Once Upon a Time 5×18 Sneak Peek #2 “Ruby Slippers” (HD)

Once Upon a Time 5×18 Sneak Peek #2 “Ruby Slippers” (HD)

Ruby: Over here! This way! Right behind you. [ Sniffing ] [ Sighs ]
What is it? I lost the scent again. Ruby, it’s okay.
We’ll find your pack. That’s what you said yesterday
and the day before. [ Sighs ] It’s late. Come on. Tell me everything you know
about this land. There’s supposed to be
a lot of singing. Singing? Well, there was
in the movie. I saw it in Storybrooke.
I think it was a book, too. Ruby, this isn’t
a book or a movie. Well, whatever it is, there’s no trace
of my pack’s scent. I don’t think they were
ever here to begin with. Well, we better
start looking for a way back to
the Enchanted Forest. [ Sniffs ] Wait. [ Creature growling ] [ Whimpering ] It’s okay.
[ Chuckles ] I think I know
who this little guy is. Toto? Dorothy: I wouldn’t do that
if I were you. Toto only barks
for one reason — when he has sniffed out
a witch. Who is it?
Who’s the witch? He’s not barking
because I’m a witch. It’s… [ Whimpering ] Ruby, it’s okay.
You can tell her. I’m — I’m part wolf. But there’s nothing
to be scared of. See? [ Whimpers ] Wait. Don’t. Toto! Dorothy:
Why did you do that? Toto! Well, let us help you. You’ve done enough. You’re going
the wrong way. Now you’re
an expert on Oz? No. But I can tell you
[Sniffs] he’s headed northwest, straight into the wind. through a juniper field,
into a valley of pines. Come on. [ Wind whistling ] No. Mulan: What is it? The Wicked Witch. Let’s go! ♪♪

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  • The time of all of this is confusing… make it seem like it was a long time ago but didn't red make in appearance just recently a season ago or something like that? Surely she would have mentioned what the wicked witch did to her…I know it's hard to keep things perfectly timed together…

  • I think they made a mistake with the caption. Whoever was editing it probably accidentally copy and pasted the "Land of Oz Many Years Ago" caption that was on "Our Decay" The original source for this clip took it down so I guess they probably realized the mistake.

  • Red Warrior!!! <3 …but "many years ago"?? it was probably months ago.
    it wouldn't be the first time they make a mistake in the caption…

  • Okay, so everyone thinks the LGBT is gonna be Mulan and Red. I have another say.
    The LGBT is gonna be Dorothy and Ruby.

    My evidence? As follows:
    1. The Title of the episode. Ruby slippers. Some tv shows have episodes as the name of a new ship or couple. At first I thought it was because the slippers were Ruby but in this they are silver. It's the ship name.
    2. ABC had a picture not released but some people found that shows Dorothy handing Red a flower. In a promo picture posted by ABC, that same flower is tucked into Ruby's belt.
    3. At 1:19, Ruby looks at Dorothy. Some looks were exchanged and Dorothy looks quite impressed with her skills of tracking.

    I ship it as much as I ship CaptainSwan, WHICH IS A LOT.

  • How can it be many years ago, Ruby was in Storybrooke not too long ago. Unless the other lands are in a different timeline to Storybrooke, but they have never told us this.

  • They made a description mistake: first one was with Ingrid (deleted
    scene; s04e10), then Arthur (s05e04), with Merlin (s05e07) and now.

  • Dorothy is a bitch.
    I don't like her.

    As for the lgbt representation I hope its Mulan/Dorothy. No matter how impossible that might be.
    #frankenwolf forever

  • well… if big if Red and Dorothy are supposed to be an item- Red, making a girl's furbaby run away into the scary, dark forest is NOT the best first impression lol

  • Does Dorothy have any magic powers? They did offer her a witch position, but I haven't seen any sign of her having powers.

  • Soeey for the noob question but it's been a while since I watched 5A but when did Zelena ever go back to Oz? Wasn't she locked up while she was pregnant and she TRIED to go back via the wand but Regina took it?

  • how can it be many years ago, when we saw in the flashbacks that Red left Storybrooke at the end of season 3

  • #RedWarrior needs to happen. Ruby is my favorite character since the beginning of the show and I really want to see both Ruby and Mulan finding her happy-end. Together. <3
    Please make it happen, Once!

  • So……basically Zelena is living a pretty similar life to Regina in Oz….since she rules over Oz from Emerald City, frightens her subjects…..and Dorothy takes Snow Whites role as the one who tries to defend the land from her……ha ha Zelena aint so different after all XD

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