Oliver Slipper – CEO, Perform Group – NOAH13

Oliver Slipper – CEO, Perform Group – NOAH13

for those of you that don’t know perform perform is a business that If you’re a sports fan around the world you’re most likely using our content but you probably don’t know the you are So we power the underlying sports content across broadcasters publishers websites around the world and it actually started getting into the direct consumer space herself recently with a number of our own branded sports websites sporting news in the us the world’s largest soccer website ghul and brief snapshot of the business we listed in 2011 apologies for any internet businesses that we’re trying to list after us in 2011 because i think we managed to close the ipo market for tech stocks for about six months as our stock went down by around about 50 percent over the first three months i’m very glad to say it’s been a very successful story since then and that was market laird rather than performance led we have about 15,000 1,500 staff around the world operate in 26 countries supplying in 2700 different distributors of content and every month about 180 million sports fans hit our platform and either pay for content or click on our advertising and we generate revenue a couple of highlights i think for us floating the business has been you know has been a great thing when we look back in 2011 we had the opportunity to probably look at a trade sale we might have got 4 to 500 million pounds for the business but we were big believers in the growth potential of the business So we raised around 70 million pounds of primary money that we’ve deployed in various acquisitions we’ve subsequently tapped the market for another hundred million pounds and it’s been a very good growth story for us and i think for those of you out there thinking about ipo i think there’s a big tendency in Tech companies to think you’ve got, to go to the us my sense is there’s real scarcity value for quality internet growth stories in the uk and i think you get value for that Share price as well first of all touch on revenues with double revenues in the three years since ipo a share prices Just, more than doubled i think we went to around one pound fifty three months after the ipo and it’s currently around about five pounds fifty market cap of about 1.4, billion We now have expanded into ten new territory some of those have been acquisition led some of those have been? organic growth plays and the audience is is growing very fast too when we set out a ipo and talked about our growth strategy it was fivefold it was expand our digital sports content portfolio broadened geographically launched new products expand through acquisitions and make our content available on more connected platforms and i’ll just touched on some of the success stories we’ve had there so content wise we’ve almost doubled the portfolio of live video content we stream content every single day of the year every single hour of the day if you’re a betting website We can give you content live streaming from 6:00 in the morning uk time through till 4:00 in the morning uk time we’re buying content from australia asia middle east africa europe south, north america giving people continuity of live streaming content We’ve expanded the amount of rights we’ve bought from a data point of view has probably been our big growth focus so we’ve really started investing and growing our data propositions sports data is becoming more and more important and to the bookmaking Sector it’s really what drives their employ proposition so this year we’ll we will create live data from 62,000 sports matches around the world editorially we’ve grown our output most of that has been through the acquisition of gold the largest soccer website in the world and from a vast point of view Last this year will do over four billion video streams i expect us to do somewhere in the region of five, to six billion video streams next year geographically we’ve launched 10 new offices i’ll just touch on a couple of highlights we’ve obviously acquired in a couple of territories like turkey turkey australia and germany but i think the real successes have actually been where we’ve put our own people in so in in africa now We’ve got office in south africa nigeria in kenya that’s a business that two years ago was doing zero revenue for us this next year around a world cup will do in the region of four million dollars of advertising revenue out of africa and i think in certain markets like nigeria we probably have about a one-third share of the entire digital ad market similarly indonesia last year was a hundred thousand dollar business for us this year it’s closer to a million dollars and i think there’s a huge opportunity for high-quality digital content businesses in some of these developing markets albeit it’s a mobile only approach you’ve, seen the explosion of new digital content platforms over the last couple of years and one of the i guess the challenges for any business out there that is a content business is keeping a pace with the the new platform launches i think that The mobile phone space or the smartphone space has sort of become easy because you’re developing for two platforms maybe three platforms the connected television space is still hugely fragmented and a lot more Complicated and costly to develop so i think we are playing in that space but not being hugely innovative and watching what other people are doing and watching what will be the key platforms that win in that space Product wise we’ve we continue to innovate if there are any football fans out there i would encourage you to follow goal flash on twitter? or download our new goal live service we have obviously all of these Scouts in the grounds creating live scores the scores are so fast that you get the scores ahead of seeing the goals on television it ruins your sunday afternoon because you’ll get the bleep in your phone and then about four seconds later you’ll see the goal scores but it is incredibly good in the pub when you can run up on your mates just, touch on the couple of the bigger acquisitions we’ve done as i mentioned acquisitions are a key focus following our ipo there are two types of acquisitions we’ve really followed product acquisitions and geographical acquisitions this is the biggest geographical acquisition we’ve done which was the acquisition of sporting news in the us That we had a very strong position in online video in the u.s. were number two in the online video space but by acquiring sporting news got us to number one so in the space of three years we are now bigger than espn in digital video in the u.s. Following a sakura’s ition and in the digital property space we’re number seven So that really i mean i think that’s a great story for a uk business going into the u.s. There’s very few? i’d say champions out of europe that start dominating the us and i think this has been one of the big success stories of our growth over the last couple of years a product lay that position was opta again if any of you are Football fans and you watch sky or read the telegraph or go to the bbc website you’ll increasingly see that sports data is becoming a critical component of the way that broadcasters measure the success of teams So whenever you hear how many meters wayne rooney’s run or what the past completion rate of jack wiltshire is that is all of us and we’re big believers in data and big data and sports data is becoming increasingly important in the overall sports content mix a Funny aside i if any of you here in a football fans one of my favorite players a guy called dimitar berbatov who played for spurs who is notoriously brilliant but notoriously lazy and i had dinner with him recently and i said oh we’ve bought opta and he said i hate akhter it just shows i’m the laziest player in the league So we’re loved by media companies and hated by footballers So just a brief summary of where we’re at in 2013 i think we’re an amazing position we’ve got the world’s largest digital sports audience we’re entering that world cup year in 2014 where you know people keep talking about this being the first truly digital world cup where consumption is going to be equally split television and digital and i think with our content our reach and our platforms such as goal comm we’re in a great position to really benefit from that equally we’re relaunching all of our betting deals and i think we’re in a great position there is the dominant provider of live video streaming and live data content a very interesting growth sector in online sports betting So that is me you

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