Nike Mamba Focus – Review Handballschuhe 2019/20

Nike Mamba Focus – Review Handballschuhe 2019/20

Hello and welcome to a new review on! Today with a legend – with the Mamba Focus from Nike. One of the signature shoes by Kobe Bryant, one of the best basketball players of all time. Whether the shoe is also suitable for handball players, we’ll show you in detail now. As one of the most versatile players in basketball history, Kobe Bryant naturally needed a versatile shoe and the Mamba Focus represents this very well here. Let’s start with the look. You can see it already, here on the upper material it is held in snake leather look. Of course this is not snake leather, but a PU reinforced mesh material, which is relatively light and flexible in the forefoot area. And in the back area it is reinforced by a heel cap, also styled with the Mamba signature logo here. Apart from that we have a visual detail here – of course the logo on the front of the tongue and the obligatory Nike Swoosh on the side. Otherwise you can say to the upper material, that is a One-Piece-Upper, which is reinforced here at the eyelets. Relatively classic, flexible, light, not very breathable – but who needs that in a sports shoe? We don’t have Nike Air cushioning in the back here, but EVA cushioning that gives you very good feedback. In any case, it’s very direct. Not very soft in terms of cushioning characteristics, which is relatively untypical for a basketball shoe. This also makes the construction of the whole shoe relatively light and flexible. What I still like is the midfoot stability. So also there it is very good typical for basketball shoes. Especially in the outward movements it is very stabile. This is also due to the wide outer edge diagonally at the front of the outer edge of your forefoot. The sole is worked in one piece, which means you always have a complete contact area of your foot. This makes the grip very good and above all prevents you from ever losing contact with the ground. That means for flexible movements on the heel, in the midfoot area and of course in the forefoot, where most movements take place in handball, you always have very good ground contact. Overall I think the stability is outstanding. I just mentioned that. Through this outer edge I think the stability of your foot is maintained in all fast duel movements both in the defense and in the attack. Otherwise an extremely flexible, yet stabile shoe, which I personally like very much and which is definitely suitable for handball. There is a reason why the Nike Mamba is worn and played by so many volleyballers and handballers already for several years. The shoe is very flexible and definitely not as bulky as other basketball shoes. Nevertheless, its stability is comparable to that of a basketball shoe. Especially in cross and lateral movements you are on the right side. Good cushioning, but with always very strong feedback for all speed players. I would definitely recommend this shoe to you handball players, especially on the centre backcourt and maybe even on the wing positions. Or the one or other flexible left or right backcourt can wear this Mamba in any case. Not an extravagant basketball shoe, but a top indoor shoe, which is suitable for handball players in any case. If you disagree, write us. If you are of the same opinion, of course also via our Facebook page, in the YouTube channel, here on IGTV or of course via See you next time!

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6 thoughts on “Nike Mamba Focus – Review Handballschuhe 2019/20”

  • Hi weplayhandball Team.

    Ich bin eher klein und leicht und suche einen leichten aber trotzdem stabilen Schuh für den Rückraum. Könnt ihr mir erklären wieso ihr den wave luminous und nicht den wave mirage in die top 5 für Rückraum Mitte Spieler genommen habt?

  • Hi weplayhandball Team

    Ich bin ein an die 1.90 großer Rechtsaußen (ab und zu auch Halbrechts) und wiege ungefähr 80 Kilo. Ich hatte zuletzt den stabil x und war auch recht zufrieden, nur ich würde gerne etwas Neues ausprobieren. Habt ihr eine Empfehlung für mich?

    Vielen Dank schonmal im Voraus

  • Hi guys! Greetings from the UK 🙂 Love the fact this has English subtitles as you reviews are brilliant, except I just could not understand what you were saying! Love the look of this shoe but would it be suitable for squash?!

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