On Cloudflow Performance Review

On Cloudflow Performance Review

I’m Thomas with Believe in the Run and this is On Running’s Cloudflow so if you’re not familiar with On it’s a Swiss running company but the big deal about him is these pods here on the bottom CloudTec so what you’re doing is you’re landing on these compressible Clouds that are supposed to provide the cushion the traditional midsole would provide. It doesn’t feel that much different than running in other shoes with a traditional midsole. You’re not going to step into them and feel like a marshmallow. This is a pretty firm running shoe the Cloudflow the upper on this shoe is really something special. I really love the finishing details and how clean the shoe is and you can take a look here at all the details the engineered mesh the welded overlays this is a really well thought out design. It’s really well-executed, including I mean look at this heel counter you don’t normally see something so elegant for a heel counter its smooth one piece there and you have some reflective elements added on the shoe here, here, and here in the back to provide that safety feature, but overall, I mean it’s just a really stunningly beautifully engineered upper on this shoe and the mesh works really well as far as being breathable. So, it’s a great upper. The tongue is very comfortable it’s held down on both sides so it stitched in so it’s not going to move around you didn’t get much movement in the tongue at all. I didn’t have any hot spots, no blisters Nothing of concern. No heel lift when I was running shoes. Nothing that really bothered me in this shoe. So, along with looking good the shoe also performed well. One thing I’m not a huge fan of is these thin laces. You can see here. It did take me a little while dialing the fit and get used to them. I just I like something a little flat and a little wider. Not a big deal, not a dealbreaker obviously. While it looks different and cool, it performs pretty much like your standard running shoe I it wasn’t something that was revolutionary to my running that I would be like “wow this is a totally new feeling or sensation” but it is a good running shoe platform. The shoe is light coming at 8.5 ounces for my size 10.5 that fits into my category of loving shoes that are under 10 ounces and with this is setup for, and i would call a daily trainer that’s pretty light for a daily trainer and you can get a lot of miles out of it. Speaking of a lot of miles, I did start to see some wear and you can see it here on the lateral edge of the shoe where you start to see some rubbing in some pulling off now i have over 50 miles an issue but still that would give me a little concerned especially the shoe coming in a hundred forty dollars but I don’t think it’s going to really affect you in the long haul getting your full lifespan out of the shoe the great thing is once you’re done with the shoe they’re cool enough i think that that the transition to that casual shoe that you’re going to be able to wear with jeans or whatever and hanging out but in the meantime, get those miles and you can do a tempo run on these you can do your standard daily runs so there’s a lot to like about the shoe you can check it out you can certainly if you use the believe10 code at Running Warehouse you get an additional ten percent off so check it out visit the website read the full review subscribe to our YouTube channel talk to you soon on cloud flow

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  • I'm 6ft, 230 lbs and ON is the best running shoe. I've tried Hoka Cliftons, Asics Gel Kayano and all sorts of Nikes. For some one who lifts heavy weights, but likes to run, this is the most comfortable shoe. Dropped my 10k time from 40 minutes to 36 because I just feel good while running.

  • I am 13, 120 lbs and bought these as training shoes for track. As you said, the upper is amazing, but I just can't feel the effects of the cloud pods. Maybe I don't weigh enough, but the shoe feels almost hard.

  • On Doesn’t market there’s shoes
    Correctly. in terms of what they are used for these are total made for racing on road or a track I wouldn’t use these as daily trainers they aren’t to forgiving for daily runs I would use the cloudflyer or the could ace both will give you support and comfort as well.

  • Just finished first ran 9km with cloudflow, not good as thought, has a bit heel lift problem, also not so breathable,
    for upper has a lot of other current shoes feel better and more comfortable, such as new balance beacon, epic react flyknit, etc
    for responsiveness has many current shoes are better, such as react flyknit gives a better pop up and transition, etc overall it is a good shoes but not the shoes at the top for me.

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