and look they were uncapped as well I don’t know if you can see it or not The majority of these were scattered on the floor This storage took a long time to clean everything out because were cleaning it out carefully Safety is always first Three pairs of Jordan’s came out off of the storage unit With a nice clean and they come out looking like new I’m going to sell them for $30 for the three pairs Right here we have more Nike shoes Shoes for women, a heater An old leather briefcase What was most incredible Was what was inside There were two paintings and I don’t know who is the artist is But it seem interesting That they were inside As if that briefcase was made mainly for those paintings I don’t know if you know anything about this Please leave it down on comment section below It looks like this briefcase was made for these two paintings This one as well is from the same artist I don’t know what it says on the painting But it seems really interesting Hopefully it’s worth something Here’s a backpack under good condition Like new Like always there is a lot of cables This book you can read the title of it Here we have a laser for parties Like the ones that are used in nightclubs I looked it up on the internet and it cost Around $150 to $200 and going to sell it for $30 These headphones for gaming Right here to check your blood pressure a DVD A collectable plate And I also looked this up on the internet and it cost $50 A Fossil watch Nintendo Games Amazon Alexa Gaming control for games This one is expensive too and a little over $100 new For a few $15 or $10 I can sell it for Controllers, Play Station I thought this Play Station was the newest one 4th But no it turned out to be a Play Station 3 A lot of phones came out of this storage today This is the first time a lot of phones have shown up for a storage And the bikes you’ve seen before Beautiful bikes I think we’re going to sell them around $40 each And this one as well that we’re going to give away for handdicapped We’re going to see who needs it to give it away We’ll this it If you like this give it a like Testing out the bike inside the storages Lets go We came here to throw away all the trash As you can see This will be all for this video If you liked this give it a like Subscribe if you haven’t This is reality in throwing out the trash Until next time Ba Bye

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