Nike Golf Air Zoom Gimmie  SKU:8803995

Nike Golf Air Zoom Gimmie SKU:8803995

What is happening guys? My name is Joe And this is the Air Zoom Gimmie from Nike Golf These golf shoes have a very lightweight and sporty design Made with a really soft mesh material here on the upper It’s gonna feel more like a sock than it does a golf shoe It has these criss-crossing straps for added support and a bootie like construction You see, it’s all one piece all the way around so you slide it on just like a sock Get that pull-tab in the back to eight and on and off Now it’s got a full-length cushion Phylon midsole It does help keep the weight down of the shoe, quite a bit Got a nice response to it Got the rubber cleats down low as well. Making it an easy transition to the clubhouse If you’re ready for a lightweight incredibly comfortable golf shoe, you gotta give this one a try It’s from Nike Golf

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